Chapter 12:


The next few months of my married life passed quickly. My days were filled with Char and my life at the palace took up a big part.

King Jerrold and Queen Daria accepted me with open hearts surprisingly, though I had broken their son's heart once before. Char's brothers and sister liked me too. His sister, Eliza, became one of my closest friends. I missed Derek dearly but I knew it was for the best that I stayed away. I did not want to make it any harder on him. His family said they did not hold any grudges against me but I knew they must dislike me now especially since I had deceived them and broken their brother/son's heart.

Happy news soon followed my marriage. Char and I would become parents soon. I placed my hand on my growing stomach as I dressed, six months after my marriage to Char. I was only four months pregnant but my stomach was quite huge to my standards.

I finished dressing and my ladies-in-waiting, Lady Rosalinda and Lady Hannah, helped me down the stairs since I could see my feet. Char was soon at my side, as always.

His arms were wrapped around my waist. "Ella, we have visitors," he smiled.

I was excited. "Is it Mandy and Sir Elkin?" I asked. They had been courting openly since we had met him a year ago. I was eager for him to become part of the family soon so I was always trying to prompt him into it.

He laughed. "No."

I frowned. "Who is it then?"


I gasped as I turned around to find Derek. "Derek!" I cried ecstatically and rushed to hug him. He smiled at me and hugged me back.

"Well aren't you….big," he said smiling at my stomach. I hit him on the arm. "Don't be rude to my baby."

"Are pregnant women always this violent?" he asked Char who nodded.

"Walk with me, Annabelle?" Derek asked, holding out his arm. "Ella," I corrected him tentatively. "Call me Ella."

He said nothing as he led me outside.

"So how have you been?" I asked hesitantly. He grimaced. "Okay, that was a bad question."

He laughed. "No it's all right. I have been…well. I missed you though."

"I missed you too."

"So how's Baby?" He pointed at my stomach. I replied, "Still kicking." He grinned.

"Does your family hate me?" I said softly. After a thought, I added, "Do you hate me?"

"No!" he said quickly. "I could never hate you, Ella. Neither could they. They don't blame you for doing what you did nor do they hate you. They love you as always." I was silent. He added, "As I do still."



"I'm sorry, Derek. You know I love you too. Just not in that way anymore. Char's my husband now," I told him quietly.

He laughed shortly, "I know. But I want to be friends with you again, Ella. I missed you too much."

I smiled at him. "Well, then we shall." I took his hand.

He smiled at the sight of our entwined hands. "I'm good with that."

"Can I join you all?" Char asked. "Of course!" Derek said, and he embraced Char.

"Together forever huh?" I said softly as we, the three friends, finally ended our fairy tale.

But a fairy tale never really ends, you know.

It always lives on inside us.

We go through trials and obstacles in life but eventually we learn to overcome them.

Friendship is another thing that never really ends.

It's immortal in its own way.

And it goes on forever.










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