This is a sad little one shot. I actually wrote this in my creative writing class, only I tweaked it to where it matched Edward and Bella.

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight, but I so own this poem.

I sat in my room in Forks musing over miserable my life is now.

Why is my life miserable you may ask?

Because the love of my life, Bella Swan, just died of old age. I had refused to turn her and now, even though I didn't want to admit it, I now regretted that decision.

First thing tomorrow morning I'm going to fly to Italy and beg the Volturi to kill me so that I could be with my love. I probably won't make it in though. But, I will beg to see my love before I'm sent to damnation.

What do I say though to my family, though?

Without even realizing what I was doing, I had written something down on a piece of paper.

When I was done I read the paper.

I hold her tight, enveloped by her freesia scent.

She smiles and laughs in her cheery voice, she brightens up my day.

Almost every day it's always been that way.

She's never bent a broken spirit, never harmed a fly.

Her open and warm love is as big as the never ending sky.

She's as beautiful as a dame.

Her inner beauty puts even the purest angel to shame.

Now she's gone and out of my reach, never to return.

It's hard to think of her and all of our memories without having my eyes burn.

The moment she closed her eyes my happiness was gone.

Now my life is like a sad, miserable song.

I don't laugh anymore.

I don't smile every day.

I have nothing to smile about because the Lord took my Bella away.

I stared at the paper for god knows how long before I placed it on my piano and jumped out the window.

Never to return to my family or this world.

I'm coming Bella.

Okay, that was too sad!!! I love my poem, but the story..!!!

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