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(Jasper POV)

As soon as my gaze settled on Alice, I could feel my heart almost start beating again. Thankfully she didn't seem to be hurt in any way. Just a little worse for wear. I was jeered out of my thoughts by a flash of caramel brown jumping on Caius. I realized as it latched its teeth onto Caius's neck that it was a medium sized wolf. The head popped easily off. It rolled across the floor, eyes unseeing. The wolf quickly dismembered the body and tossed it into the fire Alice had started. The snarling wolf faced Aro, back legs ready to spring forward and pounce.

"What have you done!" Aro gasped in horror. His emotions can only be described as appalled and furious. His pale white hand fished into his cloak, pulling out a black box. It seemed to be a remote. His finger franticly clicked the button on top. Nothing happened, the wolf still snarled. Edward nudged me. His eyes were like a newborn, looking every which way for danger.

"The wolf is Carlisle. He's going for Aro in about five seconds. Take out the guards as soon as he jumps." He whispered to us. Not one thought crossed my mind that it could be him. Esme looked her husband over. Growls rippled through her chest as she spotted the burn marks that encircled his neck. As soon as Carlisle lunged, I spun on my heels and leaped towards the nearest guard. He didn't have any time to react before I slammed him into the wall. The ground vibrated under my feet at the force I used. His mouth was set in a grimace. My hands clutched his neck, squeezing hard, hoping to crush it. I felt a stinging pain in my arm as his finger nails groped for purchase. With a flick of my hand, his head was burning in the pry.

I looked for Alice, needing to see her okay and alive. She was flipping and twisting around Demetri. Smiling at her skills, I looked around the room at my family. Everyone seemed to be fending well except Carlisle. Jane stood over him holding a black box. An evil smirk was planted on her face. He seemed to have a collar around his neck that covered the burns. An electrical current could almost be seen flowing through his body, sending it into convulsions. It was obvious that Jane was using her power at the same time, her gaze was focused and unbroken.

I lunged towards Jane and placed my hands on her head. With a sharp twist and a feral screech she met her end. Carlisle's agonized howls cut off suddenly, body still convulsing. I cursed silently as I spotted the crushed remote. Edward rushed over to us.

"How do we stop it?" I asked. He bent down to touch the collar. His hand pulled away fast, feeling the electricity.

"I have no idea. We need to remove it with something that doesn't conduct electricity." Edward said. The rest of our family started to come over. I suddenly thought of an idea. I undid my rubber belt, ripping off the clasp. Inserting it under the collar and using it like a pulley, I used all of my strength and pulled. The collar snapped off and was flung across the room. Thankfully it made it into the fire, blue flames shooting up. Esme cradled Carlisle's body to her chest, shaking with sobs. Alice kneeled down near him and smoothed the fur on his head. She kissed his muzzle softly and nuzzled his head. I kneeled by her and pulled her into my arms. I felt her arms wrapped around my neck as she pulled me into a passionate kiss. Her lips melted into mine, her breath making me shiver.

"Oh Ali! I love you so much." I breathed out. Inhaling her scent of lilies and lavender I held her as she sobbed.

"I love you too Jazzy." She smiled up at me. I ran my hand over her spiky hair. My gaze switched to Carlisle's limp form. His eyes fluttered open, pain filled and hazy. A soft whimper came from him as he licked Esme's hand. She breathed a sigh of relief. His blue eyes looked at everyone and he managed to pull a wolfy grin. Edward chuckled and hugged him tightly.

"Never run away from us again." He murmured. Carlisle gave a weak bark. He made no attempt to move from his position. It was easy to see that his shoulder and front paw was shattered. His fur was soaked in blood and dirt. Both Alice and Carlisle smelled like death and ash. Carlisle's neck was torn, blood and venom leaking from it rapidly. His emotions were all over the place. All of us could see his eyes roll back into his head. Esme held him tighter as he fell into darkness he may never get out of. We all looked at each other, black eyes clouded with fear and worry. Somewhere in the castle was a cure. But would we make it in time before Jane's venom takes affect and turns him into something else?

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