This story was given to me by another authoress on this site- HungrySoprano. It will forever be hers, but because life is not dealing her a fair hand lately, she has asked me to take over. I feel very honored. I think this is a great story so far. Hopefully, given time, I can continue to keep it great. I have ideas. I just hope my ideas come across well. The first seven chapters are HungrySoprano's. I will not change them. Chapter eight and everything after that will be mine.

Full Summary (written by HungrySoprano):

After only a year of voice lessons, Erik Destler asks for Christine Daae's hand in marriage. Although Erik has been planning the proposal for quite some time, Christine is completely unprepared for such a question by a man she knows only through lessons. She declines his proposal, which drives Erik to do the only thing he thinks possible. He kidnaps Christine on a cool autumn night.

A series of events unfolds with Erik trying to get Christine to fall in love with him and Christine trying to escape, but each attempt proves to be a failure. Christine knows she has to make Erik see that he can't control her and that she doesn't belong to him. But, the more she tries to attain her goal, the more she gets to know the workings of his mind.

So, who will win? The kidnapper or the victim? Or, perhaps it is out of their control. Perhaps the victor is 'fate'.


Erik Destler and Christine Daae could remember the moment clearly. It was the moment everything changed in their lives…


"Will you marry me?" Erik asked using a low tone.

Christine's hand stilled. She blinked and then blinked again before looking up at him from her seated position. What did he just say? All was silent for about three seconds before she cleared the air with a bit of laughter. "Very funny, Mr. Destler.." His eyes were glued to her face, and from what she could see, he was very serious. An awkwardness filled the music room and her brow furrowed. "Um, ok, where were we?" she asked, her eyes returning to the check she had previously been writing. "So, I owe you money for the past four voice lessons for a total of 200 dollars, right?" She could feel his intense stare and reluctantly raised her head to look at him for an answer.

"You didn't answer my question, Christine. And for the last time, please call me Erik." His tone was still low, and his eyes were still watching her.

She didn't know what to say. This was.. bizarre. Completely bizarre. "I-I don't know what to say-"

Before she could speak further, Erik interrupted, "Say yes. Please, Christine."

Before she was even aware of her own actions, Christine was grabbing her purse and moving towards the door. "Mr. Destler, this is.. really inappropriate." She studied his masked face before shaking her head. "I don't even know you. I-I have a boyfriend. And aside from that, you're my teacher."

Erik could feel and see her slipping away from him. Desperately, he attempted to persuade her. "The music we've created. Think of it, Christine. Think of what we've done together. And think of what we will be able to do together once we are married."

"You make it sound like I've said 'yes'," Christine said in horror. His words were sinking in more and more. "What are you even thinking? You don't know me. You don't-"

For the second time, Erik interrupted. This time, he announced with passion, "I love you. I love you, Christine. More than anything."

Now he was really scaring her. Love? Love? She turned and practically ran to the door. Before opening it, leaving, and never coming back, Christine turned and said, "Look, Mr. Destler, I don't know why you're doing this. I guess I'll never know.. I can't see you anymore." Her eyes looked around the room she'd always thought was so beautiful. Then, she shook her head and left, slamming the door shut on her way out. She raced towards the front door of his house praying he wouldn't try to stop her from leaving. Once she was outside, she sprinted to her car and drove away.

Erik was left standing in his music room looking at the place where she had been standing moments before. His plan hadn't worked. The look on her face.. He staggered towards the piano bench and sat down. I thought.. I had hoped.. His dreams were shattered.

How was he to have known that she didn't feel as he felt? She'd come to him a year ago for voice lessons, and throughout that year, his feelings towards her had grown and grown. Erik was certain she felt the same. There were signs, the most important being her ability to make him feel like a man. She had always treated him with respect. It was obvious that she truly admired him… or so he had thought.

But no. Of course not. How could anyone admire a monster? Her rejecting words replayed through his mind as tears invaded his eyes. Erik stared at a piece of music Christine had been singing for him a mere ten minutes ago.

Her beautiful voice, the voice he had created, would never be heard in his home again. That thought made his eyes widen. The very thought of never hearing her voice again or seeing her smile or hearing her laugh brought new feelings to the surface. He wasn't sad anymore. Now, he was angry. How dare she? My words should not have come as such a shock! My feelings have been obvious, have they not? Most of his anger was directed to one specific thing, though. She has a boyfriend. Oh, how he wished to destroy the boy, whoever he was.

Christine… Christine… The desperation he had felt when she was still in the room was returning. I'll do anything to be with her. Anything. But she does not want me…

A gasp escaped his lips as an answer appeared. His eyes glistened. Of course! She only thinks she will never see me again. Oh, how wrong she is to think that.


And it was the very next day that Christine Daae was announced missing.

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