First Storm Hawk story! (on this account) I hope you like!

Cyclonis and Piper glared at each other.

"Guys, this isn't the way to settle an argument," Finn said, shaking his head. "Why don't you have a battle to smooth things out?"

Piper narrowed her eyes at Cyclonis. "Fine." She and Cyclonis stepped back from each other, so they were twenty feet apart. Cyclonis threw a poké ball in the air. "Dark Ace!" she yelled. "I CHOOSE YOU!"

The poké ball glowed with red light and then beamed out the figure of the legendary Dark Ace.

Piper threw her poké ball in the air. "I CHOOSE YOU, AERROW!" she yelled. Her poké ball glowed with blue light and then beamed out the last Aerrow to exist in poke-land.

The two Pokémon glowered at each other.

"Titan's Might!" Cyclonis yelled. Dark Ace glowed green and laughed an evil laugh. He drew back his arm and punched Aerrow.

"Speed of Light!" Piper cried. Aerrow glowed red and ran in circles around Dark Ace, confusing him.

LOL well in Cyclonia Rising pt 2 they really did look like they were fighting with Pokémon.