Danny Phantom Meets the Secret Saturdays

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Chapter Twenty

Danny stood in human form and looked nervously at all the Saturdays as the Secret Scientists were preparing a portal. Dr. Grey and Dr. Beeman had apologized (though Dr. Beeman was less sympathetic) and the Saturdays had as well.

But could you blame Danny, Sam, and Tucker of still being weary of them?

"Hey Danny, see if you can call me in your world!" Zak said, tossing the teen a Cryptopedia/cell phone. Danny nodded with a smile at his new friend.

"Hey Zak, I promise that I'll be back to help you defeat Argost once and for all." Danny said strongly, bending down to the younger boy's eye level. Zak smiled back.

"Thanks Danny, you're a true friend." Zak said genuinely. Suddenly Tucker and Sam appeared at Danny's sides.

"Don't we know it?!" Tucker laughed.

Before Sam, Danny, or Zak could respond there was a high pitched whirring sound.

"It's ready!" Dr. Grey shouted. The DP trio exchanged looks before standing in front of the swirling purple portal.

"Bye everyone!" Tucker said happily.

"Yeah, no hard feelings, right plasma boy?" Dr. Beeman said. Danny sent Zak a look and Zak leaned over.

"He calls me bed head, just go with it." He whispered. Danny gave him one last joking glare before nodding.

"See you all next time!" Danny called, and then before the rest could respond they leaped into the portal as it snapped shut.

"What did he mean next time, Zak?" Doc asked his son. Silence replied. He turned to see him sprinting down the hallway. "Zak?! What did you tell him?!" Zak only laughed and slammed his door in response.

The trio fell on the floor of Danny's room with an audible thud. Gaining Jazz bursting in with a Jack-o-Nine-Tails in her hands.

"Don't worry Danny!" she screamed, before she noticed the three on the floor giving her glares. "Oh, I'll just leave." She responded quickly.

"Well, now we know we weren't missed." Sam growled.

Danny turned to go downstairs.

"Danny, where are you going?" Tucker asked.

"Gotta get ready for when we're called back into action, I promised Zak I'd help him fight Argost." Danny replied as he continued down the stairs.

"Danny, we will probably never get back to that dimension again." Sam said sadly. "But we still have each other." She finished.

Danny sighed. "That doesn't mean I won't stop trying to help." He said with a smile. Tucker clapped a hand on his shoulder.

"Ditto with us dude!" he said with a smile.

"Thanks." Danny said simply as the trio all reveled in that moment of peace.

One Year later in Secret Saturday dimension

Zak stared down sadly at Van Rook's grave. Van Rook and his Kur powers had been the large price to pay to stop Argost and the War of the Cryptids. But one thought kept nagging at Zak's mind.

Why hadn't Danny come back?

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