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Chapter One

Emperor Enma stared out the large window that overlooked a good deal of Spirit World. He sighed as he heard footfalls behind him. When they stopped, he didn't bother turning around and merely waiting for the ogre to speak.

"You summoned me Sir?" The orange ogre knelt on the ground to show his respect for the Emperor.

"I need you to fetch my son. Tell him it's urgent."

"Right away Sir." The ogre scurried off in search of the demi-god.

"This has gone on long enough," he thought aloud. "It's time you grew up and accepted your responsibilities."


The orange ogre ran quickly through the large palace. He was headed for Koenma's office. Surely the junior ruler was going through his paper work like he was supposed to. Upon arriving at the demi-god's office, he wasn't the least bit surprised to see stacks of papers littering the desk. He was surprised to see Botan sitting in Koenma's chair watching some sort of soap opera on the large viewing monitor. The girl sniffled, fighting back tears.

"Go get Rebecca, Steve," she said as she bit the handkerchief she held with both hands. "She's about to marry Joseph!"

"Excuse me," the ogre called.

Botan didn't even look away from the program for a split second as she responded. "Just add them to the other piles on the desk."

"I'm looking for Lord Koenma. Emperor Enma has summoned him."

"Oh well he's in his chambers," she replied, "But he made it adamantly clear that he was not to be disturbed."


Yuusuke moaned as Koenma nipped at an exceptionally sensitive spot on his neck. The two had been together for almost five years and their relationship was a well kept secret. Aside from Botan and George, the only other ones who knew about it were Hiei and Kurama. Not even Kuwabara and Yukina knew, but Koenma suspected they knew more than they let on. The half demon made it a point to come and stay in Spirit World with his love at least two nights out of the week. The demi-god had tried to spend time in the Human World with Yuusuke, but it was rather hard to do. As far as his father knew, he hadn't talked to the half demon since the end of the tournament held in the Demon World two years prior.

Koenma captured his love's lips in a passionate kiss as he pushed in one lube covered finger. Yuusuke grabbed a hold of the silk sheets and held on for dear life as the demi-god added another finger. Koenma released the half demon's lips and returned to attacking his neck instead. As he added a third finger, he stroked the boy's prostate causing the other to moan rather loudly.

"Stop teasing me and just fuck me already!" the raven haired teen growled out.

Coating his member with the rest of the lube in his hand, Koenma slammed into the body beneath him. Both moaned in response to the pleasure filled sensation. When the demi-god felt his love wiggle his hips, he began pounding the former detective into pure bliss, making sure to hit his prostate each time. Yuusuke's head rolled from side to side in pure ecstasy. He knew he couldn't hold out much longer.

"Come for me Yuu-chan," Koenma cooed out seductively.

That did it. The half demon nearly screamed out the demi-god's name as he came, his hot sticky fluid landing in between them on his chest and groin. Koenma wasn't far behind as the clamping around his erection was too much. The demi-god froze as he released himself inside the teen. Exhausted, he collapsed beside his lover. He instantly noticed the boy's seed on his body and set to the task of licking it up. Before he could finish however, his chamber door flew open.

"Lord Koenma!" bellowed the orange ogre. He blushed deeply as he saw the two naked on the bed.

He barely closed the door in time to miss the pillow headed straight for his face. Waiting a moment he cracked the door open.

"Sorry sir, but your father wishes to speak with you."

"Get out!" Koenma growled back throwing another pillow.

This time the ogre wasn't so lucky. After the door was shut again, Koenma turned his attention back to Yuusuke who was already dressing.

"I need to go home anyway," the half demon said. "Need to check and make sure Mom is still alive." He walked over to the brunette and placed a kiss on his cheek. "I'll be back tonight, don't worry."

With that Yuusuke headed back to the demi-god's office and had Botan return him to the Human World. Sad that his lover left so abruptly, Koenma took his time dressing. Once fully clothed, he returned to his toddler form and headed for his father's office.

"You wanted to see me?" the demi-god asked while looking up at his rather large father.

"I know all about your relationship with that boy," he responded. Koenma remained silent and made sure to not let his worry show. "I think you're old enough to have your other form be permanent."

The Emperor raised his hand and his son was instantly engulfed in a green light. When the light faded, Koenma was in his adult form. He attempted to change back into his toddler form, but was unable to. It was indeed a permanent change.

"What's the catch?" he questioned. He knew his father well enough to know that he wanted something in return.

"I will give you six months to give me an heir. If you fail to do so, I will return you to your previous form and I will restrict you ability to change forms."

"I refuse to bed some woman so that you can have an heir! I will not do that to Yuusuke!" The demi-god glared harshly at his father. "I'd rather forfeit the throne than do that!"

"Unfortunately for you, that isn't an option. Besides," he responded, unfazed by his son's outburst. "You won't have to bed some woman."

"What?" Suddenly Koenma's face paled as he realized what his father was getting at. "What did you do to Yuusuke?!"

"I did what had to be done."

The brunette balled his hand into a tight fist before he ran out of the large room.


Yuusuke waved to the bubbly grim reaper as she flew back to Spirit World on her trademark oar. She was kind enough to drop him off at his apartment door. Once the girl was out of sight, he opened the door and went inside. The half demon instantly noticed his mother's note. She was going to gone for a while.

"I hope there's food. I didn't get a chance to eat back in Spirit World," he said as he headed for the refrigerator.

The second his hand touched the handle, he felt something pierce his neck. He instantly removed it hoping to prevent whatever it was intended to do. It appeared to be a tranquilizer dart and unfortunately for him it had successfully emptied into his body.

"Damn it," he uttered. His vision began to blur as he turned around to face his attacker. "What did you do to me?" he demanded.

The figure smirked. "You'll see soon enough."

Yuusuke stumbled as he tried to make his way over to the figure. The drug took full effect before he could even get close to his target and he collapsed onto the floor unconscious.

It was some time before Yuusuke regained consciousness. He slowly pushed himself up and glance out the window. It was getting close to nightfall. As the half demon stood, he was shocked as his pants pooled around his ankles. He quickly pulled them up and grabbed a handful of the denim around his hips to keep them from falling again. The teen quickly noticed the other changes his body underwent. Rather than panic, he ran out of the apartment with only one destination in mind.

'There's only one person that can fix this,' he thought.


"Too slow fox," Hiei called out as he dodged Kurama's attempt to grab him.

"I'm just letting you think you're winning," the red head called back.

The fire demon made the mistake of running by one of the many potted plants they had in their cozy home. He was instantly ensnared by it. Slowly Kurama strutted over to his freshly caught prey.

"Caught you," he said seductively.

"Tch, you cheated."

Kurama closed the distance between them and laid a passionate kiss on the demon's lips. As he was ordering the plant to release its hold on his love, the two heard frantic pounding on the door to their home. Breaking the kiss, Kurama began heading for their bedroom door.

"I wonder who that could be," he mumbled.

Just as the bedroom door was opened, a loud crash could be head. One could only assume it was a window being broken. The two demons exchanged a worried glance before sprinting down the hall to find the cause of the noise. Once they reached the end of the hall, they were surprised to see a blue demon with tentacles emerging from the broken window frame by their front door. Before they could react, one of the demon's many tentacles reached out and grabbed someone that was attempting to crawl away into the kitchen. It was too dark to see the details of either figure though.

"That smell," said Hiei.

"I know. It's the scent of a demon in heat," responded Kurama.

The demon used its tentacles to rip off the shirt the figure was wearing. Its other appendages instantly wrapped around the now exposed large breasts and began squeezing and massaging them. The woman moaned in response, but continued struggling in order to free themselves. The demon's victim turned their head and saw the two demons standing in the nearby hallway, watching.

"Uh guys," said a very familiar voice. "A little help here."

Both their eyes widened as the instantly recognized the now slightly higher pitched voice. Just as the demon was about to rip the woman's pants off, it fell to pieces from Kurama's rose whip. Hiei incinerated the remains of the demon. As the red head turned on the light by the end of the hall, the woman covered her exposed breasts. She spoke before Kurama could.

"Can I have a shirt please?"

The fox demon removed the shirt he was wearing and tossed it over to the woman who easily caught it. The room remained silent as she put the shirt on. Breaking the awkward silence, Kurama spoke.

"Yuusuke, what happened?"

"I'm not really sure," she said. "I remember being in my apartment and then some demon injecting something into my neck. After that I woke up like this. I ran into Romeo on the way here. I figured you could help me. Maybe one of your billion seeds can fix this."

"As much as I'd love to," the fox demon responded, "I cannot. I don't know of any plants that can change a person's gender. I'm sorry."

"Any idea who did this to you?" questioned Hiei.

The half demon shook her head in response. "I guess I'll go see if Koenma can fix this then."

"That would not be wise," the red head warned.

"Why the hell not?"

"You have no idea what kind of situation you're in do you?" the fire demon snapped.

"I've been changed into a hot girl. What more could there be?"

Kurama approached his friend sitting on the floor. "You're giving off pheromones." Yuusuke raised an eyebrow and the red head sighed. "You smell like a female demon in heat. You must be cautious as demons hiding in the Human World will come after you."

"If I have these so called pheromones, how come neither of you are being affected?"

"Mated demons don't seem to be affected by pheromones. It has something to do with the bonding ceremony," he answered. "I'm afraid that Koenma won't be able to resist the smell."

"So," the half demon crossed her arms. "As long as it's him, what do I care?"

"Are you really that stupid?" Hiei blurted out. He received a glare from her.

"Yuusuke, female demons in heat are able to reproduce." Green eyes filled with worry stared at her.

"And that means… what?"

"The chances of you getting pregnant from one sexual encounter," the fox paused, "Are triple that of a human female."

The half demon lowered her gaze and stared intensely at the floor. "What should I do?"

"For the time being," Kurama answered, "You will stay here with us. It'll be easier to figure out how to fix this if you're here. And, I'm not sure if you've noticed this or not, but when demons are in heat they cannot use their powers."

"In other words," added Hiei, "You're defenseless."

"That is until the pheromones wear off," the red head added.

"How long will that take?" Yuusuke asked.

"Most demons are in heat for a week, but…" There was a long pause. "Yours was unnaturally induced, so there's no telling how long it will last."

"That's just my luck," she mumbled as her thoughts drifted to her love. 'I'm sorry K-chan. I promised I'd be back tonight, but I don't want to get pregnant.'


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