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Chapter Nine

Kurama instinctively moved closer to the warmth beside him. Hiei was always incredibly warm, so he made the best cuddle partner. As the red head continued to snug the smaller demon, he was rewarded with a soft moan.

"Must you do this every morning?" the fire demon questioned, slightly annoyed to have been woken up.

"It's my favorite part of the day." The red head smiled.

Hiei let out a heavy sigh. "Unlike you, I am not a morning person."

The two were disturbed from the morning cuddle session as a loud thud sounded from the living area.

"Yuusuke!" Kurama cried out as the two demons quickly leapt from the bed.

Exchanging a quick worried glance, the two headed toward the living area at a near run only to stop in the doorway. They were a bit surprised to see Kuwabara in the living room as well. Hiei couldn't help, but smirk at the poor half demon who laid face first on the hardwood floor tangled up in a blanket. Kurama stifled a laugh as Kuwabara was kind enough to kneel down and help the poor girl.

Red eyes connected with emerald eyes momentarily before he turned to head back to bed. "You worry too much," he called to his love before disappearing down the hall.

"Are you alright?" the orange haired boy asked his friend as he finally got the blanket off of her.

"Yeah," she responded tossing said blanket back onto the couch. Sitting up she continued. "What happened? Why was I on the couch?"

"You passed out after using your Spirit Gun," Kurama answered the first question. "You had exhausted too much of your energy."

"You could have just put me in the bed," she responded as she stood and helped her friend to his feet. "Koenma did replace it you know."

"Koenma is resting on that bed," said Kuwabara.

A smile crossed her face as she instantly headed for the guest room. She wanted to tell him that her morning sickness seemed to be gone as she woke up just fine.

"Yuusuke wait!" the red head cried out, but it was too late.

The raven haired girl had swung the guest bedroom door open, only to be greeted by a most horrifying sight. Her lovely brunette lay on the bed, bandages wrapped tightly around his chest and right forearm. His skin much more pale than usual and his breathing seemed to be shallow and labored. A wave of memories from the previous evening crashed down on her. Koenma had protected her from Henshin and at a hefty price too. She rushed over to the bed, before collapsing to her knees beside it. Chocolate brown eyes just stared at him. There was nothing she could do to help him. He was like this because she had been scared and nervous about the ultrasound. Her gaze quickly lowered to stare at her hands that now rested on her legs. Clenching at the hem of her shorts tightly, she could feel a wetness pricking at the corner of her eyes.

"K-chan," she muttered as a few tears fell and landed on her lap. "This is all my fault."

Her gaze snapped upward as she felt a large calloused hand rest on her shoulder. She watched as the orange haired boy crouched down to her eye level.

"Don't think like that," he said. "If anyone is to blame, it's Enma. Had he not started any of this, Koenma wouldn't be lying here right now hardly breathing and you wouldn't be hunted."

Yuusuke's face scrunched up a bit before she lunged for the boy and clung to his shirt tightly, crying uncontrollably. "I'm sorry," she mumbled against his chest. "I can't control it."

"It's alright," he soothed. "Being pregnant will do that to you."

Kuwabara continued to allow the half demon to cry against his shirt, even after it had become damp from her tears. A decent amount of time had passed before the orange haired boy could no longer feel her body shaking. Instead, he just felt a slow and even rising and falling of her chest. Leaning back just a bit, he looked to her face and saw that she was indeed asleep. Gently, he carefully scooped the half demon up and stood. As he turned toward the doorway, he saw a certain fox demon standing in it, a look of worry on his face.

"Will he be alright?" the red head asked.

"That depends," he responded while moving past his friend in the doorway. He made sure that Yuusuke's body did not bump into anything.

Kurama watched as he laid the passed out girl on the couch before continuing. "On what?"

"On Koenma," Kuwabara answered. "He seems to be stable for now, but his wounds do not seem to be healing. I figured as a god, once he rested a bit, he'd be completely fine, but his condition doesn't seem to be getting better or worse." The boy's gaze fell back to the girl on the couch. "With his hormones out of control, I don't think Yuusuke can handle something this devastating. Especially if Koenma were to suddenly take a turn for the worse."

"Let's pray that doesn't happen," the fox demon added as his gaze also fell onto the girl on the couch.

Yuusuke awoke a short while later only to find the house basically empty. The girl slowly sat up and closed her eyes to sense out her friends. She could feel Hiei's energy, but it was calm and relaxed meaning that the demon was most likely sleeping. Running a hand through her lengthened raven locks, she sighed before standing and moving into the guest bedroom. Her love still lay there in the same condition he was in when her chocolate orbs had first seen him earlier that day. She bit her bottom lip as the familiar sting returned to her eyes.

The half demon swallowed hard. No, she couldn't show weakness right now. Koenma needed her to be brave. After all, he was a demi-god. He would get better... He had to get better... She moved across the guest room to grab the chair and the desk and placed it beside the bed before sitting down in it.

Reaching down, she clasped her love's hand tightly and brought it to her face, unable to prevent a few tears from leaking down her cheeks in the process. Yuusuke just sat there, her eyes never leaving the sight of the somewhat peaceful face of the brunette. Even as she felt a familiar energy signature in the doorway, she remained seated.

"What do you want Kuwabara?" Her voice was meek and slightly strained.

"Can we talk?" the orange haired man responded. Silence fell between the two and he quickly realized his friend had no intention of budging from her spot beside her former boss. "I did the ultrasound while you were asleep earlier."

"And?" Yuusuke didn't really feel like discussing this. Not now. Not with Koenma being in the condition he was in.

"It showed that you're about 14 weeks in." He paused to allow her time to absorb the information. "In a normal human pregnancy it would mean that you're a little over three months in. My guess is you'll have the baby in about two months."

"Great," she muttered.

"Listen Yuusuke-" Kuwabara started, but was quickly cut off.

"Save it. I know you're going to tell me sitting here worrying about him isn't going to help him. I know that. But..." She did her best to fight back the tears, but the hormones wrought havoc on her body and she didn't have much of a choice. "I'd feel a lot better being by his side right now."

The man smiled softly at her, even though she couldn't see it. "Heh, you'll never change." Silence filled the air for a few moments as the former detective quietly sobbed. "I'd like to do another ultrasound in two weeks," Kuwabara finally said. "If I'm right, you'll be far enough along to know the gender."

Yuusuke made no move to acknowledge that she had heard him, but the orange haired man knew. His smile faltering slightly, he turned to leave the room, silently praying to the gods that Koenma would pull through. He didn't want to think of what would happen to his friend and the unborn child otherwise.

A week passed with Yuusuke only leaving the brunette's side to do basic tasks such as using the bathroom or bathing. She even ate her meals next to him. Kuwabara had wanted so desperately to pry the raven haired girl away from his bedside, but Kurama had warned him otherwise. The former detective was very delicate right now. If being by her lover kept her content, then even though it pained them to do so, it was best for her and the child. The orange haired man would go in a few times a day to change the bandages, sighing when there would be absolutely no change whatsoever in the condition of his wounds.

It was bizarre. They didn't even appear to be healing.

The only change he noticed in the demi-god was his breathing had returned to normal. That's all.

Kuwabara sighed upon entering the guest room at the beginning of the second week. Koenma was still unconscious and Yuusuke was still silently sitting by his side, holding his hand tightly. The demon doctor gently pushed the half eaten food tray aside before fixing the raven haired girl with a stern gaze.

"Yuusuke, we've discussed this," he stated firmly. "You. Need. To. Eat."

"Not hungry," she mumbled.

"How do you think Koenma would feel if he woke only to discover you've hardly been taking care of yourself?" Chocolate eyes moved to glare harshly at him. "He'd be pissed and you know it."

"He will wake up," she corrected.

The taller man sighed. She was absolutely hopeless when it came to reason. He maneuvered around her so as not to disturb her while he changed the dressing's on the demi-god's wounds. He started with the gash on the brunette's arm. As he pulled the bandages away he could not keep the small gasp from escaping.

"What!" Yuusuke demanded, eyes filled with worry and the tiniest glimmer of hope.

"It's completely healed," he mumbled in awe.

He quickly removed the other bandages to find that the rest of his wounds had healed completely. Not even a scar had been left. Kuwabara stood to his full height, a hand holding his chin contemplatively. This was odd. Seven days of absolutely no change. No change! And now... Now every wound, every scratch had disappeared as if he had never been injured in the first place.

"That's good right?" Her voice rose slightly in volume. She was obviously relieved that his wounds had healed. It meant that he would pull through.

"Yes, but..." he trailed off, unsure of what to say.

"But?" Yuusuke continued, slightly agitated.

"It doesn't make sense." Kuwabara quickly ran a hand through his hair. "For the past week, he remained unchanged. If he didn't have the faintest of heartbeats, I would have believed him to be dead."

"But he's okay now... right?"

"For now, it's best not to assume anything. We'll have to wait until he fully gains consciousness to know for sure." That is of course, if he ever woke.

An eyebrow shot up as he saw the raven haired girl grab the tray of half eaten food and began to devour it with renewed vigor. Sighing, he shook his head before exiting the room. At least this news had brought her some comfort.

The following week passed by surprisingly quick for Yuusuke. After hearing that Koenma's wound had all completely healed, she no longer felt sad. She found herself actually talking to the unconscious brunette in hopes that it would help him to wake. However right now, she was actually not by his side. She was propped up on the couch, her usual white shirt pulled up to reveal her now visible baby bump. Kuwabara squirted a warm sticky substance onto her abdomen. Yuusuke sighed contently at the warmth as the device began to spread it around.

"Just as I suspected," Kuwabara stated evenly.

"What?" Yuusuke sounded slightly panicked.

"You're 21 weeks along. It's hard to believe that you're only 6 weeks in. You're half done at this point."

Kurama peered over the orange haired doctor's shoulder. "So, is it a girl?"

"Actually," the half demon chimed in. "I don't want to know the gender. Koenma isn't here to see so I don't want to know."

The red head chuckled lightly. "Of course, but that doesn't mean everyone else gets to be kept in the dark."

"To be honest," Kuwabara interjected. "If Yuusuke doesn't want to know, I have no intention of looking. I kind of would like to be surprised as well."

Kurama pouted slightly. "Well you're all no fun."

Hiei chuckled from the kitchen. "Leave them be," he ordered. "Besides, you promised to help with lunch." The fox sighed before trotting off into the kitchen to help his love.

"So, would you like to see?" her friend questioned.

"No, I already said I-"

"The baby," Kuwabara laughed. "Not the gender."

Yuusuke blushed lightly before nodding. The taller man turned the monitor so that she could see the fuzzy blob moving around. The movements were slowly and subtle, almost as if the baby were sleeping. The raven haired girl found herself smiling softly. This was the life that she and Koenma created. She would do all in her power to see that she carried this child to term and that she would be born as healthy as possible. Suddenly Kuwabara lifted the device from her abdomen and handed her a towel to wipe herself off.

"Well, everything looks good to me," he said as he began to put the equipment away. "You should start to feel movements soon. Virtually any day now actually."

Two more weeks passed with no change from Koenma and no movement from the baby. Although she was worried from the lack of movement, Kuwabara had continued to monitor the baby's heartbeat for an hour every day and found that everything was fine. He wasn't sure why the child was being stubborn, but knowing it's mother, it made some sense at least. The group had grown to worry as Koenma remained unconscious and Yuusuke's once sparkling hope had nearly diminished. She had returned to hardly eating, which was a bad idea. But she really didn't feel all that hungry anymore.

Kurama entered the guest room and merely watched as the girl mindlessly rubbed her noticeably round stomach with one hand as the other held tightly to the brunette's.

"Kurama," she started. Emerald eyes fell to her back curiously. "Do you think I did something wrong?"

"Not at all. Why do you ask?" he questioned back, fearing that her hormones were running rampant again.

"Well K-chan hasn't woken up yet and the baby hasn't moved at all. I must have done something for them to abandon me!"

"Yuusuke," the red head cooed, trying to soothe the girl before she went into hysterics. "They're not abandoning you! They love you too much to do that."


"No buts!" Kurama firmly grabbed the girl's wrist and forcibly dragged her out of the room. "We're going baby shopping. You've been cooped up in this house for a month. You need fresh air."

"Wait! Kurama!" she protested, but it fell upon deaf ears.

The girl resigned herself to her fate as she was dragged from the house and down the sidewalk a ways before the red head finally released her hand. Sighing, she did her best to waddle quickly to keep up with him. Kurama stifled the chuckle that threatened to surface at seeing her walk so oddly. If he laughed, Yuusuke would surely swear a storm at him before turning to stomp back off. He was glad to see that the former detective at least allowed herself to be dragged into town.

The next few hours were spent window shopping at the local mall. Baby shopping wasn't really his thing, but Kurama seemed to be a pro at it. Perhaps after all this was said and done, the baby would finally move. However, she wouldn't hold her breath. Koenma waking was much more likely. She continued to aimlessly follow her friend through the many aisles and stores littered with clothes and toys. Just as they were about to leave their last stop, something blue caught her chocolate eyes. Turning to look at it, she slowly waddled over to the stuffed toy, a small chuckle escaping her lips as she got a good look at it.

It was a blue penguin with a tuft of black hair at the top. It reminded her so much of her spirit beast, Puu, that she just had to have it.

Happy with the single purchase she made the entire trip, they made their way to the food court. Yuusuke had protested that she wasn't the slightest bit hungry, but Kurama wouldn't hear of it. Instead he took her to her favorite place. The raven haired girl had to stop herself from drooling. The food just smelled so delicious that she could no longer lie to herself. Ordering two of her usual dish, they quickly found an empty table to allow her to stuff her face to her heart's content.

Just as she was finishing her meal, Kurama's cell phone rang.

"Hello Hiei," he responded, his emerald eyes never leaving that of Yuusuke's pregnant frame across the table. "No, we're at the mall." There was a pause. "I'm sorry I worried you. Next time I'll leave you a note." Another pause as the red head smirked at his friend's soft laugh. "Oh really?" One final quick pause. "Well then, we'll hurry home." Closing his phone, he stood causing Yuusuke to do the same.

"I just heard something wonderful," he teased, knowing full well just how curious the girl was.

"Well?" she snapped in irritation.

"Koenma's awake."

Chocolate eyes narrowed before Yuusuke's face lit up. Grabbing the bag with the small stuffed animal in it, she raced as quickly as she could to the mall's exit. Kurama couldn't stop the smile as he shook his head at how ridiculous she looked. Catching up to his hurried friend, he gently grabbed her arm, forcing her to waddle much slower.

"He's not going anywhere. There's no point in you over-exerting yourself."

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