Standing at the edge of the rocky ledge, Hadrian's gray eyes scanned the horizon to the north at the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. His hands rested easily on the hilts of the pair of swords at his hips. As the last rays of sunlight spread across the forest, Hadrian leapt from the ledge and descended quickly down the mountainside. When he hit the bottom, he dashed into the forest, a shadow among shadows as the last rays of light disappeared.

He dodged and leapt around trees at full speed, not slowing in the least. The darkness didn't seem to slow him, and his boots barely seemed to touch the ground. Hadrian Twilight headed straight for the Kingdom of Many-Arrows.

A flash of silver nearly blinded him. It whipped past his face before hitting a tree. He slid to a sudden stop, hands filled with the hilts of a sword and dagger. His eye fell on the silver arrow embedded into the trunk of a tree. He scanned the forest for the origin of the arrow, and didn't have to wait long as a dark figure holding a silver bow, Taulmaril the Heart Seeker, stepped from the shadows, another arrow pointed at Hadrian. The dark skin, white hair, and purple eyes were unmistakable.

"Drizzt Do'Urden," Hadrian said.

"You have me at a disadvantage," Drizzt said.

"My name is of no concern," said Hadrian. "And my business is my own."

"You are headed to Obould," stated the drow. "If you plan to kill him, then it is my business to stop you."

Gray eyes met purple. Drizzt released the arrow. Hadrian dodged, barely avoiding the arrow. Drizzt dropped the bow and drew his scimitars. He was prepared to block as Hadrian launched toward him, sword swinging in a wide arch. Drizzt easily blocked the sword with Twinkle, and brought Icingdeath to block the dagger aimed for his heart. Icingdeath caught the dagger and pulled it from the rogue's hand. But his wrist was caught by the rogue before he could strike with the scimitar again. Their sword hilts locked together in front of them.

Both of them kicked the other in the stomach to break away. It would have been amusing to see, but the seriousness of the situation kept Drizzt from even cracking a smile. He was deeply disturbed by this stranger. His face was covered under the hood of his cloak so he couldn't see him too clearly, but he swore he saw a familiar look in those gray eyes peering out at him from behind the mask.

"This is your last warning," the ranger said. "Turn back from your task."

"I can not," replied the rogue. "I will not."

They circled, waiting for the other to attack. When it seemed evident that the rouge wouldn't come, Drizzt lunged with Icingdeath, twisting away at the last moment before his scimitar would have been blocked. He ducked low, bringing Twinkle around to sweep at the rogue's legs. He jumped back, but Drizzt didn't let up. The ranger kept the rogue on the retreat, nearly backing him into a tree. But the cloaked figure leapt to the side, rolled and turned as he regained his feet. He brought up his sword as Drizzt's scimitars came down at his head.

Their eyes met, and again Drizzt was disturbed by the familiarity in his opponent's empty eyes. The ranger pushed those thoughts aside and jumped back.

But before he could land, the rogue was there, sword cutting toward his heart. Drizzt twisted his body, blocking with both scimitars. He caught the glint of steel a second before it pressed to his neck. His eyes widened at the sight of the jeweled hilt.

"Entreri," he whispered.