Once upon a time there was a Goblin King who ruled over all of the Goblin Kingdom. He was a clever and powerful king, and was greatly respected by all his subjects. But one day, something happened that the king did not expect. He fell in love with a human girl. He would watch her in his crystal globe for days on end, delighting himself in her imaginative fantasies. He decreed that should she ever wish for anything, that she would have it.

The girl was kind but lonely, and often felt distant from her father and his new wife. They had a child, a boy, and although the girl loved him very much, she sometimes felt resentful towards him, feeling that everyone paid more attention to him, and had forgotten her. She knew of the Goblin King's gift, but dared not use it, for she knew that she would never truly mean her brother's abduction. But one day, she felt so angry and burdened that she had shouted out her wish for her brother to be taken away. She had instantly regretted it, but it was too late. The Goblin King came and took the child away.

She begged and begged for his return, but the King refused. He tried to sway her from her pleas, but she wouldn't give in. The King still loved her, and couldn't bear to see her upset, so he told her that, if she truly wanted to save her brother, that she would have to face the dangers untold and the hardships unnumbered within his Labyrinth and rescue the babe from his castle in 13 hours. He did everything to ensure that she would fail, but in the end, she defeated the maze and took her brother back.