Deep Inside of You
Summary: Watson catches Sherlock breaking their promise. Watson/Sherlock
Pairing: Watson/Holmes
A/N: A birthday present for my love, Aerodynamics. :D Not edited this time, so feel free to point out mistakes. Rated M for obvious reasons.


He jumped, dropping the syringe on the floor. I had my arms crossed securely across my torso, glaring down at him as he was positioned upon his floor and was enveloped by his papers and work. For an instant, he looked at me and caught his breath. Then, he blinked up at me before reaching for his syringe.

"What is it, old chap?" he inquired, placing the syringe between his teeth and returning to locating a vein in his arm.

"What in the world are you doing?" I demanded.

He heaved a sigh. "What does it look like?"

"I believed we had an agreement," I posed.

Holmes peered up at me, watching and waiting. Almost as if a thought was crossing his mind. As if he had forgotten. Finally, he spoke. "I am aware of that."

It took all in me not to huff and stamp my foot like an adolescent who didn't have his way. I merely looked down on him, arms still crossed over my chest.

"And didn't our agreement say that there was to be none of that?" I asked calmly, pointing at the syringe and straining emphasis on the word 'that'.

Holmes gave yet another sigh and lowered the syringe. "Yes, but…"

I didn't let him finish. Abruptly, I seized the lapels of his shirt and hoisted him up, pressing my mouth against his in a sloppy kiss. He made a noise of opposition at my abrasive actions, pushing against my torso. My arms enclosed his body, pulling his diminutive frame against mine. If I had held him any tighter, I swore he would have broken under me. I pulled from his mouth, watching him. On his face was a look of confusion; his lips parted the slightest bit. Then he huffed and pushed against me.

"I do not believe that your actions were ideal for this moment of time," he informed me, pushing still.

"I beg to differ," I disputed, narrowing my eyes at him. "Your actions were merely a plan devised to gain attention, was it not?"

Holmes sneered at me. "Are you accusing me of…?"

"I am."

Angrily I slid my hand down and nudged his legs apart, gripping his groin. He gasped softly, rocking his hips away from my touch and glowered at me.

"We cannot do this at this time!" he whispered fiercely. "Mrs. Hudson…"

"Is out on the town," I filled in. "I told her to take the afternoon off."

Holmes was about to protest, so I covered his mouth with my own to silence him. I tensed up, prepared for the barrage of attacks to get me to cease my actions, but he remained still. Then, I felt his slender hands enfold me, clutching the back of my shirt. Swiftly, I grabbed his hips and lifted him up, backing him into the nearby wall with a thud. He gasped, leaning his head on the wall and pushing against me, his feet barely grazing the floorboards.

"Watson, please," he said. "Not now."

"I will not wait," I told him with a raise of my brow.

I slipped the braces from my shoulders so they hung lifelessly at my legs before going to work on Holmes' waistcoat. My lips sank into his neck as I did so, pushing the garment from his torso. A strangled gasp left through his lips, making him groan and knock his hips against mine.

"Watson, please," he hissed harshly.

I continued my task, dropping his waistcoat to the ground then ripping his shirt open. A button or two came off, but I did not care. I was finally able to reach the pale skin of his torso that I so desired. Bending down in the slightest bit, I ground him into the wall and traced my hand over the few hairs that adorned his chest, watching his face as I did so. Slowly, my hand traced downwards until my fingertips bore down on the hem of his trousers.

"What on earth are you doing?" he asked quickly, weaving a hand into my locks and tugging ever-so-slightly. Oh, but it was enough to nearly drive me to the brink of insanity.

"Merely giving you the attention you were begging for."

Quickly I wrenched the button of his trousers free before pulling them down to his feet. I noticed his excitement that he had held beneath the clothing, his thin undergarments doing nothing to withhold that sensation. My knee slipped between his thighs and pressed against his groin. I passionately kissed him, nearly thrusting my tongue down his throat. He moaned boisterously, his hands clutching my hips and pulling me closer. Our groins stroked together, creating such superb friction that made my head spin.

I pulled from his lips, shoving a hand down his undergarments to stroke him. Holmes gasped and bucked his hips into my hand, encouraging me further more. His slender fingers worked the buttons upon my shirt, freeing it from my own torso. I shrugged my shoulders, allowing it to pool at my feet before continuing my ministrations. Holmes whined, pushing at my trousers. Grinning, I complied, removing my hand from his undergarments to work on my trousers. The detective's impatience seemed to be escalating, since his hands knocked mine aside to rid myself of my trousers. Finally the button was freed, and they were pushed to the floor along with my undergarments. Swiftly, I grabbed the hem of his undergarments and pushed them to the floor, fully exposing him.

"Watson…" Holmes breathed, a look of pure bliss crossing his facial features.

My hands held onto his meager frame as I ground my hips into his, growling approvingly at the small noises he was uttering with a shaky breath. My hand returned to his member, gripping it and giving a tug that made Holmes express a noise commending at my engagements. The detective groaned, bucking into my hand, causing me to stroke him faster. I twirled the pad of my thumb on the head of his member, feeling the leak of pre-cum on my digit. Holmes' mouth was open in a silent moan, making me smirk. He pulled me down close to him, his tongue darting out to lick the shell of my ear, generating a moan from the back of my throat.

"Enough," he breathed against my ear before giving it a bite which sent chills down my spine.

"Of course."

I spun Holmes so he was braced against the wall, tracing my hand down his sleek back, over his backside before pressing a digit against his entrance. Holmes instantaneously gave a deafening sound of approval, urging against my finger, persuading me further. Complying, I pressed my finger thoroughly into him, wriggling my finger inside him. Another was adjoined, and a third. Once I was convinced he was ready, I retracted my fingers and positioned myself at his entrance, sliding in with one punctual movement. Holmes' eyes closed, his forehead pressing against the wall, and a groan coming from his lips. I delayed with infinite patience, waiting until he told me he was disposed. The detective gave a brisk nod and pushed his hips against mine. Pleasantly, I pressed my lips against the smooth skin of his back before I rocked my hips, pushing in and out of him. With each stroke, I bruised my hips against his vigorously, groaning as I did so, relishing in the sweet feel of Holmes. The detective struggled to keep up, his moans and whimpers growing more frequent. His hand slid down the wall, going for his neglected member. I gave a light swat at his hand, gripping him and stroking him in time with my thrusts.

Holmes came first, moaning, "John," quietly as he did so. My thumb circled the head of his member, drawing out his orgasm, still pounding my hips into his, moaning pleasantly from the back of my throat. I shortly came, sinking my teeth into Holmes' shoulder.

Holmes' legs shivered violently, so I enveloped him in my hold, keeping him up as I pulled out of him.

"Good lord, Watson," he breathed, turning around so our torsos were heaving against one another in a slow rhythm.

He shot me a curious look, making me cock my eyebrow at him. "Why are you giving me that look?"

"I must inquire where… this came from." He tilted his head to peer up at me.

"Anger," I said quickly. Then I gave a mere shrug.

Holmes smirked. "Well, maybe I should make you mad more often."

I let out an honest laugh, leaning down and kissing the detective forcefully to cease his speaking. Not now.