Well, by all rights I should really be working on Lessons. Buuuuuuut, this beautiful idea entered my heeeeaaad! Raito really is a creepy stalker man in this, ne? It's only a oneshot, but if requested, I'm not averse to adding onto it. It'd be a pretty good stress reliever whilst I work on Lessons.

The poem at the end is 'Property of Me' by Bianca~Rose, a poet who puts her work onto her webpage. It's posted with her permission. Gah! I should probably link to the site on my profile!

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any of its characters, nor do I make any profit from writing this. If I did, this anime would be a beach resort to the FFVII one I would own in that scenario. Full of yaoi and manly love.

Raito's breath came out in measured intakes and outtakes, as precise and deliberate as everything else he did. He was one of a kind. But there was another kind, his polar opposite, and what an opposite that was.

L was a marvel, a step up from the uncultured brutes of this generation. No, he wasn't just a marvel.

In Raito's eyes, L was a doll.

He would watch, unnoticed, how the detective held things between his thumb and forefinger almost daintily. How his porcelain lips nearly sang in their movement as he spoke. While in keeping with his terrible posture, L still managed to hold a certain grace. Every move he made seemed to expend no energy on his part, they were the empty, glasslike motions of someone playing with the doll, moving its limbs to achieve the desired effect. His body, though nearly underweight, was perfect in its own right, everything placed where it would stand as most beautiful, hanging with the detached solemnity only a flawlessly crafted doll would ever achieve. And his eyes, his eyes-dear god- they were the entire center of this toy's existence. They were seraphic in their large, orb like shape, and empty as a being who entrusted itself to be cared for by whatever person owned it. Those eyes surveyed all around them, looking yet not judging. No, for a doll was not meant to have control, it was an elegant marionette, to be cherished and admired as if an infant.

And Raito lusted and longed to possess this piece of art like he had never before. Never in his life had he encountered this feeling of complete possessiveness, satisfaction, coveting. It outshined even his desire for a perfect world.

After all, wouldn't any world be just as perfect if it were full of dolls, loved and controlled by a benevolent god? A god who would keep unruly children from breaking the fine porcelain of their skin? A god who cared for them all, yet only wanted one, and he would spend extra time playing with that one. Extra time to caress its fine, chiseled countenance and see its perfect obedience. No, in his world, nothing would be tarnished, it would all be polished to a brilliant shine.

L, in his foreign seating position, glanced over at Raito. "Yagami-kun seems to be thinking deep thoughts. Is he going to confess to being Kira?"

Raito put on his mask of charm, the one he wore to sway the world. "No, I've already told you that I'm not Kira. I was actually thinking about how we would lure him into a trap of some sort."

But L always stepped out of his place in those precise movements. It was not his right to question or second guess Raito, the one who would be his master if possible. No, proper behavior would be implemented before Raito brought L into the beautiful place he'd prepared.

Soon enough.

"Twisting, twirling is the doll

That belongs to me

I've set him proudly on display

For all the world to see

He does not know it yet

How frail limbs' master

Will call in his debt

The debt for holding such luster"

- Bianca~Rose -