One More Chance



Edward POV

It's been six years since I last saw her. I never thought I would miss her this much. Every second, every minute, every day, every week, every month, feels like an eternity to me. I feel like the pain is slowly killing me from the inside of my entire being, like it's suffocating me.

I first saw her six years ago, and I remember it clearly. I remember she fascinated me, she intrigued me with her warm smile, her lovely blush, her intelligence, her kindness, and her voice.

Even though she wasn't the most coordinated person I found her charming and endearing.

I couldn't take her out of my head... she was always in mind.

I knew I liked her but I never thought it would be so much that she would invade my dreams like it has for the past six years.

Those dreams in which I see her smiling me and where she's back.

My friends always urged me to ask her out but I never manned up enough to ask her. They knew I had feelings for her like I did, but I was scared of rejection.

That was the worst mistake I've ever made in my life. All I can think about now is what would have happened if I had asked her out? What would have been of us? If I would have probably asked her, would I have figured out my love for her a little earlier. Would she have left? But most importantly would she have responded to my feelings?

I've heard that life isn't fair but that it also has so many twists and turns, which makes me wonder if life will ever give me one more chanceā€¦

AN: Hey I am back with a new story! This is my second fan-fic so be nice. Well, in my first story I told people to vote for a story they would like me to write and this story won. This all in Edward's point of View. It's his story. So here it is my new story, hope you like it thanks, and review.

Short Summary: Edward didn't know she was meant for him but, he did know that he liked her a lot. He was popular but he never manned up enough to ask her out. But one day she left. He realized that it was more than just a simple crush but it was too late. Six years pass by, all he can think about now is her. Will he ever get one more chance at love? Also He is a helpless romantic:)