Amu was sitting on her bed, memories flashing through her head. The battles with Easter, Utau, the character changes, and most of all, Ikuto. Since he had left, she could never get him out of her head. All the battles they had fought against each other, all his perverted ways around her, him saving her too many times to count.

It had taken her forever, but she had finally admitted to herself that she liked him......alot.

But just as she realized that, Tadase-kun asked her out officially. She hadn't really known what to do so she asked him to wait for her answer.....just for a little while.

Amu had went home that day and didn't do a thing. She had layed in her bed, thinking, trying to make a choice.

She had finally decided to agree, not knowing when or if Ikuto would be back.

As of today, it was their one year anniversery. Amu was happy. She really liked Tadase-kun. Amu thought she might even be falling in love with him. But still, no matter how much she tried, she couldn't get that perverted neko out of her head.

Amu sighed and moved to finally get up.


She looked over to see her Shugo Chara, Ran, popping out of her egg and start cheering.

"Go, go Amu-chan. Get dressed, get dressed Amu-chan!"

Miki popped up out of her's and yelled, "SHUT UP!!!!!!! Some people do actually want to sleep late!!!"

As the two charas started fighting, Amu just smiled and started dressing.

When she was finished, she walked over to the still arguing group. Su had been woken up and was now trying to calm everyone down.

"Su," Amu said.

When Su looked at her, Amu continued. "When those two stop fighting and you guys want to come on to school. I'm going to go ahead without you guys."

Su smiled. "Alright. We'll catch up."

Amu went downstairs, ate her breakfast, then headed out for the day.

As soon as she stepped out the door she started thinking about the old days again. How once her and Utau had become friends, Ikuto never left her alone always getting Utau mad at her.

Amu smiled to herself. those were the good i miss him.......

"Amu-chan!" someone called from behind her.

She turned around to see her boyfriend coming toward her. She smiled even wider.

"Good morning, Amu," Tadase said, coming up to her and kissing her on the cheek.

"Morning, Tadase," she greeted.

He reached down and slowly took her hand, sliding a package into it. "Happy anniversery," Tadase said releasing her had for her to open the package.

"Aw Tadase, you didn't have to!"

"I wanted to. I love you, Amu-chan."

Amu blushed bright red as she turned her attention to the package. It was black and red striped paper with a red bow. Tadase had gotten to know her tastes so well.

She pulled off the bow and paper to reveal a white box. When Amu opened the box, she gasped.

Inside was a pink gothic cross necklace. It was draped from a black lace choker. The cross was made up of pink crystals inclosed in black titanium. She barely moved the box and the crystals shone, sparkling brightly.

"It reminded me so much of you Amu-chan." Tadase smiled.

"Oh,'s so beautiful! Would you," she asked handing it to him.

Amu turned around as he draped it across her neck and fastened it.

She turned back around and smiled at him, playing with the necklace gently. Amu gave him a hug as he pulled back and kissed her cheek again.

"I love you, Amu-chan."

With that he took her hand and began walking toward their school.

Unknown to them, someone had been in the trees watching them. The neko was back.......but didn't like what he had just seen.

So........Amu is with the kiddy king huh? I shouldn't be so suprised. She did like him. And from what just happened.......I might have some competition.