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Amu awoke, sun shining brightly in her red, swollen eyes.

She rolled over reluctantly, already hearing her charas' cheerful voices.

Ran flew over and sat down on her nose.

"Amu-chan, hurry! You're going to be late for school," Ran said, rushed.

Amu just laid there and looked at her.

"I don't think i'm going to school today guys," she said.

Miki looked at her shocked.


Amu couldn't help but smile.

Then realized she had been sweating all night under her blankets.

She sighed, knowing that there was no way she was going to school, but not wanting to stay in that stifling hot house.

"Still," she started. "I'm not going to school."

Her parents came in and they went through the process of thinking she was sick, fretting over her, and then leaving her by herself for work.

As the day went on, Amu became more and more bored.

The house was utterly quiet. The heat almost unbearable, even with the windows open.

Her charas had disappeared to go out and get some freash air.

So she was alone...with nothing to do...but think.

As she thought, her mind couldn't get off the events of yesterday.

As she was just about to begin crying again, she stopped herself.

"I refuse to be one of those little girls who cry every chance they get when things go bad," she said to the empty house.

She got up and got dressed.

As she walked out the door, she didn't know where she was going but knew she couldn't be in that house any longer.

She decided to think about dinner tonight with Aruto.

It felt like forever since he had asked her, and now she wanted to know what he had to say.

As she thought of the things that may be said, she finally looked around to see where she was.

She had walked to the park without even noticing.

She smiled remembering the times she had with all her friends there.

She walked around the park, watching the people and smiling.

Suddenly she heard an extremely familar voice.

She walked ever so much quicker to see if it really was who she thought it was.

As she turned the corner to one of her favorite places in the park, the place where she first saw Ikuto with his violin, she stopped dead.

Ikuto was standing up there with another, extremely beautiful girl.

The girl was clinging to him as much as she could, trying to rub her face in every single place she could. (sorry...just the thought of that had me loling so i put it in)

She had long black hair that was twisted in beautiful beach curls.

From what Amu could see, her eyes were a deep dark hazel.

She was dressed in what could only be called cutesy lolita, with a poofy, baby blue dress, white stockings, white heels, and a lace lolita hat that was decked out in light blue roses.

Amu couldn't believe how beautiful she was.

"Ikuto-kun, I missed you so much," the girl said as she hugged him close to her.

"I hated it when you left me there, all by myself. So i followed you back to Japan! I love you Ikuto-kun!"

Ikuto looked shocked, not knowing what the hell just happened.

She had just appeared out of nowhere as he had been standing there playing, like always.

He hated this girl with a passion and was just about to tell her just that when all of a sudden, she reached up and kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth.

Amu's mouth dropped.

She started crying again and felt her heart break.

As she turned to run away, Ikuto caught a glance of her out of the corner of his eye.

He shoved her away.

"I don't love you," he said.

"I haven't nor will i ever. My heart belongs to someone."

He ran after her, trying to find her.

Ikuto was worried about what she would do, and the misunderstanding that had just taken place wasn't helping the situation either.

He had ran almost 5 miles, trying to find her.

He stopped just outside her house. Noone was there. At least what he could tell.

So he just hung his head and went home.

Amu, though, was sitting in the house with the lights off.

She was curled up in the corner, crying.

"I can't believe i loved him," she cried to herself.

~later that night~

Amu was still sitting in the same position, head on her knees and her eyes closed.

Suddenly her phone buzzed.

It was the event alarm Miki had made her set for herself, just incase she forgot.

As she picked it up, she realized her date with Aruto was in only an hour.

Hesitently, she got up. Not really wanting to go but not wanting to break a promise, she decided to do it anyway.

When she opened the door to her bedroom, she saw an outfit already laid out for her.

It was too cute to have been anyone but Miki.

It was a very light blue dress, with a small bow on the side of the waist. Strapless, with a very small amount of detail.

The dress itself was rouched around the skirt, giving it a flowing look.

Miki had also picked out a black mini jacket that had rhinestones flowing from the top to the bottom in a very cute floral pattern.

Beside these, was a set of jewlery. A blue bracelet set and a silver necklace with small blue roses intertwined in the metal. A pair of simple silver hoop earrings sat above them.

On the floor, Miki had left her a pair of black slip-ons with a rhinestone pattern to match the jacket.

Amu couldn't help but smile, ever so slightly.

Miki would always know just what to have for her to wear at times like this.

Amu slowly slid into the clothes. She fixed her hair and her make-up, just as the bell for the door rang.

"Well," she thought to herself, "time to get this over with."

Amu walked downstairs, opened the door and just about fell over.

Aruto looked strikingly like Ikuto. He had on a dark black blazer with small silver crosses on the lapel. His pants were the same color black with a dark blue stripe down each leg.

Aruto was carrying a small pink box with a black ribbon on it. In the other hand was a small bouquet of roses, suprisingly a striking purple color.

"Hello, Amu-chan," he said, handing her the box and the roses with that same smirk Ikuto always had on his face.

Amu couldn't help but blush and smile for the first time that day.

She opened the box, quickly throwing wrapping paper everywhere.

Aruto laughed, the pink rain falling around him was just too good to be true.

The box was a very dark red with intrique little designs. As she opened the box a bright, shining little neko sparkled up at her.

There was a midnight blue gemmed cat sparkling up at her from a dark purple lace choker.

The neko itself had a familar looking grin on his face.

Amu's smiled faded, tears welling in her eyes.

Aruto looked worried immediately.

"Amu-chan, are you ok?"

Amu burst out in tears, fell on to Aruto and burst out the whole story in very short, gasping sentences.

Aruto sighed, "Amu, what did she look like?"

"She had long, black, curly hair and a cute lolita outfit, and and,,,,,,," Amu started crying again.

Aruto cringed. "Amu...that's my fault."

Amu looked up at him with tears filling her eyes.

Aruto sighed, "That was my friends daughter. When Ikuto came to find me, she had seen him and immediately fell in love with him. Before we left to come back to Japan, she tried every thing in the book to get him to be with her. She even kissed him."

Amu looked horrified.

"Hold on! Its not as bad as it sounds. He would always push her away and say i have someone very dear to me at home. I love her and only her."

Amu blinked. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Then," Amu started, tears finally leaving her eyes. "Then why is she here?"

Aruto sighed.

"Again, thats all my fault. I told her right before i left where we were going. She must have followed us here just to see if she could get him. I'm sorry Amu. I never thought she would show up though."

Amu shook her head.

"I don't blame you. He should have never let her kiss him."

"I highly doubt Ikuto would even want her to since he was only telling me about you the whole ride on the plane. I swear, i think i knew you're whole life story before we even touched down!"

Aruto started laughing at the blush that rose very quickly to Amu's face.

As she started to stutter, trying to find something to say, Aruto smiled.

"He loves you," he said, as sure as he was that Ikuto was his son.

"I don't think he could love anyone else either."

Amu blinked then smiled, having no more doubts about him. Now all she had to do was figure out what SHE was going to do!

~Later That Night~

Aruto had taken her out to one of the best resturants in town, and had given her the laugh she needed.

As he drove her home, she couldn't stop herself from smiling.

Aruto had told her things about Ikuto she had never dreamed possible.

Like how, when he was a kid, Utau would pick on him and he would secretly go to his dad and cry, proving he wasn't as strong as he wanted everyone to believe he was.

She had never honestly felt more at ease about anyone than she had at that moment.

Amu just knew that he was the person who would be there for her, protect her, be her rock.

If only she had figured this out a long time ago.

Now she had worst problems to figure out.


How could Amu leave him without things getting even more worse then what they already were?

Tadase was crazy with jealousy.

Amu knew that.

But what would happen if she left him?

Aruto heard her sigh then and glanced over.

She had been so happy and bubbly up until now.

Aruto had thought everything was fine.

He was worried if the reason she had changed her mood so suddenly was because of something he said involving Ikuto.

But that couldn't be it.

He had seen the look in Amu's eyes.

It was the purest of loves he had seen since his wife.

Aruto smiled slightly as he turned into Amu's drive.

He parked, turned off the car, and turned to look at Amu.

"Amu," he started, "whats wrong? You were so happy earlier..."

Amu turned to look at him with a slightly sad smile on her face.

"Nothing, I'm fine. Promise. I just need a little rest."

With that, she leapt out of the car before he could say anything.

~Inside her bedroom~

As she opened the door to her room, she sheded the jacket and started undressing.

Amu didn't know what to do.

Tadase, the person she had had a crush on, fell for, then dated, was now the person who honestly scared her the most.

His cool, calm outer being, was completely different if you made him mad.

Amu had seen it before.

He never took his anger out on her, but it scared her none the less.

She finished putting her pajamas on and slid into bed.

The air was still stifiling, her room like a oven.

She sighed, feeling like she was being roasted alive.

Amu thought to herself just how much cooler it would be if she opened her balcony door.

Just as she sat up to do so, it opened and a dark figure walked in.

Before she could really think anything about it, it smashed her head with a blunt object and she was out.

But just a split second before she was unconcious, she seen the glint on blonde hair.

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