I realise it's boring to start with an author's note...but I didn't want my chapters to be too long!

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own any of Gossip Girl, but I also don't own the idea for this fiction - most of it comes from 'A Hero Of Our Time' by Lermontov.

The novel is set in 19th century Russia, and the main character Pechorin is a 'materialist' born into high society, who doesn't care about anyone except himself, and spends the entire time manipulating people for his own enjoyment - especially women, who he chases and then gets bored of. (Sound familiar?)

Pechorin comes close to loving 'the only woman who's ever understood him and all his unhealthy desires' - but ultimately, he doesn't care enough about her, because he meets her too late, and thinks she's weak because she's not as clever as he is.

So Chuck is based on Pechorin's character, but with one difference - he has Blair.

Also, I had to include the NJBC to a certain extent, even though in Lermontov's novel, Pechorin doesn't have any friends at all. Chuck Bass resemblances aside, I really would recommend reading the book because it's so good. Preferably a while after this fic though, so you don't realise quite how awful this is in comparison.

One final note (sorry) - I know the names Chuck and Blair aren't really that Russian...but I couldn't write Chuckski Bassovich with a straight face.

So apologies if the names don't fit!