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Monkey D. Haru and the Philosophers Stone

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Not What I Expected

Dumbledore had a problem. He needed to find Harry Potter and fast. He had searched the ends of the Earth but had yet to find him. That horrible night when Voldemort killed the Potters, young Harry disappeared from the face of the earth. There was just one shot left.

"Are you sure this will work?" asked Pro. McGonagall.

"What other choice do I have?" asked Dumbledore.

He attached the Hogwarts letter to Fawkes in hopes that the Phoenix would find him.

Elsewhere… in another dimension in the space time continue. The Thousand Sunny belonged to the one true Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy and his crew. It was very lively, very open ship. It was hard to join the crew. One had to gain the Pirate King's trust in order to join or for him to think they were a good person. Kind of hard for pirates… so really there was really only new member of the crew that has joined since he had become king of the pirates… and the person was a non-combatant… and the only reason she joined was because she and the sharp shooter were married. But that only counts the adults…

"Haru! Get back here!" yelled a young 9 year old girl with long black hair.

She was chasing a boy who was 10… though his birthday was just a couple days away, he was Haru the adoptive son of Monkey D. Luffy (just don't point it out… everyone who does has no idea about the Impel Down Incident), his notable features were his emerald green eyes and lighting bolt scar on his forehead.

"You have to catch me first Hina!" said Haru holding a piece of meat.

The girl named Hinagiku (but Hina for short) was his younger sister, the biological daughter of Luffy and his wife pirate Empress Boa Hancock.

"I'm going to catch you! That's my meat!" yelled Hina.

"But I took it that means it's mine!" said Haru.

That's when Haru made a green and red portal and jumped into it.

"Damn it! Haru! That's my meat!" cried Hina.

Haru was on top of the crow's nest and laughed.

"She's never catch me up here!" laughed Haru.

"But I could!" said his father approaching him from behind.

"Dad it's not what it looks like." Said Haru who took a breath, "I'll give you a cut."

Luffy gave a big smile when he heard this. Luffy grab the meet and broke in half. The two were about to take a bite when suddenly a swan sized crimson bird appeared in a flash of fire.

"What the!" yelled Haru.

And so both of them fell off the crow's nest.

Usopp and his eight year old son Yosopp (who was the spitting image of his father) were keeping watch… when they saw the two fall off.

"That was unexpected." Aid Usopp.

Fortunately Haru used a portal make sure he and his father landed safely on the deck.

"That was a weird bird." Said Haru.

"It must be a mystery bird." Said Luffy.

"Dad… you're almost 30… that's my Schick now." Said Haru.

"I'm 28… stop saying that!" whined Luffy.

That was when the bird flew down to Haru and landed on his shoulder.

"There's a letter." Said Haru.

They both read who it was for.

"Harry Potter." Both of them read.

"Who would that be?" asked Haru.

"I think I know." Sighed Luffy.

It was time for a crew meeting, Chopper translated what the bird said.

"Haru is this Harry Potter." Said Chopper.

"This bird is the key to finding Haru's biological family?" asked Hancock.

"It's a pretty bird that for sure." Said Nojiko, Nami and Sanji's daughter who was a rather pretty 8 year old with blonde hair and curly eyebrows (like her father).

"I've never seen a bird like that before." Said Robin.

"So your real name is Harry…" said Tom, Franky and Robin's 9 year old son.

Haru glared at him with all his might.

"Well the name… your birth parents gave you… I mean…" stuttered Tom.

"Wimp." Said Hina.

"So a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Said Hancock reading the letter.

"That sounds really awesome!" yelled Kaien, Nojiko's twin brother who looked more his mother than his father (bright orange hair, brown eyes and normal eye brows)

"I don't know… I'd like to take a look of this school before we send Haru there." Said Luffy.

"I would too." Said Hancock.

Haru touched the bird and got the feeling.

"I know where he came from… but I will have to break a certain promise." Said Haru.

"You mean?" asked Nami.

"Another Dimension." Answered Haru.

Everyone groaned… last time there was some unpleasantness and Haru swore he would never take them to another Dimension… ever… ever… ever again!

"Well… I guess it's okay to break it this one time… since you have permission." Said Luffy.

That when Haru created another portal. The bird flew back to him.

"We'll be back as soon as possible." Said Luffy.

"Good luck!" said Zoro.

Back in Hogwarts, Dumbledore took a breath not knowing when and if Fawkes would be back.

"he is taking long so he must be alive." Said Pro. McGonagall.

That was when suddenly a large green and red portal appeared. From that portal came a boy who looked just like a small version of James Potter, but with Lily's green eyes. Fawkes was sitting on his shoulder… Clearly this boy was Harry. Before Dumbledore could question the portal two adults followed the boy, one was a man who appeared to be in his 20s, he had messy black hair with a straw hat on top of his head, a short beard and what appeared to be a red captain's coat that hung from his shoulders, the other was a beautiful woman with long black hair wearing a skimpy pink dress, she was so beautiful that Pro. McGonagall had to remind herself that she was a strait woman… and Dumbledore too had to remind himself he was a gay man.

"So I take it your that Dumbledore guy." Said the man.

"That is correct." Said Dumbledore, "And you are."

"Monkey D. Luffy." Answered the man, "And this is my wife…"

"Boa Hancock." Answered the woman, "Oh and when we come from, the family name comes first."

"I see…" said Dumbledore, "And who are you exactly."

"The parents of the boy you call Harry Potter." Said the man named Luffy.

"Dad! Can you please not talk about me like I'm out of the room." Pouted Harry.

"Haru." Said Hancock, "Can you please leave us to talk to them?"

"Fine." Sighed Haru, "Hey! Old man! Where's the nearest can?"

Dumbledore chuckled, "Down the hall and to the right." He answered.

"Thanks!" said Haru, he created a red and green portal and jumped into it, causing both Pro. McGonagall and Dumbledore's eyes to widen.

"Minerva. I would like to talk to them alone." Said Dumbledore.

Pro. McGonagall nodded and left.

Dumbledore stared at the two, as Luffy and Hancock stared back. The room was extremely tense, that anyone walking in the room could feel it.

"Would you like a seat?" asked Dumbledore.

The two nodded and took their seats as Dumbledore took his.

"Lemon Drop?" asked Dumbledore.

"No thank you." Said Hancock.

Luffy on the other hand shrugged and took on.

"So… there has to be a specific reason why you want Haru to attend." Said Hancock, "Someone doesn't send a bird to another Dimension."

"Another Dimension?" asked Dumbledore.

"We always suspected Haru was from another Dimension after he ate the Portal Portal Fruit." Said Luffy.

"The Portal Portal Fruit?" asked Dumbledore getting a bad feeling.

"In our Dimension, there are Fruits called Devil Fruits. They taste awful but they give thou powers but you can ever swim again." Explained Luffy, he stretched his cheek, "I ate the Gum Gum Fruit."

"And I have the powers of the Love Love Fruit… I think it's best if you don't know what my abilities are." Said Hancock.

"How could that be a suspicion?" asked Dumbledore.

"Because I found him in a flash of Green Light one day when I was exploring." Said Luffy.

"I see." Said Dumbledore.

"Tell us… why do want Haru so badly?" asked Hancock, "Is his parents still alive?"

"No, no… they were murdered." Answered Dumbledore.

"Then why did you want to find him so badly." Said Luffy, "I mean it's obvious that you would think the murderer would have killed him."

Dumbledore sighed, "With the exception of his parents death and his mother's sacrifice, you must not tell Harry."

"Haru." Corrected Luffy.

"Haru, until the time is right." Said Dumbledore.

Both of them nodded… Dumbledore sighed then explained the truth about Voldemort and everything… even the prophecy.

"So Haru is destined to fight this evil guy Moldybutt." Said Luffy.

"Voldemort." Corrected Hancock.

"That's why I said." Said Luffy with a serious look on his face, which made her laugh.

"It's also because of his mother sacrifice that I'm afraid that I must modify his memory and send him to live his blood family." Said Dumbledore.

"What!" yelled Luffy and Hancock.

That's when Dumbledore… felt scared. He felt a strong energy came from the two of them… he honestly didn't know what to do.

"There is no way I will let you take him away from us!" growled Luffy.

"Even if you are gay, my powers will still work on you." Growled Hancock, "If you don't want to forever be a crumbled stature then there is no way you ever think about that ever again."

Dumbledore didn't know what do, he wanted to make sure Harry was safe… until that time. But they loved him like his own son.

The two seemed to let up and Dumbledore managed to catch his breath.

"You're very strong. I've never seen anyone withstand the combined forces of mine and Hancock's Haki on their first try." Said Luffy.

"Haki?" asked Dumbledore still trying to catch his breath."

"You can call it will power if you will. In our dimension, people can control their will power into a powerful unstable force." Said Hancock, "by the way… we taught it Haru."

"You see… there's another reason why I want to separate you." Said Dumbledore, "You see there is a possibility that he harbors a piece of Voldemort's soul within his body. In order to kill Voldemort, that piece must be destroyed… and Harry must die."

"What!" yelled Luffy.

"Luffy wait… I have a theory." Said Hancock, "Is there a possibility that this Voldemort had the strange ability to talk to snakes?"

Dumbledore's eyes winded, "How did you know?" he asked.

"My people, the Kuja worship snakes. When Haru was young he would talk to the snakes a lot. Every single member of my tribe were in shock. For me a former empress to find a child who had such a gift… However when he taught Haru how to use Haki… an evil green aura was ejected from his scar and he fell into a terrible coma." Explained Hancock.

"Oh yeah, I remember that." Said Luffy, "And when he came out of it. He wasn't able to talk to snakes anymore."

Dumbledore was shocked, he had no idea that could happen… then again he didn't know there was another dimension where people could use will power as some sort of psychic attack with magical fruits. But to remove the Horcux on sheer will power alone. That would have been impossible.

"Who are you?" asked Dumbledore.

"Monkey D. Luffy… King of the Pirates." Answered Luffy.

Dumbledore looked at the young man, "King of the Pirates?" he asked.

"Yes… I will explain." Said Hancock, "In our dimension… pirates exist."

""That wasn't much of an explanation." Said Luffy.

"I know… but I'd rather not divulge any information." Said Hancock, "Because I don't think we should let Haru attend."

"What! You can't!" yelled Dumbledore.

"Unless you meet our conditions he will not be the savoir of this world." Said Luffy.

Dumbledore had no choice, "Fine…" he said.

First condition: The Straw Hat Pirates much watch over him in case of trouble.

"I will agree to that." Saud Dumbledore.

Second Condition: Should any of the Straw Hat Kids (as their called) be able to attend the school, they will attended.

"I'm not sure they will be able to attend." Said Dumbledore.

"That's okay… we'll just want them to be able to attend if they can." Said Luffy.

Third Condition: Create a large body of water for us.

"There's already a large lake." Said Dumbledore.

"Oh… okay…" said Luffy, "Never mind…"

"Luffy… if you would please, go find Haru while I hammer out the final details." Said Hancock.

"Okay!" said Luffy, "Um… which way."

Dumbledore pointed to the stairs and Luffy climbed them.

"I'm the one that handles the details. So let's make a plan." Said Hancock.

Dumbledore sighed, like he did a lot that day. The details was that the next day (July 31st), they would meet Hagrid at the Leaky Caldron who would show them around. Then on the 30 of August they would dock in the lake and meet the teachers.

"So that's the deal." Said Hancock.

"Yes." Mumbled Dumbledore.

That was when the Luffy and Haru came out of a Portal.

"So… is everything ready?" asked Luffy.

"That's right. Let's go home!" said Hancock.

Haru created another portal the family left though it.

When Pro. McGonagall came back into the office she found Dumbledore shaking his head.

"So… what happened?" asked Pro McGonagall.

"Minerva… I might have misread the prophecy when it said a "Power the Dark Lord Knows Not."" Sighed Dumbledore.

Pro McGonagall's eyes winded when she heard that… she really didn't want to know what that meant.

Meanwhile on the Thousand Sunny, Luffy and Hancock finished explaining what was going to with Haru.

"So we're all going to academy Haru to this wizard school to make sure that he doesn't get into trouble." Said Zoro.

"That's right." Said Luffy with a nod.

"It's not that special." Said Hina, "Really… it isn't…"

"That's not true, " said Maya, Usopp and Kaya's 9 year old daughter (and Hina's best friend), who inherited her mother's face and her father poofy black hair, "You were worried that you would never see him again."

"Maya! I told you in confidence!" whined Hina.

"Hey! Kid's can you leave the room." Said Hancock, "There's something that we need to discus."

"I thought that my surprise party was spoiled a week ago." Said Haru.

"No… it's not that." Said Hancock.

"Okay…" said Haru.

The 7 kids left the room so the adults could talk.

"There's more to this… isn't there?" asked Nami.

Both Luffy and Hancock nodded… and told the crew about what was really going on…

"So Haru was prophesied to defeat an evil wizard?" asked Nami.

Everyone stared at Nami.

"Nami… how can you have any shred of deniability?" asked Usopp.

"I know… but still it sounds unbelievable." Said Nami.

"Are you sure he can handle it?" asked Kaya.

"We're not allowed to tell him, but I'm sure in a few years he'll be able to handle it." Said Luffy, "After all he's very strong and he's able to take on any challenge."

Meanwhile on the deck…

"Uncle! Uncle!" cried Harry.

Hina was his back pulling his leg behind his back while he was pounding the earth. The other Straw Hat kids watch, knowing they should never ever mess with this.

"Sorry… it's not going to work." Said Hina, "Maybe this will finally teach to not steal my meat."

Yes… for this boy was the savor of the Wizarding World.

Next Time: Haru and his family (and for some reason Zoro) go school shopping, lead by the giant man Hagrid. What will happen? Find out next time!