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Chapter 18: The Last Days of School

For the Next day Haru rested, it was also during this time he learned why how he got the stone, he wanted it, but didn't want to us it. That was how he got the stone.

During his stay at the hospital wing, Hagrid gave him something, it was a photo album of his parents as well as him as a baby. He looked though unsure how to feel.

"Hey!" said Luffy entering the room, "So Hagrid did give it you."

"You knew about this?" asked Haru.

"He showed me last time I helped train Norbert." Said Luffy.

Haru closed it, "I don't know how to feel." Said Haru.

"You should both sets of your parents as your real parents." Said Luffy, "After all if you reject your birth parents then Lily would have died for nothing."

"I guess." Sighed Haru.

That was when Luffy remembered something.

"Oh, I almost forgot, the funniest thing just happened!" said Luffy.

"What?" asked Haru.

"Snape came in covered in dirt and leaves muttering things about "evil unicorns"." Laughed Luffy.

"Oh man and I missed it." Laughed Haru, "Should I apologize?"

Luffy shook his head, "He doesn't even remember what happened." He laughed.

"Okay." Laughed Haru.

A few days later it was the end of year feast, a time to celebrate the winner of the house cup, which was Slytherin… the great hall was decked in green and silver.

And everyone was blaming Haru for their win… why?

"Oh sure, it's easy to blame me for my swearing. I'm a pirate!" said Haru.

"But your father doesn't swear that much." Said Hermione.

"He didn't pick it up from his dad… he picked it up from my dad." Said Nojiko.

Kaien pointed to Sanji getting into a fight with Zoro (of course), over using the word "Shit" until both Nami and Pro. McGonagall stopped the fighting from getting out of hand.

"Shitty seaweed." Muttered Sanji.

"Bite me dartboard." Muttered Zoro.

"I see what you mean." Said Hermione.

That was when Dumbledore stood up, "Now before we congratulate Slytherin for winning the House Cup for the 7th year in a row."

Every other house groaned, no other house wanted to see Slytherin win again.

"I would like to remind that even late accomplishments diverse recognition." Explained Dumbledore.

Everyone began to whisper about this.

"I think he sick of Slytherin winning…" whispered Hina to Maya.

"First to Ms. Granger, for keeping calm in the face of danger, 50 points." Said Dumbledore.

Everyone at the table began to applaud Hermione.

"To Mr. Ronald Weasley, for understanding when someone must go on and fight and when someone must stand back I award you 50 points." Said Dumbledore.

Percy shook his brother's hand while the wins were shocked.

"To Mr. Monkey, for protecting the school in it's time in need no matter what would happen. I award you 60 points." Said Dumbledore.

"Wow Haru… that something you do… a lot…" said Hina.

"Gryffindor is tied with Slytherin." Said Hermione.

"You are right." Whispered Maya, making Hina nod.

"And last but not least, it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your enemies but standing up to your friends takes a lot more courage." Explained Dumbledore, "So I award Mr. Longbottom 10 points."

Neville didn't know how to react as everyone congratulated him.

"And if my math correct, this means that there is a new House Cup winner." Said Dumbledore, he flicked his wand and all the green and silver turned to red and gold, causing everyone but the Slytherin to erupt in cheers.

Haru stared at Draco and stuck his tongue out at him.

"Why that…" growled Draco, that's when he noticed that one of his goons was clapping so he stopped him, this was a bad day for him.

On the day everyone was leaving there was a very special treat, anyone who wanted to.

A quick trip to the world where Haru grew up.

Ron, Hermione, Neville, George, Fred, Lee, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, a Slytherin girl from Haru's named Pansy Parkinson, a Gryffindor boy from a year above Haru named Cormac McLaggen, a Ravenclaw girl also above Haru's year named Cho Chang and a Hufflepuff boy 2 years above Haru named Cedric Diggory were the ones that chose to come aboard for this.

The 4 Slytherins only came to prove to everyone that the world wasn't as dangerous as everyone made it out to be… Oh those poor, idiotic Slytherins, they had no idea what was going to happen.

Hancock was going to explain everything.

"We are going to be headed towards Amazon Lily. I will warn you, that approaching the area is very dangerous for beginners, but since you will on this ship, you will be completely safe as long as you don't draw attention to yourself." Explained Hancock, "At most 10 minutes after we arrive the Gorgon Pirates will appear. They are allies so you will have nothing to worry about it. Any question?"

"What are they're going to be giant monsters?" asked Draco sarcastically.

"Bigger than you can ever imagine." Said Hancock.

"Everything is in place!" shouted Franky.

"Haru open the portal!" called out Luffy.

Haru was standing on the lion's head nodded, he opened a giant portal. Franky turned on the paddles.

"What are those?" asked Cho.

"They are Sunny's paddles." Explained Tom, "In times there's no wind, we use those to get around."

They got though the portal, as it closed.

"Hold on your underpants." Came Yosopp's voice from the crow's nest.

That was in everything began to shake. Many monster came out from under the water.

"What are those!" yelled Draco.

"Sea Kings!" said Luffy, "Remember hold on until the Gorgon Pirates appear!"

That was when Luffy, Marguerite, Zoro, Sanji Robin, Haru, Hina with Usopp manning the canons prepared for battle.

"We're going to have to stock pile on some meat." Said Sanji.

"Looks like things are going to get much more freakier." Said Tom.

That was when one smaller than usual sea king tried to bite Haru, but he made a portal, the portal opened right above the other students, causing Draco and Pansy to scream like little girls (well Pansy was a little girl), but the portal closed right around the neck, decapitating it, landing in front of the two screaming Slytherins.

"Was that on purpose?" asked Ron.

"Probably. The moment that Haru learned that he was coming, he knew was going to pull out the stops." Said Tom with a grin.

They could help watching as Luffy blew into his hand, inflating his body, Sanji lighting his legs on fire, Marguerite shooting the arrows infused with Haki, Hina using her vines to bind and choke them, Robin doing something similar with her arms, Usopp using the canons to hit them hard… but the real surprise was Zoro.

"So that's how he uses this third sword." Said Cormac.

"My parents aren't going to like that." Said Hermione.

Indeed this was the first time any student saw Zoro use all three of his swords.

However less than a minute later the sea kings left in fear only leaving behind those that were killed by the Straw Hats.

"Why are they leaving?" asked George.

"That's why." Said Hancock, "Yuda."

She pointed close by, there was a ship in the distance being pulled by sea serpents.

"They're one of the Sea Kings few natural predators." Explained Hancock, "My people have managed to domesticate them. Since this area is in them idle of this breeding ground they make excellent guards"

"That's amazing." Said Cho.

"Well we should leave now!" said Haru, "The train's going to leave in a few minutes."

"What about Draco and Pansy?" asked Cedric.

They saw that the two had fainted sometime during the trip, fortunately Goyle and Crabbe picked him up.

"Okay!" said Haru, "Is everyone accounted for?"

Haru opened the portal back to the train station. Cedric and Cho went to their groups of friends to tell them what happened, Lee, George and Fred went to another compartment as Haru, Ron, Hermione, Neville and for some reason Cormac were in the same compartment. Really, no one knew why he was there… probably just wanted to be with "Harry Potter"… probably…

"So… Haru…" said Hermione as the train sped along the tracks, "How are we going to get into contact you over the summer?"

"Actually, mum actually told me that you can use our house a mail box and you can come every now and then to pick it up." Said Ron.

"When I get to the station, I'm going to have to thank her." Said Haru.

"Haru… are you really going to eat those monsters?" asked Neville.

"Yeah! Sea King meat is delicious." Said Haru.

"Says the boy who eats dinosaur meat…" muttered Hermione.

Haru laughed… This was an existing year for him. After all learning that he was a wizard was existing and fun. And could only hope that then ext year would be even more exciting and fun… hopefully…

End of Philosophers Stone

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