Forgive me for this AN. I told myself i would never do this but it is important.

It has come to my attention that some readers are upset about the Edward and Alice pairing as apparently the summary states this is a Bella and Edward fic.

This is a Bella and Edward fic as it is about their breakup and how they grow as human beings while they are apart. Breakups aren't easy. There is never only one person to blame. It takes two to make a relationship work and it takes two to pull it apart. And for a couple who have been as 'on and off' as Bella and Edward…how do you know that they wont end up back together again???

I have removed Bella from the character list from the 'Story Summary' to appease readers as it very upsetting to see that instead of compliments or constructive criticism in reviews I am getting told that I am not giving readers what they want…and that is a Bella and Edward story.

I appreciate those who have come to me and asked for me to clarify where the story is going. Many have you have hit the nail on the head with the concept of Alice being a 'fairy godmother' type character to help Edward grow up. Yes they are together, but will they stay that way?

This is my story; it has been completely outlined form beginning to end. While I may stray from the planned path, the main structure will not change.

Edward and Bella may get back together…I have NEVER ruled out that as an option. There have been many subtle and not so subtle hints along the way that may give you insight to future chapters and what lies in store for Bella and Edward.

Once again, thankyou for all the kind reviews, they really do make my day. I hope this clarifies some of your concerns.

It is something different from many other stories out there. I wanted to write something different and something that isn't so overdone. To be honest if Bella and Edward were already back together…this early on…well can you say boring? haha

Sorry 'bout the ranting, but it needed to be done. :P