Merlin moaned in pleasure as Arthur slowly entered him. Both loves were glowing dreamily as the moon light splashed through the window of their Inn. The pounding rain was luckily shielding the raven haired boy's means wonderfully as, the blond prince held him closer by the hips still moving sensually slow moving in and out in and out with such passion.

Merlin couldn't help but feel so connected with his lover, he felt as if they were one with Arthur behind him ,thrusting into him, filling him up so well. The young warlock placed his hand on top of Arthur's at his hip.

"I'm close."

Arthur only response was him moving faster repeatedly hitting his beautiful manservant's prostate , making the boy see nothing but stars.

Within a few more thrusts both boys came long and, hard causing Merlin pant and softly moan when Arthur pulls out feeling the white sticky substance leak out of his arse.

"I love you Arthur." the boy leaned over to whisper in his ear breathlessly "I love you too." kissing the side of his neck.