Title: The Burning

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I don't own the following wrestlers. Do I wish? Oh yes. But do I own? Oh no. XD.

Summary: Deep down, they hated each other. Deeper down still, they lusted for each other. All the way down at the bottom…they loved each other. On top of all that, though, they envied each other.

Note: Clearly, I need help.


Jeff's eyes opened slowly, feeling the rays of sunlight warming his cheeks. He moved a hand up towards his stomach, fingers sliding over the barbell studded into his belly button. There was something tickling his neck…

As his fingers trailed over the tickling sensation, he found himself bringing it to his line of vision, eyes narrowing slowly as he took in the dark colored lock of hair. He licked his lips, trying to remember whether he and Christus had actually done anything last night.

And then with a start, he realized that it was Matt. Christus' hair was a different shade…Stiffening, Jeff turned his head, eyes going wide as they locked with his brothers. A gurgled sound escaped Jeff's throat before he tumbled off the bed, standing up and glaring as Matt laughed. "Damn it, what are you still doing in here?"

Matt grinned, sitting up and rolling his shoulders, "Your bed is a lot more comfortable than mine! How come?"

Jeff glowered at his brother, wondering just how it was possible for Matt to look so damn good even when he was just leaving a bed. The dark curls had slipped free from the braid and they framed his face adoringly. His eyes were half-lidded and such a warm chocolate color that it made Jeff swallow with some difficulty.

Turning his head as Matt tried to lock eyes, Jeff sniffed, "Probably because I don't fuck around on it all the time."

Matt hummed, standing. He arched his back, stretching. His back rippled with the movement, arms flexing and muscles tightening.

Jeff sneered and opened the door to his room, making his way to the bathroom while Matt headed down to the kitchen.

Torrie, Lindsay and Gil were seated at the table, having breakfast and talking quietly.

They became silent when they noticed Matt and the ravenette frowned, "What's going on?" he asked casually.

Torrie looked away, blushing slightly.

"Matthew," Gil was frowning. "How long have you known about Jeff and his foreign boyfriend?"

'Damn,' Matt smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck, "Not long…um, it's only just happened, actually. A few days, really…" He glared pointedly at the blonde who refused to meet his gaze.

Lindsay smiled excitedly, "What's he like?"

Matt twitched, "He's foreign and he's a pompous ass."

Gil raised a brow at this and Lindsay frowned.

"He's got more manners than Matt could ever handle," Jeff murmured as he entered the kitchen. He was dressed in a light blue t-shirt and dark jeans. A beanie with a happy face was perched on top of his head and over two blue/blonde pigtails.

Lindsay giggled, "Oh, does he?" she twiddled her thumbs, "So…what's his accent?" she looked particularly young at the moment; her hair up in a bun and her eyes sparkling in curiosity.

Jeff grinned at her, "Finnish."

Lindsay beamed, "Why don't you invite him over for dinner tonight? I'd love to meet him." She gave Gil a sharp glare when he shifted nervously.

Sighing, the eldest Hardy stood. "Jeff…" he rolled his eyes, "I'd like you to come fishing with me."

The Hardy boys blinked.

"You want me to go fishing with you?" Jeff frowned, "but that's what you and Matt always-"

"Boy, get your butt in the truck," Gil grumbled, walking out of the kitchen and grabbed a cooler from the bottom of the stairs.

Jeff glanced over at Lindsay, who merely shooed him off with a bright smile on her face.

Matt watched them leave, emotions twisting in his gut. "What the hell was that about?"

Lindsay stood, picking up her, Gil's and Torrie's dishes and placing them in the sink. "Your father has finally come to his senses and realized that he neglects Jeff quite often. He got a phone call last night that made him feel bad."

Matt blinked, "Who called?"


-Lake Acuity*-

"Uncle Nero?"

Jeff stared thoughtfully into the water, a smile breaking out onto his face. He didn't hear from his namesake uncle often but whenever he did, it was always in his favor. Today was no different.

"Yeah," Gil sighed, tapping his rod lightly with his fingertips, "He called last night and after I talked for hours about Matt, he demanded to know about you." He flushed, ashamed, "I didn't really know what to tell him…"

Jeff said nothing, his fingers playing with the hem of his shirt.

"Jeffrey, I'm sorry." Gil said softly. "I know the way I treat you isn't fair. I know I've made you cry and I know it seems like I pay more attention to your brother-"

Jeff snorted slightly.

"…Fine. I know I do pay more attention to your brother and for that, I'm ashamed. I don't know what your favorite color is…I don't know if you like any sports…I didn't even realize you were…homosexual when it was right in front of me." Gil shook his head, "The only things I do know about you are that you like to draw and dance. Heaven knows why."

Jeff rolled his eyes and Gil quickly responded.

"Listen, son, I'm not going to say I like that you're into those things. I could learn to like it…but it'll take me some time. I was just hoping that you…would be more like Matt."

"You want me to go out and get some girl pregnant during my senior year in high school? Duly noted, daddy," Jeff said dryly.

Gil flinched, eyes lowering to the water.

"I'm sorry," Jeff said quickly, "I was out of line…but so were you. You don't have to believe in what I'm doing, dad. I just ask you to believe in me the same way you believe in Matt."

They were both silent for a moment. Jeff grinned as he hooked a fish and reeled it in expertly before turning to his father, who was staring at him in surprise at the amazing catch, "My favorite color is green, I like baseball and my boyfriend's name is Christus."

Gil smiled lightly.

-A few hours later-

"You'll stay for dinner, right?" Jeff asked hopefully, sketching out the patterns of Cody's face as he posed. "Matt is so ticked off that Christus is coming over that he not only has his hoe staying," he reached over, grabbing Cody's chin and angling it so that it was turned to the left, "but he's also invited his jerk-off friends. Your cousin included."

Ted groaned from his place on Jeff's bed. "Are you serious? I can't stand being in the same room with Randy let alone a dining table." He turned the page in the art magazine he'd found on Jeff's desk, "What's for food?"

Jeff shot Cody a look; the brunette had to purse his lips tightly so as not to laugh and throw-off Jeff's perfect image, "Well, dad and I went fishing so it'll be a fish fry. I'm probably going to make some steaks and salad also."

Ted perked up, eyes sparkling, "Sweet, we're in." The way to Ted DiBiase's heart was through his toned tummy.

"Great!" Jeff smiled and added shading around his sketch before closing the pad and immediately holding it away from Cody as the smaller boy made a grab for it.

"Let me see!" Cody whined, his lisp more pronounced now that he was using such a high pitch. He grappled with Jeff, grunting as the blonde shoved a hand into his face, "Hey, careful! You almost hit my nose!"

Grinning, Jeff shoved Cody onto Ted and put away his things. "Come on, let's go downstairs and join the madness."

They had just reached the bottom of the stairs when a football whistled through the air, nearly hitting Cody. Ted sneered as he picked it up; tossing it hard back into his cousin's arms, "Watch where you're tossing your balls, Orton."

Randy chuckled, tossing the pigskin back and forth between his hands, "Nice toss, Bear. If you weren't such a freak I'd invite you to a game."

"Go suck off your daddy," Ted snapped, jaws clenching.

Randy's blue eyes flashed but before he could do anything, Matt was patting him on the shoulder. "Everything alright, Randy?" he asked, his tone was strict.

Randy grinned lazily, "Peachy, Matt." He turned to leave the house, "Let's go play a quick game before it's time to eat, man."

"I'll be out in a second," Matt replied, waving Randy off before turning to his brother. "Everything is ready to be grilled...do you want to do it or should I?"

Jeff shrugged, "I'll do it. Cody can help me while you take Ted to play with you guys." He gave Ted a stern look when the other began to protest. He'd seen the sparkle in Ted's eye when he held the football; he knew the other blonde wanted to play.

Matt smiled, clapping Ted's shoulder, "You have a really good throwing arm. Come on. I'll make sure Randy bites his tongue."

Ted smiled shyly at Matt and followed along, leaving Cody and Jeff to head over to the food.

"Thanks for that," Cody beamed, "Teddy's always trying to get me to play football with him but I'm so clumsy, I always trip over my feet or drop the damn thing. He is awfully sweet about it though, always has fun with me anyway."

"No problem. Matt can stop any potential fights with him and Randy, and Cena and Adam aren't rude enough to start anything with how much talent Dory has." Jeff picked up the plate holding the burgers and hot dogs and began to place them on top of the grill.

As they prepared the food, they settled into light conversation that ended only when Jeff felt someone hug him from behind. Smiling, Jeff eased into the warm embrace of his boyfriend. "You're early."

"I missed you," was the whispered reply from the Fin as he turned Jeff around to give him a short peck on the lips. He grinned at Cody, who smiled back, eager to socialize with Jeff's boyfriend.

Jeff took the ravenette's hand, "C'mon, my dad and Lindsay want to meet you."

Christus ran his fingers through his curly locks as they walked towards the house, "My mother and sister would very much like to meet you as well, kulta."

Jeff blinked up at him, "You've told them about me?"

"Of course," Christus grinned, "It's just too bad that they are in Finland and we are here…" his voice was quiet, suspicious.

Jeff was about to question him, when Lindsay opened the door to the house, carrying refreshments for the boys playing football. She stopped when she saw the couple and immediately set the tray carrying the glasses of iced tea down, wiping her hands on her jeans.

"You must be Christus," she squealed, eyes shining. "I'm Jeff's mother, I mean, I'm not his biological mother," she blinked, "I'm not technically his step mother either…oh, hell, I'm-"

"She's my close friend," Jeff beamed, watching Lindsay smile happily and hold out her hand to shake with his boyfriend.

Christus smiled, grabbing the woman's hand and pressing a kiss to the top, "Pleasure to meet you." He straightened when an older man came up behind Lindsay and he lowered his head politely. "You are Jeff's father," he said softly, "Yes. You look very much alike."

Gil blinked in surprise, glancing over at Jeff before speaking, "Yeah, the poor boy does take after me." He shook the Finn's hand, "You look…remarkably like-"

Jeff coughed, giving his dad a pointed look.

"Welcome to our home, son." Gil finished, inclining his head.

Christus smiled in reply, thanking the older man with his charming grin.

Jeff beamed, happy that his father was at least making an effort. Turning, he noticed that Matt had turned away from his game and was now watching them with narrowed and suspicious eyes.

If only Matt could put some effort…


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