"Morning! Mikhail-Chan!" Mikage yelled at me. I felt my head slam into the wall. It's not that I don't like Mikage; he's just a bit annoying.

"Morning." I said groggily. I was so tired, I had a nightmare and tomorrow is the final exam.

"Ah, so looks like two of the three outsiders are here. But where is that sklave boy?" A voice more annoying than Mikage's said.

"He's already in the classroom Shuuri." Mikage said. I stayed silent it was the best thing I could do the bastard is a member of the Oak family. All are part of the military or politics and as far as I'm concerned Shuuri can just die. Mikage turned on his heels and walked into the classroom. I went to follow but Shuuri grabbed my arm.

"Release me!" I hissed.

"Try to remember sklave my family is the only reason you are here." Shuuri whispered in my ear. I pulled my arm out of his grasp.

"And the church is the one that pays for me. I'm not your plaything Shuuri nor am I your sklave." I said walking into the classroom. I sat down next to Teito.

"You look tired." He said not looking at me.

"Really?" I asked. Tieto nodded. I watched his emerald eyes that never left the board.

'Jeez, does the guy have to be such a zombie?" I thought. Out of all the students not counting me Tieto is the best fighter. Sensei soon came into the classroom. He told the entire class that chief executive members from the army were coming.

"By the way Teito Klein, you've never been to any of my practical skill lessons. That makes me sad."

"I was excused from all general practical lessons." Teito said. I felt sorry for Sensei; Teito never gave him a break.

"Only Miroku's dog gets special treatment. Must be awful if an enemy injures him." Shuuri whispered. Moments later Sensei had a couple porn magazines sticking to him. I face palmed myself

"Sensei, Shuuri brought porn with him." Mikage said.

"So I see."

"Nooooo! It's not mine!" Shuuri yelled. I knew who's they were though. I turned around and glared at Mikage.

"Jeez Mikage did you really have to that. I mean a better plan would've been to plant 'Those' in his bed." I said after class. As usual he wasn't listening.

"Wooah, so cool!" Mikage said. The school had a glass dome and you could see Fort Hohburg from it.

"After we pass the graduation exam, we'll all be accepted into there." Mikage added. I sighed those two were I might not be able to. After all the church was only paying for this education and that was it. I would lose my place at the church if I got accepted there. The church and the army hate each other with a passion. So if I'm stuck in the middle of this.

"Mikhail. Chairman Miroku wants to see you." Sensei said behind me. I turned around and followed him. I started worrying the only time someone other than Teito goes there is to be expelled. I just hope that wasn't my case. I knocked on the chairman's door.

"Come in." Miroku's voice said I opened the door and walked in.

"Sensei said you wanted to see me sir." I said standing at attention.

"Yes, will you take this letter to Hohburg and deliver it to the person." Miroku said. I nodded and walked over to his desk. He handed me the letter, the person who I was suppose to deliver it to was named Ayanami. No last name only; Chief of staff Ayanami, Fort Hohburg. I left the room and left for Fort Hohburg. An hour later I arrived I took the long way. I hated going through the sklave markets.

"Um… excuse me, can you tell me were to find Chief of Staff Ayanami?" I asked a woman sitting behind a desk. She looked at me like I was some foreigner who asking if there was a cow near by. When the foreigner is really trying to ask if there was a bar near by. Trust me that has happened to me more than once.

"On the twentieth floor." The woman said. I sighed regretting my question now. From how she acted this Ayanami person was either feared or hated. Maybe it was both, either way I didn't want to know. For two hours I'm running around trying to find his office. All on the twentieth floor because no one will tell me where it is. I took a break from running around. I leaned against the wall my hopes were disheartened by the last person I met. Who as soon as I asked him the same question ran in a dead run in the opposite direction.

"Good God! Why doesn't anyone answer me only telling me the direction to go in!" I shouted into the air. Castor nii-san would have my head right now for just saying God's name in vain. I sighed at that thought, I missed the church even my shady looking brother. I stood up straight and started walking this time. I turned a corner only to run into someone. That someone felt like a damn wall and the glasses I wear were knocked askew. Yes I wear glasses only because I have near eyesight.

"Sorry!" I said taking a step back and fixing my glasses. Then looked at the person I just ran into. He had white hair and deep amethyst colored eyes. Plus he was glaring at me, I mean I did say sorry. It's not like I bumped into him and just walked around him and kept on going. So to see if he was angry I just had to ask.

"Do you know where to find Chief of staff Ayanami." I braced myself to be yelled at or worse.

"I'm him." The man said. I looked at him in shock, I mean he looked to young to be a Chief of staff. Most people at that rank were like old men ready for retirement. Though I could be wrong.

"Um, I have a letter for you sir, from Chairman Miroku at-"

"Let me have it then." Ayanami said cutting me off. I held out the letter and he took it from me. I turned to leave and ran into someone else. I groaned, today was not my day.

"You okay there?" a voice asked. Again I took a step back and looked the man in front of me. He had black hair and wore glasses that looked a bit like sunglasses. Oh and to add to that he was eating a sucker. I nodded and my glasses fell off. Mostly due to running into Ayanami and this guy. I closed my eyes and sighed. Now Castor nii-san was going to kill me for sure. When my glasses hit the ground both lenses broke.

"Ouch, I don't think that is fixable." The black haired man said.

"No and my eye doctor lives in the seventh district." I sighed again. I picked them up.

"I didn't know they allowed girls at the academy." A blond haired boy said. His head poking out from behind the black haired guy.

"Yeah I get that a lot."

"Haruse why are her eyes the same color as Ayanami-sama's?" a pink haired kid asked the tall black haired man behind him. Then everyone stared at me.

"They're not, they 're brown." Ayanami said. I nodded, though without my glasses in was hard to tell them that. The black haired guy I had run into spun me around to face Ayanami. I was frozen in place and wanted to run. Labrador nii-san has purple eyes, is it that strange. In the end the guy I had run into dragged me back to their office. I found out his name was Huugya.

"Want anything to drink?" Huugya-san asked me. I nodded, I don't want to admit this but there was something about these people that sent my senses into shock.

"Why do you where glasses? What's your name?" The pink haired kid said. Turns out he/she older than he/she looks and is named Kuroyuri.

"My name…it's Mikhail." I answered Kuroyuri's second question. Ayanami who was working paused for a second.

"That can't be your real name!" the blond one said. His name is Konatsu.

"True it's not but I was taught that if someone knows your real name then they can control you. Mikhail is my middle name while my last and first name are my secret to keep. Not even my friends know my first or last name." I explained.

"She better get back to the academy. Huugya why don't you take her back." Ayanami said. I was actually grateful to leave. In the morning I saw Teito and Mikage were as tired as I was. Kuroyuri wasn't about to let me leave. It took an hour to leave and an hour to get back. Altogether about two hours.