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"Hermione!" Hermione's mother, Ara Granger called lightly from outside the door.

She jolted upright in bed, waking from another one of her nightmares. She was used to this by now, but still she didn't enjoy waking in a frenzy, always wondering if she was still trapped in the basement of the Malfoy manor, or if she was sitting in the woods with Harry and Ron.

Her mother opened the door then. She looked at Hermione. "You had the dream again, didn't you?"

Hermione nodded. Yes this dream had been the same one that she had been having since they first started. She was trapped in the Malfoy manor, but no one else was down there. Suddenly she would turn around and Draco would be there, trying to tell her something, but she never listened, and that's when the basement turned into the room where Bellatrix had tortured her.

"Hermione," Ara said gently, snapping her fingers in front of her daughters face.

"Wha - ?" She asked, embarrassed to have been so deeply in her own world.

"I said hurry up and come on down stairs. Richard and I have something important to discuss with you. It's time that you found out the truth. When Hermione opened her mouth to ask what exactly Ara was talking about, she was shushed. "It will all make sense when you come downstairs."

Hermione washed quickly, both eager and nervous to find out what her parents needed to tell her. When she came down into the kitchen, her parents were sitting at the table, heads pressed together, whispering frantically.

" - don't know how we're going to tell the two of them. they've hated each other for ages now," Ara was saying to her husband.

"Now, Ara, we can't think like that," Richard told her in a soothing voice, rubbing small circles into her back.

She sighed, though in content of frustration, Hermione couldn't tell. "I know," Ara was saying with sad eyes," But how do we tell her about Draco, and him about her, for that matter."

Hermione gasped. Her parents were talking about Malfoy? When they heard her gasp, their heads snapped upwards to look at her.

"Why are the two of you talking about Malfoy?" She asked, her tone a mask of accusations.

Ara sighed her exasperation, but Richard beat her to the punch. His eyes looked tired and sad as he told Hermione to sit down.

"There's something that's needed to be said for quite some time now," he began.

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