Okay well, Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn has been my obsession since I started watching it, and reading the anime. Now that I've spent a week or two reading fanfictions of KHR, I not have the urge to write about it too. o3o

Oh gawdz. Fran and Bel. So hawt. :D *Heart*

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Chapter 1

Breakfast, Clothing, and Off to the Mall We Go!

It was a beautiful day at the Varia Headquarters. The birds were singing, the flowers were blooming, the bees were buzzing, and-

"VOOIIIIIIIIIIII! LUSSURIAA! STOP FUCKING NARRATING THE WEATHER AND CRAP AND GET ME MY FUCKING BREAKFAST!" Screeched Squalo, thrashing his sword around in the air. Lussuria sighed, "Hai hai, Luss-nee-chan will get you your breakfast now~! Stop waving your sword around Squ-chan dear~!" Lussuria skipped from the window to the refrigerator. "Minna~! What do you want for breakfast~?" Lussuria squealed.


"I want fuckin' meat, trash."

"Salad please. Ah…Bel-sempai… That hurt." A sound of metal hitting the ground.

"Ushishi… Oi don't throw them on the floor… Ushishishi~ I'm sharing a salad with Froggy."

"I want whatever Boss is having!"

"Hai hai~! Coming right up boys~!" Lussuria, being the gay he is, put on a pink frilly apron, and started humming as he cooked.

Squalo was waving his sword around lazily. Xanxus was drinking wine in the morning, because he likes wine. Levi being the freak he is, was staring at his boss, admiring the way his boss drank the wine. Fran and Bel were playing with knives, and once in a while, Bel would grope his froggy, and Fran would accidently let out a moan.

"Oi, you two pieces of trash. You two were loud enough last night. Save it for another time." Xanxus muttered. "Ushishishi~ It's not like we were louder than you and a certain shark." Bel chimed. Fran kept a straight and unemotional face, trying extremely hard not to giggle. On the other hand, Squalo was drinking his orange juice, and ended up spitting it out at Levi. "OI WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" "VOIIIII! LEVI SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Squalo threw his blue cup at Levi, his aim dead on to Levi's face.

As Levi fell off his chair screaming, Squalo pointed his sword at Bel, "VOOIIIIII! RETARDED PRINCE! THE HELL DID YOU SAY!?" "Ushishishi~ The prince is not retarded. The prince is a genius. The prince also said the truth. Ushishishi~" Bel grinned his infamous grin.

Xanxus threw his glass cup at Squalo. "VOOOIIIIIIII! THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR!?" "Shut the hell up trash." "WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I YOU DAMNED BOSS!"

"Now, now boys~! Calm down~! Breakfast is ready~!" Lussuria sang happily. Squalo sat down, waiting for his pancakes, a fork in his hand. "VOOIIII! LUSSURIA! GET ME MORE FUCKING ORANGE JUICE!" Demanded Squalo.

"Ah, me too Lussuria-sempai." Fran mumbled, raising his indigo cup with frog pictures on it.

"Ushishishi~! The prince too~!" Bel raised his red cup, with tiara pictures all over it.

Levi shakily sat back down on his chair, his arms shakily lifting up his green cup with thunder bolts on it.

"VOOOIIIIII! LUSSURIAA! MY FUCKING CUP IS ON THE FLOOR!" Screeched Squalo. "Hai hai~! Luss-nee-chan will get Squ-chan's cup, and orange juice for everybody~!" Lussuria picked up the blue cup with shark pictures all over it, and washed it, before giving it back to Squalo. Lussuria poured each member, orange juice. Oh, and a new cup filled with wine for the boss. "Thank you." Fran mumbled. "Ushishi~ Princes don't say thank you~" Bel snickered. Lussuria skipped back into the kitchen.

"Ahh~! Breakfast is ready~!" Lussuria squealed, as he came in with a trolley with their food. "Meat for the boss~!" Lussuria put down the large plate of meat for Xanxus. Xanxus was eyeing the meat hungrily. "Pancakes for Squ-chan~!" Lussuria placed down the plate in front of Squalo. "Salad for Franny and Bel~!" He placed down a plate in between the two. "Meat for Levi~!" Giving him a small plate of meat. "And sausages for me~!" Lussuria happily sat down with his plate in front of him.


Xanxus and Squalo wolfed down their breakfast. Levi was slowly eating his meat. Fran was feeding both Bel and himself. "Hai, say "Ahhh" sempai." Fran instructed, lifting the fork with salad attached. "Ushishishi~! Ahhh~!" Bel opened his mouth, and once the fork was in, he closed his mouth. Fran took the fork out and fed himself, while the prince was chewing. Lussuria was squealing as he chewed on his sausage. "Ahhhh~! This sausage is soooo yummyyy~!" "Sempai…Lussuria-sempai is scaring me…" Fran mumbled in a monotone. "Ushishishi… Ignore him Froggy…"

After finishing their breakfast, Xanxus and Squalo let out a big burp. Levi finished his orange juice. Fran put down the fork, and ended up cuddling with Bel. Lussuria sighed happily as he collected the dishes, and skipped off to wash them.

The rest all headed off to where ever they wanted in the mansion.

Fran and Bel went upstairs to change, seeing as they were still in their pajamas. Xanxus, Squalo, and Levi were in the living room watching TV.

In Fran's and Bel's Room

"Sempai…" Fran called out. "Hmm? What is it Froggy? Ushishi~" Bel looked at Fran curiously, even though half his face is covered by his hair. "I can't seem to find most of my clothing…" Fran mumbled. "Ah?" Bel walked over and sat down right next to Fran. He looked in Fran's closet. "Ah, you're right. Ushishishi~ The prince's closet is full of clothing~" Giggled Bel.

"I don't think so sempai…" Muttered Fran. "Ah?" Bel looked over to where Fran was, to find that he wasn't there. He turned to the other side of the room, where his closet was, where Fran was looking in his closet. "What does Froggy mean by that?" Bel stood up and walked over.

"Look." Fran motioned with his head towards the closet. Bel searched through his closet, only to find a few pieces of clothing. Bel frowned. "Where did all the prince's clothing go…?" Bel murmured. "Let's go ask the other sempais if most of their clothing is missing too." Suggested Fran.

"Mm. Later." Bel grinned. "Later? Why later? A-Ah…sempai…" Fran moaned quietly as he was pushed on to the bed and was bitten on the neck. "Crap. That's the 27th hickey and counting." "Ushishishi~" Giggled Bel as he pulled down Fran's pants while Fran spaced out.

In the Livingroom

"VOOOIIIIIIII! PASS THE FUCKING REMOTE YOU RETARD!" Screeched Squalo, as he was fighting over the remote controller with Levi. "NEVERRR! OW FUCK!" Levi was kicked in a certain place, and fell on the floor, clutching his poor baby maker.

"Serves you right bitch." Growled Squalo, throwing his hair back before sitting down and turning the TV on. "Hm…today's news looks interesting…"He muttered. Xanxus ripped the remote out of Squalo's hands, and started switching the channels after sitting down. "VOOOIIIII! THE FUCK DID YOU THAT FOR!? I WAS WATCHING THE FUCKING NEWS!" Shrieked Squalo. "Shut the fuck up trash." Xanxus demanded, still switching channel after channel.

Squalo complained to himself quietly, staring at the TV, watching various channels go by. "Soap opera, soap opera, soap opera, soap opera…" Xanxus muttered, switching the channels again and again. "VOIIIII! YOU JUST PASSED MY FAVOURITE SOAP OPERA! BITCH!" Squalo yelled, jumping Xanxus for the fight for the remote.

After a while of fighting for the controller, they both sat down. "Well fuck…TV's broken now…" Mumbled Squalo. "Shut the fuck up trash. It's your fault." Xanxus snorted, crossing his arms. Apparently, the remote was accidently thrown at the TV, breaking it in the process due to the amount of force Squalo had put in his throw.

It was dead silent between them, Levi still unconscious from the attack he took in with his balls. Then they heard noises. Familiar ones. Ones that they hear during the night. Ones that they themselves make during the night. They looked up and stared at the ceiling, listening into the noises.

"A-Ahh! S-Sempai! Ahhnn!"

Squalo rose an eyebrow. "Well fuck, they seem to be having fun." He muttered. Xanxus kissed his teeth. Lussuria came skipping in. "Ahh~! How lovely~! Franny and Bel are playing with each other again~!"

An Hour Later

Fran and Bel came down the stairs, and into the living room, the two still in their pajamas. Fran was limping while Bel was snickering. "Ahh~! Did you two have fun~?" Lussuria squealed. Fran looked away to hide his blush. "Ushishishi~ We sure did." Bel grinned his signature grin. Fran looked around the living room and mumbled, "Well what did you guys do down here in the last two hours?" "The first thirty minutes was when we were fighting over the remote, and I ended up destroying the TV." Described Squalo. "Then for one hour, we listened to you trash fucking around." Growled Xanxus, causing Fran to look away to hide his blush again.

"Anyways, most of Bel-sempai's and mine's clothing are missing. We were wondering if all you other sempais have missing clothing too." Explained Fran. "Ohh~? Let Luss-nee-chan go check right now~! Boss and Squ-chan and Levi go check your closets too~!" Lussuria instructed before skipping upstairs. The rest followed Lussuria to his room.

"Wow…this room is so…pink." Fran murmured, blinking repeatedly because of the brightness of the room. "Ushishishi~" Agreed Bel. Xanxus, Squalo and Levi closed their eyes so that they could maintain their manliness. "Ohh~! Franny you're right~! Most of Luss-nee-chan's clothing are gone~!" Shrieked Lussuria.

They headed off to Levi's room. Fran looked around. "Wow, pretty plain." He blurted. "Ushishishi~ Froggy's right. Levi should do a bit of decorating." Bel snickered. "Shut the hell up." Snapped Levi as he looked in his closet. He turned around, facing his comrades. "Most of my clothing is gone…" He mumbled.

Next was Squalo's room. "Everything in here is either blue or it has sharks on it." Fran pointed out. "Ushishishi~" Bel giggled. Squalo looked through his closet. "VOOIIIIII! WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY CLOTHING!?" He screeched.

Last was Xanxus' room. They were very surprised that Xanxus had let them in his room. "Very dark and mysterious." Fran mumbled, nodding to himself. "Ushishishi~" Laughed Bel, agreeing to Fran's statement. "Ohh myy~! Boss' room is oh so wonderful~!" Lussuria squealed. Levi nodded, agreeing. They watched Xanxus quietly look in his closet. Then they heard him kiss his teeth in irritation. "Ahh~! Boss' clothing isn't there either! Well then~! We'll have to do some shopping~!"

They all left Xanxus' room, except for Xanxus himself, to go change into their casual clothing.

Fran and Bel came down the stairs first. Fran was in black skinnies with chains attached to the side. Double layered All Star Converses, the first layer being plaid black and white while the second layer being plain black. He wore a long sleeved black and white striped shirt and a black t-shirt on the outside, with a green frog picture imprinted on it. Last of all, he wore a beanie with those cute pompoms attached to the top.

Bel, surprisingly, didn't have his tiara on. Instead he had a cute black skull slip attached to his hair, and a black X clip underneath the skull clip, where the tiara used to be. He wore a long sleeved purple and black striped shirt, with those black jean vests. Bel also wore black skinnies and double layered converses. Instead of plaid as the first layer like Fran's, his first layer was just purple. The second layer of course was black.

The next to come down was Squalo. He took off the sword attached to his metallic arm, and covered up the arm with a glove. He wore a black long sleeved with a shark imprinted on it, words saying, "RAWR!" Squalo also wore black skinnies, and normal black converses.

Levi came down, wearing normal black jeans, a white shirt, black jean jacket, and leather shoes, cause he wants to look manly. Probably because of his 'stache.

Xanxus came down wearing a black long sleeved collared shirt, leather pants and dress shoes. Why? Because he looks cool that way.

After 15 minutes of waiting, Fran started to complain. "What's taking Lussuria-sempai so long…" Fran sighed. "Ushishishi~" Bel giggled. Finally, Lussuria came down. The faces of the other 6 blanched. Well, to answer your question Fran, Lussuria was taking so long because, well, being the gay he is, decided to wear pink. Pink sunglasses, pink collared long sleeved shirt, black pants, black shoes, and to top it off, a pink purse.

"The fuck…" Muttered Squalo, staring at Lussuria in disbelief. Fran face palmed. "Ushishishi~" Laughed Bel. Levi sighed. Xanxus shook his head in a disappointed manner, and started walking out the door, the rest following behind him. "Ahh~! Wait for me everyonee~!" Squealed Lussuria.

Well I hope you liked it. This will be my second story. :P

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