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Chapter 5

On Our Way Home, and Nightly Fun

"You're not fucking driving." Squalo hissed. "Oh, and you are?" Xanxus retorted, smirking ever so smugly. 'Shit, he makes a good fucking point.' Poor Squalo can't do anything in his condition. "You're still not driving." Squalo said firmly.

They were all standing in front of the car, debating on who's driving the car. "Says who, trash?" Growled Xanxus. "Me, shit bag." Squalo jeered. "Too fucking bad trash." Xanxus snorted. Levi rose his hand, "Boss! I-" Both Xanxus and Squalo glared at him, "Hell no."

"I'm driving trash." Decided Xanxus, as he got in the driver's seat. Squalo huffed and got in the passenger's seat, careful not to put too much pressure on his rear. Bel and Fran sat behind them, and behind them was Lussuria and Levi. "Everyone~ Make sure you put on your seat belt~!" Squealed Lussuria.

"Boss~ We're ready~" Informed Lussuria, after making sure that they had all put on their seat belts. Xanxus grunted and started the car. "Don't you dare fucking re-" Squalo started,


"-verse..." He finished. It was quiet, all were staring at Squalo. An anger mark appeared on his forehead,"VOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" He screeched, "STOP FUCKING SETTING IT TO REVERSE DAMN IT ALL!" Shut up trash. I'm driving." Snapped Xanxus. "YOU CALL THAT FUCKING DRIVING!?" Squalo shrieked. "I know what I'm fucking doing, trash. Shut the fuck up, trash." Xanxus barked, setting it to drive.


"STOP FUCKING DRIVING FUCKING STRAIGHT TO OTHER FUCKING CARS DAMN IT!" Howled Squalo. "Shut the fuck up trash." Hissed Xanxus, driving the car towards the exit. "As expected, Boss is a really dangerous driver." Mumbled Fran. "Ushishi~ Agreed." Giggled Bel. "What did you say!? Boss' driving is spectacular! Amazing! Godlike!" Levi yelled.

"Better than yours." Fran muttered, monotonously. "What did you say!?" Barked Levi. "Ah, the clouds look so soft today." Murmured Fran, paying no mind to Levi. "Ushishi~" Snickered Bel. "Don't ignore me!" Levi yelled.

"Shut the fuck up trash. I can't concentrate." Growled Xanxus. "Y-Yes boss!" Levi said, shutting up so that his beloved boss could concentrate on driving. What a freak.

"Don't fucking drive our car into another fucking railing damned boss." Hissed Squalo, as they entered the highway. Xanxus could only shrug. "Ah, isn't that the policeman from this morning?" Fran pointed out.

Everyone looked out the window on Fran's side. "Ahh~ You're right~" Hummed Lussuria. Levi only grunted, still following the task that was given to him by Xanxus moments ago.

"What the fuck is he doing?" Mumbled Squalo. The rest nodded in agreement. The policeman was bawling his eyes out while screaming to the heavens dramatically. Squalo faced forward again and sighed. "Look away everyone. Just look away. We don't know him, we never met him, and we never will. Ever. NOW FUCKING LOOK AWAY VOOOIIIII!" He shrieked, "KEEP FUCKING DRIVING YOU DAMNED BOSS!" Xanxus grunted, "Shut the fuck up, I'm driving."

"DAMN IT FRAN! BEL! STOP FUCKING STARING AT HIM! GO FUCKING CUDDLE WITH EACH OTHER OR SOMETHING DAMN IT!" Bel and Fran whipped their heads away from the window and clung to each other, cuddling.

"Ahh~ You two are so cute~ Can Luss-nee-chan take a picture~?" Squealed Lussuria. Before they could answer, a snapping shot was heard. "Oh my~ So cute~" Mumbled Lussuria, sighing contently.

Fran and Bel ignored the man behind them, and opened another pack of pocky. "How many boxes did you two buy~?" Lussuria murmured, worried. "Who knows. Ushishi~" Giggled Bel.

"Voooii. Pass me a box." Muttered Squalo, holding his hand out. Fran took one out and placed it in Squalo's hand. "Thanks." He mumbled, before opening it.

"Lussuria, do you want one?" Fran asked politely. "Ahh~ No thank you dear~ I need to watch my weight~" Smiled Lussuria. "Okay then." Fran nodded, before turning back around.

Levi stared at Fran. Then at the pocky. Then at Fran. Then at the pocky. Then he glared at Fran. "What is it Levi? Your glares are digging holes in my head. Ow, I can feel the headache coming up." Said Fran, monotonously. Bel turned around and smacked Levi in the face. "Stop hurting my froggy. Only I get to hurt him. Ushishi~" He giggled.

"Ah, I feel so much better now. Thanks idiot sempai." Mumbled Fran, cuddling Bel even more. "Ushishi~ You're welcome, and the prince is not stupid. He's a genius." Informed Bel, wrapping his arms around Fran.

"Ahh~ So cute~" Lussuria squealed, taking more pictures of the two in front of him. Squalo was busy looking at the window while nibbling on his pocky. Xanxus, for once, is driving safely, and Levi was sulking.

The rest of the car ride was pretty quiet, considering the time of the day.

"Ah, we're home already?" Fran yawned quietly. Apparently, everyone except Xanxus, since he was driving, had fallen asleep the rest of the way back home. "Ahh~ That was a wonderful nap~ I can feel my skin bursting with youth~" Squealed Lussuria. Levi grunted and stretched.

They got out the car and headed in their mansion. They put their stuff in the corner of the living room. Xanxus, Squalo and Levi sat down on the couches. Lussuria headed to the kitchen to fix their dinner. Bel and Fran were heading upstairs to their room with their shopping bags.

"Don't bother us. Ushishi~" Bel threatened. "Who would want to." Snorted Levi, only to blanch because of the knives a few centimeters away from his head. Xanxus smirked, and Squalo snickered. Levi glared at Bel, 'How dare you embarrass me in front of boss!'

Bel giggled and stuck out his tongue, turning on his heal and heading upstairs.

Once they got to their room, they packed their new clothing in their closets. After a while, they finished and collapsed onto the bed together. Fran moved closer to Bel and started cuddling. Bel chuckled and wrapped his arms around Fran, pulling him closer.

Then, Bel had an idea. He grinned mischievously.

Fran's eyes shot open in shock. "S-Sempai! W-Where are you touching!?" He squeaked. "Don't you remember? Ushishi~ You have to do anything I want tonight. Ushishi~" Snickered Bel. Fran blushed lightly, giving color to his pale cheeks. 'Oh... Now I remember...' "S-Sempai! What are you doing!?" He gasped.

"Isn't it obvious?" Grinned Bel, pulling down Fran's pants. "Ushishi~"

"Ahh! S-Sempai!"

"Ah~ There they go again~" Giggled Lussuria, placing down some snacks for the other three. Levi gagged quietly. Lussuria frowned, "Is there something wrong with my chocolate chip cookies?" Levi shook his head. "Good." Smiled Lussuria, bringing out wine for Xanxus.

Lussuria sat down next to Levi and started watching TV with the rest of them. All four ignored the thumping noises from upstairs, and payed attention to the TV, seeing as it was a normal thing for them.

Suddenly, Xanxus stopped sipping his wine, which didn't go unnoticed by the other three. Squalo lifted an eyebrow. "What is it you damned boss?" "We didn't get a fucking car wash." He growled, crushing his wine glass.

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