Title: Holy DiNozzo!

Disclaimer: Not they are not mine, the characters or the show or the producers or the writers. I just do this for entertainment!

Summary: Well, it has been a while since we've seen our boy go undercover, which he is very good at indeed. Well, our blessings are upon you Father DiNozzo.

NCIS Building

Gibbs was sitting in the bullpen waiting for his team to arrive, they had an assignment that would take them all on an emotional ride, especially his senior agent. He was finishing up the paperwork when he heard the elevator ding and out walked his team.

" Did you watch it Ziva? Brad Pitt was awesome!" Tony asked as he walked towards his desk, not detecting his boss yet.

"You mean Mr and Mrs Smith? Yes Tony I watched it. It was brutal but- yet intriguing." she gave him a smile. "Actually I thought that Angelina Jolie was a much better fighter Tony,she whipped ass."

Tony tossed his bag to the back of his desk and looked at his partner," Pitt rocked and it's whooped ass, Zee-vah"

Tim was following close behind the two agents, his eyes rolling at the mention of movies. Did his partner's ever read books? That had to be a big NO or they would have noted a new book out by Thom E Gemcity. Maybe it was for the best they didn't know- he grinned as he threw his gear onto the floor, took a seat behind his computer and started typing.

Gibbs had enough of the banter and decided it was time to get to work, "Grab your gear, we have a new case!" Gibbs jumped up from his desk, the team finally acknowledging his presence by picking their gear back up and following him across the room to the elevator.

"What we got boss?" Tony asked as he switched his shoulder bag to his other arm, he still had pain in his left arm due to his injury/break months ago with Rivkin. If the weather was going to change his arm ached, there must be a blizzard on the way, he thought to himself, his arm was really hurting.

"Over the weekend there was a murder at the Holy Covenant Church. Two dead marines." his explanation was brief but to the point.

"That's the church Kate attended." Tim spoke up, his memories of his ex-partner still fresh in his mind, it was as if her murder had just happened yesterday.

"That's right, she was Catholic." Tony muttered under his breath, his memories also were too fresh of a partner lost, he had recently come very close to losing Ziva, which had made his memories of Kate reappear, and his nightmares. The memory of Kate falling on that roof top that day, a bullet wound to her head, blood spatter on his face and his clothing was still etched into his mind as vividly as it had just occurred .

"We need to focus! The weekend team processed the crime scene and we're doing follow up to the interviews." Gibbs was giving his verbal warning, he too had thought of Kate and knew that memories and emotions would be stirred.

Ziva looked over to her partner's faces, this might be a more difficult case than she had first expected, even without details or victim's names she was already seeing in their faces the effects of the connection to Agent Todd, and it gave her a bad feeling inside. Her gut was telling her that this was not going to be a good case for the team.

The elevator stopped and they all headed for the parking lot, thinking that they were all going to the same place but Gibbs stopped and pointed in Tony's direction," DiNozzo, I need you to go to Colonel Howell's office and get the files on our two victims." he handed Tony the names then headed towards the sedan with Ziva and Tim.

"Yes boss." Tony felt relieved, he really didn't want to go to the church, it would be too difficult. He headed for his car to run the Probie errand, evidently Gibbs was reading him as usual, seeing through his emotional wall.

Holy Covenant Church

Gibbs stood to the side as his agents interviewed the staff at the church, he shuffled through the pictures of the crime scene, the bodies had been found near the rear of the building. He handed the photos to Ziva as he passed on his way to the back entrance to the church, scanning the hallway for clues but nothing that caught his eye.

Ziva glanced down at the pictures of the men as she continued to question the church secretary."Do you recognize either victim?" she held up the photos so the elderly woman could see the faces of the two men. Ziva had the military ID photos for both men, not wanting to shock the elderly woman with the pictures of the deceased men lying on the ground of their church property.

"No, I've never seen them before in my life." she spoke it softly as she held a tissue to dry her eyes, the emotional toil on the woman was evident.

" Did you see or hear anything unusual last night before you left for the evening?" Ziva asked another question, hoping that elderly woman could recall hearing sounds or voices.

"I'm afraid I 'm very hard of hearing. I left around eleven, after evening mass, I didn't hear or see anything. I'm so sorry I can't assist you in finding who did this terrible deed to these poor souls." she sniffled and then removed her thick glasses to clean them with the same tissue she had just blown her nose with.

Ziva winced at the woman's lack of sanitary protocol but she nodded in understanding, "I appreciate your time." She stood to go find Gibbs, Tim was still interviewing the priests but was getting nowhere. It was if the bodies were magically transported to the location. No evidence, not a foot print, finger print or even a tire track, nothing.

Ziva made her way to the back of the church to find her boss staring at the ground, looking as he was trying to make evidence appear.

"Anything?" he asked without looking up at his agent.

"Nothing." Ziva replied as she also started taking in the crime scene, minus the bodies.

"Me either boss." Tim appeared from the back of the church, he was still making notes on his pad.

"The bodies didn't magically appear, someone knows something." he spoke the words as he headed towards the sidewalk, still with his head down, still looking for clues.

"Well, they aren't telling us if they do." Ziva responded to her boss's comment.

"Then make them tell you Ziva, that is your job." his tone was harsher than usual.

"I've questioned the secretary and the janitor, and neither saw anything. I don't know what else or who else to ask." she snapped back.

"Neither did the priests. But I did get the vibe that they weren't totally forthcoming though." Tim wrinkled his brow, a look of frustration etched on his face.

"What McGee? When were you going to tell me that? When we were back all comfortable at the office?" he crankiness edged up a notch at the new information from his agent who had said he got nothing just minutes before.

"It's not what they said boss, because they both denied seeing or hearing anything but it was the looks they gave each other, I can't explain it, it's just my gut." Tim attempted to explain his distrust of the two men.

"You're gut had better be right. Call DiNozzo, I want to get a look at those files." Gibbs walked away. He needed to get information on the two victims before proceeding with the case

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I just wanted to put this story out there to see if it is interesting enough to continue. I love undercover Tony.