Title: Holy DiNozzo

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Summary: Well, it has been a while since we've seen our boy go undercover, which he is very good at indeed. Well, our blessings are upon you Father DiNozzo.

NCIS Building

Gibbs mood was still foul as they arrived back at the office. Tony was sitting at his desk, the images of the two dead men already lit up on the screen to his right.

"Talk DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked as he threw his jacket on his desk.

"Yes Boss." Tony stood and started rattling off specifics of the two men, " To the left we have Lance Corporal Edward Hanson, he was serving his third year at Quantico. He wasn't married, but had a son by another officer, Staff Sergeant Amy Brazil. She is also listed as his next of kin since both of his parents died a year ago in a suspicious car accident in Malibu, Florida." Tony looked over his shoulder at Gibbs, who was now standing at his side.

"Keep going." he prodded his agent, wanting to hear all the information on the two men.

"To the right of the screen we have Gunnery Sergeant David Winston, also stationed at Quantico. He attended the University of Tennessee but flunked out in his second year. In the summer of 2005 he joined with the Marines. He served four years at Camp Lejeune, NC but was transferred two months ago to Quantico. He has no immediate family, both of his parents died a year ago in an automobile accident, a wrong way driver...a hit and run." Tony hesitated, that sounded familiar,he then looked down at the file to make sure he had the information correct."Both men had parents that died approximately the same time in car accidents that were suspicious. Now that has got to be a clue!"

" Whether it's coincidence DiNozzo or a clue, we have some digging to do, get to it!" Gibbs ordered as he walked towards the elevator.

" Where you going boss?" McGee asked, wondering if he should follow his boss.

"Coffee! Get backgrounds on the all witnesses and include Staff Sergeant Amy Brazil's history too." he entered the elevator and slammed his hand on the ground button, he needed to think, the feeling in his gut telling him he had seen this before.

"Yes boss!' Tim shouted out to the closing door. "Tony, I'll get bank records, credit cards and utilities." The newest of the agents wanting to move forward with as much as possible before an irritable Gibb's reappeared.

"I'll get phone records and do a background check of families, previous employment history, and their school records." Ziva was already on her computer getting the required information.

Tony just nodded, his aching arm was taking a toll on him. It actually hurt pretty bad for just an ache, he couldn't actually remember it hurting this bad when it was broken. He rubbed at it as he took a seat, his job would be to get information on the two accidents, it was unspoken, he knew his job, just like the others.

30 minutes later

NCIS Autopsy

The autopsy doors swooshed open and in walked Gibbs with a fresh cup of hot coffee, looking as if the wind had been knocked out him . He needed to know the details of the Marines deaths." Whatcha got Duck?" He asked as he took his stance beside the forensic pathologist, taking a small sip out of the styrofoam cup.

Ducky immediately recognized the look on the man's face. "It's not what you think Gibbs." The small statured man was attempting to offer some reassurance to his friend. He knew what Gibbs was looking for, "It's not the same MO, I assure you Jethro." Incorrectly guessing what Gibbs was thinking as he continued giving information.

The ex-marine's quiet demeanor, an oxymoron, as to what the man was actually thinking. His gut was telling him something, and it wasn't what Ducky was going to spout using his medical lingo.

"The men were killed with a sharp tipped weapon, probably an ice pick or a Phillips head screw driver." He picked up the two x ray films and popped them into the lighted screen, then flipped on the light. "Right here." he pointed at the hearts on both of the black and white films." This is where the precise wounds were made, just below the left ventricle, which severed the aorta and the arterial flow from the heart . The killer knew what he was doing Jethro."

"Where have we seen this before Duck?" Gibbs felt he was having a deja vu moment.

"Our serial killer, Amy Bright, had the same MO, but she is serving a life term prison sentence without hope for parole at the Federal Correctional Center in Petersburg." Ducky stated the obvious as he walked over and picked up a long silver probe and then walked back over to where Jethro was standing. "He or she took the weapon and plunged it into the victim's chest wall, piercing the pericardial sac and thus severing the inferior vena cava right where it meets with the aorta.This type of laceration produces rapid hemorrhage, hypoperfusion, instant death!" He turned, laid down the probe and walked back to where the bodies lay on the cold steel tables.

"Doctor?" Gibbs asked as he followed the pathologist back to the bodies.

"I would say it had to be someone with an intricate knowledge of the human body, not necessarily a doctor, but someone who is very familiar with the body's anatomical structure." He wanted to continue with his autopsy, he want to see if there were anymore hidden clues that needed to be found since the crime scene had yielded nothing."It may take a little more time to figure it out."

" Call me when you get more answers." he ordered as he walked back out, he needed to see Abby.

"Don't I always." he mu,bled as he picked up his scalpel and returned to work.


Abby was singing and moving to one of her favorite songs, She's in Parties, a song written and performed the rocking Goth Rock band, Bauhaus. Her hips were slowly swaying to the slow music, shoulders staying in rhythm to the movements of her hips. Her hands rapidly hitting the keys to bring up different images on the screen, lost in the evidence before her, as the sultry voices of the band members helped her concentrate.

A Caf Pow appeared from out of nowhere but she recognized the hand, "Gibbs, thanks!" she turned and gave the man a quick hug. She was busy, her machines were working hard to gather information for the man standing in front of her, his blue eyes wanting, needing answers. She grinned, he must be great in bed, she thought to herself as the mass spec dinged.

"Whatcha got Abs?" he asked as he followed her over to the intimidating machine.

In one fail swoop she had the paper in hand, "We have, lut." she gave the man a smile as she walked back over to her screen.

"English Abs." he warned, not really in the mood for her antics or for Latin.

"You know, mud, clay, dirt, the brown stuff on the ground." she continued her playful banter.

"Where?" he asked, still needing more than the woman was giving.

"I ran the substance found in the wounds, both men's wounds. Mud was found in the tissue of both victims hearts. Either the killer dropped the weapon or it was intentional, but either way the weapon had the contaminate on it." she hit the screen and up came a picture of what looked to be an organism.

"What's that?" Gibbs as he starred at the screen.

Her playful attitude changed, "That Gibbs, is a very bad thing, Bacillus anthracis." The cheerful mood was gone, the smile wiped from her face.

Her words caused her boss to raise his brows with concern."Anthrax?" Gibbs spoke it softly, this was either coincidental, or it was a deliberate attack on two marines.

"The Sixth Plague. The stuff of which great stories are made of Gibbs. Homer even spoke of it in the Iliad. " she rambled on as her hands remained busy hitting keys and checking other lab results.

"Where did you find it Abby?" This time his tone was even more serious than before.

"Their blood stream Gibbs. I ran blood tests on both of our victims, testing for any know biohazards, the new Federal law on any suspicious death or deaths, and both men were exposed. It could have been inhaled at the scene but that is highly unlikely since there were no spores in the soil samples I've tested so far. I would say that they had been exposed days ago, maybe weeks. I'll have to run more tests." She responded to his question as she reached over to turn off her music, using her other hand to reach into a box to withdraw a mask. There were still soil samples in the Lab that had to be tested and other work to complete, this was a serious situation.

Gibbs nodded, as he was leaving the lab he knew that the case had just taken on a different tone, terror. "Treat everything as a biohazard Abs and let Ducky know!" he ordered as he headed for the showers, his team would soon follow just in case they had been exposed, it was protocol.

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