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Taichi watched idly as his redheaded friend disappeared through the backstage door. When she was gone, he still remained staring blankly ahead and trying to figure out what on earth had just happened.

Sora and Tai were always together. They both loved sports. They shared a similar sense of humor. Everyone said they were going to get married someday. So how could Sora want to be with Matt? It just didn't make sense in his mind. If anything, Yamato belonged with Mimi.

Sora may have the crest of love, but man, did she really mess this one up.

"Taiiiii, it's chilly out here!" Agumon stated, pulling on the sleeve of Taichi's coat and pulling him from his thoughts.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's head home."

. . .

The walk home wasn't enough to distract him from the knot forming in his stomach. To be perfectly honest, he wasn't sure why the idea made him so queasy in the first place. Sure, he may have harbored some feelings for Sora, but it was nothing worth getting worked up over. Maybe it was the idea of him and Sora together and knowing it wasn't going to happen, or perhaps the fact that Taichi Yagami had girls swooning over him all the time, but he couldn't manage to get Sora to follow suit. Or maybe it was simply the idea of his two best friends possibly being a part of something that would distance them from him. Whatever it was, he sure as hell was not enjoying it.

. . .

Sora sat down in the concert hall next to Taichi and murmured a shameful, "hello" which he responded to with a single nod. She could not express her relief when the music started only a moment later, because she had no idea what to say to the brunette.

When the lights went down and the band started to play, Taichi was quickly enthralled by the blond standing center stage. He remembered Yamato always having a gift for music, but he couldn't recall the sound of his voice ever being so brilliant. In fact, he could hardly remember even hearing about his best friend forming a band or writing songs with his guitar or when the first time they performed live was. He began to wonder if maybe his preoccupation with his crush on Sora had kept him from keeping up with Matt's life. He felt a stab of guilt when he couldn't even recollect the last time they had a serious conversation about something.

"Matt's really good, huh?" He leaned over so Sora could understand him above the noise.

"Hmmm? Oh right. Yeah, the Wolves are awesome," she said as if startled from a daydream.

Taichi shot her a questioning glance, but she had already zoned out in a different direction.

'She's not even paying attention to them. I wonder what her deal is; earlier she couldn't wait to see him, and now she's not even listening,' he thought to himself. He observed her a minute more, but then couldn't help but going back to staring straight ahead and getting lost in Yamato's voice once more.

. . .

After the concert had finished, Taichi trudged along after Sora to meet up with the other member of their trio. He wondered bitterly to himself if he could even call them a trio anymore when two of them were now becoming a pair. Not to Tai's surprise, when they found the blond he was surrounded by girls screaming for his autograph. As always, Yamato smiled graciously and effortlessly signed every piece of paper shoved in his face while sincerely thanking each and every person for coming.

While Taichi himself had quite an extraordinary amount of girls chasing him, Yamato had a fan base, male and female, big enough to take over a country. The thought always made his blood boil a little, though he couldn't really place the feeling behind it. It may have been that Yamato didn't seem interested in dating anyone, and yet he still had people all over trying to get with him. But Taichi figured it was probably just because for one reason or another, he really couldn't stand people hanging off of his best friend like that.

After they waited for the crowd to disperse a bit, Tai and Sora made their way over.

"Hi! Great job, Yamato!" Sora smiled and put a hand on the blonde's shoulder. He smiled at her and Tai wanted to ask if Sora even had any idea what songs they had played.

"Hey Matt," He said hesitantly, a previous gnawing in his stomach quickly returning.

Yamato's eyes met his, and for a moment, Taichi thought he saw something, not that he knew what, but something flash across sapphire eyes, but it was quickly gone and replaced with a thankfulness that matched the graceful smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

"Hey Tai."

The brunette felt inclined, so he leaned forward to hug his friend. He had almost forgotten how delicate Yamato's frame felt in his muscular arms. He noticed the way the blond immediately tensed, but after a moment, hesitantly winded his long arms around Taichi's torso. Only Sora could see the way Yamato's face was flushing feverishly.

When they broke the embrace, Tai grinned sheepishly as his friend and gave him a high five. Yamato offered a small smile in return and thanked both his friends for coming before heading back inside to help clear the stage.

"Can I walk you home?" The brunette asked, turning to Sora.

"Sure, Tai. Thank you," she spoke soflty.

When they reached Sora's apartment complex, Taichi turned to her, "Sora, are you okay? You seemed like you were hardly paying attention at the concert."

She sighed, "Yeah, of course I'm okay. I was paying attention…I just have a lot on my mind."

"Such as?"

She looked at the ground nervously, "I don't know…I was just thinking about Mimi-chan and how I wish she could be here for holiday. It's weird to have the whole gang together without her, y'know?" 'I just want to be with her…'

"Yeah, it is kind of lame that she's so far away. But listen, being a space cadet is my job, and besides, you don't want to make your boyfriend feel neglected do you?" He chuckled half-halfheartedly.

"Tai –"

"I'll see you tomorrow, Sora!"

And with that he had vanished into the night.

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