They were back. Forks.

It had been years since anyone had heard the name Cullen even mentioned. They hadn't exactly been going to school after what happened last time. Though it wasn't the whole clan, Emmett and Rosalie had managed to get away, they were still returning to where their lives really started. Where their family had finally been completed... Before being destroyed.

None of the Cullen's had any idea how long it had been. They hadn't been able to keep track of the days and years since they left. All they knew was that there was no chance she would be there. There would be no chance that the missing family member would reappear. They couldn't see her, or even hear about her because all that would do was open old wounds.

School was just a distraction for them though. No one in the family really cared about the facade, they hadn't since they left. The only reason they went was because of their own personal force of nature.

Alice had been the driving force behind the family going back to Forks. Going back to school. Going back to, well their version of, normal life. She, and the rest of the Cullen's were in too much pain to sit around and think about it anymore. She just came up with a way of taking their minds off of what happened and maybe finding some closure in one fowl swoop. Not that she had any trust that it would work, it was just her last desperate grasp at... less pain.

At the moment they had an hour before they had to face the music. An hour before they had to get in their car and drive up to the school where they met the last addition to their family. Drive up to Forks High.

Alice sat on her and Jaspers bed, allowing her mind to drift, something she avoided doing, whenever she did she would pop into her head and it was just... too painful. This time though the brunette didn't force its way back into her head it was a vision.

The Cullen siblings all got out of the car as one, Alice moving so she was standing next to her somber mate while Edward lagged behind them. The entire car park was, predictably, focused on them as they glided up the stairs, towards the main doors.

Just as Jasper grasped the handle to open the double doors everything just... disappeared.

Alice was abruptly thrown out of the vision, gasping for unneeded breath. It was a rare thing for everything to just go blank but it wasn't unheard of. Nonetheless the physic couldn't help but worry. She didn't like going into things blind and the situation was already stressful enough, the threesome didn't need any more surprises.

Growling under her breath she realized that it was time for them to leave.

Blurring down the stair she went straight for the garage. Both Jasper and Alice jumped into Jaspers car, Edward had refused to even open the car door in the Volvo, and started to pull out. Just as the pair were about to speed out of their drive Edward opened the door, to the moving car, and slipped in.

No one knew where Edward went and no one had the guts to ask.

Arriving at school they all sat in silence for a moment, taking in the sight of their old school. The wound may be old but the pain definitely felt fresh.

Alice jumped out of the passenger seat, followed by her mate and brother.

All three walked up to the main doors together, ignoring the stares from the humans around them. Alice was a little on edge, they had three seconds before their futures disappeared. Jasper, noticing her anxiousness, wrapped an arm around her waist, stopping her slight bouncing, grounding her in a way.

"What are you doing?" He whispered, tugging her in another direction. "The admissions office is this way."

Alice just nodded distractedly, she was too busy looking for the cause of her inability to see what was about to happen. Her eyes were scanning the audience they had attracted for anything out of the ordinary.

Edward silently followed his siblings, his eyes glued to the ground, not really caring what he was doing. The mind reader wasn't even fully aware of where he was, what town he was in, anything really. His mind was just filled with fog. He didn't even have the will to think about the thoughts filtering through his head. It caused a headache but he payed it no mind. Edward didn't really care about what others were thinks. Actually... Edward just didn't care anymore.

Without a word shared they all got their schedules and went off to their separate subjects.

Alice had art first, frowning for a second she started towards the class room. For a moment she was upset she wasn't sharing a class with her siblings, they were all acting the same age, but then realized it would be the perfect time to figure out what was blocking her visions.

Sighing, the pixie walked up to the grandma of a teacher, handing her the slip the receptionist gave her. The old woman smiled kindly at Alice and handed her back the slip.

"You'll just have to watch today," she said quietly. "We're almost finished with this project. We are starting a new one next week."

Alice nodded and took an empty seat near the back of the class next to the window, this way she could daydream without interruptions. The class started without too much fuss, the teacher simply informed the class that there was a new student by the name of Alice Cullen, though she didn't force the pixie to say anything.

Just as the teacher was about to tell the group to start working the door burst open.

The whole class looked up in milid interest, Alice included, to see a beautiful girl stumbling into the room. The girl was about average hight but that was about all that was average about her. She had silky bronze hair, with a curl at the tips, with pale porcelain skin and a thin, elegant figure.

When she finally straightened herself she blushed a deep red and apologized to the teacher, who simply smiled back and told her to take her seat. The girl nodded and turned to face the class. Then she locked eyes with Alice.

The vampire was forced to catch the edge of the table to stop herself falling out of the chair, a rarity for her kind. They weren't normally shocked by anything but what Alice saw... it was shocking.

The eyes she was staring at where chocolate brown. The same chocolate brown eyes that her brother had fallen in love with. The eyes that her family cherished. The eyes that belonged to her. To Isabella Swan.

There was no mistake. In Alice's entire existence she had never seen those exact eyes, not until Bella. It was just so unbelievable for her to see those eyes again, in this place to top it off.

It crossed her mind that Charlie had another kid or something... no, there was no way that this random girl had any relation to Bella, it was just too... out of nowhere. She didn't look anything like Bella really, except for the eyes...

The girl then started to walk towards her, making Alice tense. Glancing around the pixie realized that the only free seat left in the room was next to her. Great. Breathing deeply in an attempt to cam herself Alice felt herself tense even more then hiss, not a great idea with a classroom full of humans.

The girls scent though, it was like nothing she had ever smelt before. It was mouthwatering in a very none food kind of way. It was almost vampiric but also human, at the same time. Something was off.

When the girl sat down, they were still locked together in a staring contest, Alice heard the sound of her heartbeat. Listening closely she noticed it was faster then a normal humans, though she wasn't sure if that was the way it always was or she was just excited or scared. Then Alice remember that the girl had blushed.

Thinking it over Alice realized that the girl wasn't human, her scent was enough to confirm that, but that this girl was no vampire. Then again, her skin was pale and she stared at the vampire in a way that indicated she knew what she was...

Without her permission, words were slipping from Alice's lips.

"What are you?"

Renesmee bolted for the cafeteria before the vampire could stop her. The tiny thing had been bouncing the whole time and Ness could only assume it was because she wanted to talk. Renesmee didn't want to talk, not without talking to her brother.

In her experience, unknown vampires were bad news. This was for one reason and one reason only. The moment her mother found out that there was a vampire in the same town she and her brother were staying they would have to move and relocating was a drag.

The pixie vamp had stared at her the whole class but Ness refused to look back. Being the youngest in the family she recognized that she had to talk to her brother before she did or said anything they would all regret. Not that she minded. Passing on the responsibility seemed like a swell idea for the time being.

Ada, wasn't that much older then her, maybe a minute or two was between the, same went for their oldest brother, Anthony but at this moment, Anthony was... gone so Adam was the next in charge.

The half human spotted Adam instantly and made a beeline for him, extremely aware of her surroundings. She went straight for their regular table a little faster then a normal human would but that was the last thing on her mind.

As she zoned in on her brother she took in the sight. The brown haired boy was leaned back in his chair, feet on the table and head buried in a book. A pretty normal sight and that was just was irritated her. There was vampire in the school and this is how he acted! As she got closed she recognized the book in his hands as one of Luke's handwritten novels, she must have gotten that in the morning as the day before he had been reading one of Shakespeare snoozes.

When she was within arms length she flicked the boy behind the ear, catching him completely of guard and knocking him out of his chair. That was how annoyed she was at his innocence.

Adam was on his feet in a millisecond, thinking it was one of the idiots that picked on him, surprised when he saw his sister. Sighing he picked up his chair and settled back into his previous position.

"What do you want, Ness?" He asked in a somewhat bored tone.

"There are other vampires in the school," she hissed at him, still irritated at his lack of urgency.

"You didn't think I heard that when you walked in?" After glancing up and seeing her annoyance he sighed and put down his book before quickly backtracking. "You know I don't mean to hear you, Ness but I'm so attuned to your head that I just pick you up in a crowd unconsciously."

"Whatever," she grumbled, grabbing a seat and looking back at her brother. She had long since gotten used to his gift and didn't really care about him being in her head anymore. "Now, what do we do about this vamp?"

"Because they won't bother us if we don't bother them," he explained, picking his book back up.

"They're not bee's Adam," she hissed, leaning forward so curious bystanders don't hear. "And what is with the 'they' and 'them'. I've only see one."

Looking back down at his book Adam jerked his head to his right. Following his direction Renesmee turned to see an almost empty table, save for three vampires. She tensed up by nature before turning back to her brother.

"They won't leave us alone if we are on their territory," she hissed at him, feeling the urge to rip he book from his hands.

"We're not though," was his short and annoying answer.

"How do you know that for sure!" She asked, exasperated. "They could come and burn the house, with us still in it!"

Adam actually had the audacity to chuckle at her. He was the only one in the family that chuckled except their mum, but she claimed that it was only a habit she picked up when she was human.

"We'll be fine," he reassured, schooling his features as to not annoy his sister anymore. "We have Luke and Alex with us, and I'm betting that back up isn't too far behind. Just don't talk to them until Luke gives us the okay, they're veggies so they won't hurt anyone here therefore they are no immediate concern. I'll talk to Luke as soon as we get home. Just relax a little."

Renesmee tried to take Adam's advice but she wasn't reassured. New vampire's, vegetarian or not, meant new problems and they'd had enough of those since Anthony decided to come back home. This meant that she spent the rest of the day worrying, watching for newcomers and biting her nails.

Alice remained in slight shock all art, staring at the girl who wouldn't look at her. That shock didn't wear off until she arrived at lunch and sat with Jasper and Edward. When she sat she couldn't help but simply gaze down at the table, trying to organize her thoughts.

Throughout her silence Edward didn't even glance away from the window, oblivious to his sister's troubles as he was to most things and totally locked in his own head. He wouldn't have noticed or reacted had someone set him on fire. He had even sat next to the boy on his english class without even glancing up.

Jasper on the other hand had noticed the two, seeing both in the corridor and sharing his first period math with the boy, Adam he learned his name was. Though he was slightly worried about that situation he was more worried about the state his mate was in.

For a second he considered asking Edward what was going on but one look at his brother old him that wasn't an option. Edward barley spoke anymore and when it did everyone in the family felt like crying, it was just so heartbreaking.

Alice was on a similar wavelength. She knew that getting Edward to look into the none humans minds wouldn't work, forcing her into more unusual methods. She would have to talk to a human.

Jasper watched Edward very carefully out of the corner of his eye throughout the rest of the day even when Alice told him all she knew about the girl. He watched Edward consistently, almost to the point of overdoing it. There was no change in his brother, until the end of the day.

The brothers had been heading towards their car when the girl, Renesmee, almost walked right into them. There was this strange pause when Edward looked up and locked eyes with the girl... Jasper couldn't put his finger on the emotional change that Edward experienced but he knew there was one.

Jasper had listened to Alice as she explained the girls eyes to him and guessed that had something to do with the change but it seemed to be something more.

One the way home Jasper watched Edward in the back seat, he didn't look at the empath though, in fact he didn't once look away from the window. As the siblings got closer to the house, just into the bend that was their driveway, Jasper slowed down. Just as the car slowed, Edward threw himself from the moving vehicle.

This wasn't a strange thing to happen. Edward, Jasper knew, had taken to going for runs when his emotions just got too much. When the pain just got too much. No one was sure what he did on these walks and no one tried to stop him. They all knew he was in tremendous amounts of pain and if he wanted to endure it in solitude there wasn't much the family could do about it.

Getting out of the car Jasper grabbed Alice and pulled her into a tight embrace, hoping it would help the pain that was once again starting to press down on the pixie.

"What's wrong?" He asked softly in her ear, pressing his check to her hair. All she did was shrug, a very un-Alice like thing to do. "Alice?" There was definite worry in his voice now.

She shook her head and disappeared into the house. Jasper cocked his head to the side, looking after his mate for a second before following. He found her pacing their room irritably.

"Alice, you have to tell me what's wrong," his voice grew stronger as he spoke, making Alice look up at him in surprise. When he realized he acted way out of character he backtracked. "Does whatever this is have to do with, Bella?" His eyebrows pulled together when she didn't reply. Sighing he decided that the easiest way to get answers was to simply test her emotions. "You can't see something," it wasn't a question, he knew her emotions too well.

"Those human... Vampire things stop me from seeing anything!" She finally exploded, throwing her hands up in the air and growling under her breath. She hated not seeing.

"Do you know why?" Jasper asked gently but her growl of frustration was all the answer he needed.

"I've been trying to see them all day but I keep coming up blank. It's like they don't have a future or something and all the blocking is giving me a headache," running out of steam she slumped into their bed, her head in her hands.

Jasper knew what was coming and quickly went to her side, pulling her close to him with whatever comfort he could offer. All the while preparing himself for the rush of emotions.

"And I miss, Bella," the pixie whimpered.

Over the last few years Jasper had taken to hunting alone and going for drives alone. The general pain that was in the whole family was pressing on his like a led weight and every once and a while he had to get away. Alice was one of the worst.

She was fine when they were doing something. When there was the prospect of school and class's. Helping Esme with the garden and helping Edward focus on something. All this kept Alice sane and her pain to a controllable level. But at the end of the day when all she was left with was her thoughts... the pain came.

Luke waited for the kids on the front porch, as he did every day. They always arrived at the same time so he knew when to be out there, ready for whatever they brought. As he had been ordered and as he would have done anyway.

Luke was old, almost two thousand years, so he's seen the horrors of the world and had a tendency to worry about the kids, even though they weren't his. Anyway, if so much as a hair was touched on their heads it would be his head on a platter next.

The BMW pulled up and Adam stepped out of the drivers seat. His face was isn't usual calm and cool innocence, something that confused Luke to no end, considering what the boy had to hear every day, it was a wonder he was any semblance of normal. Renesmee followed, her face set in a look of strain, as it did when she got home. She was always stressed up until the moment she got home.

The old vampire leaned his shoulder against the door jam and awaited their daily report.

"There are new vampires in town," Adam said with a shrug as he brushed past Luke, heading towards the kitchen.

"Don't say that like it means nothing," his sister yelled after him before turning on the unsuspecting Luke. "There are three unknown vampires at school, playing human. They apparently moved in yesterday and started today. They have a 'father' that works at the local hospital and an at home 'mother'. What are we going to do? If Mum finds out then she'll flip her lid and we're going to have to move again and there is no way Anthony will come home if he has to help unpack."

Luke blinked a little at the overload of information. For an almost human Renesmee could talk fast. Stepping away from the door her gestured for her to go into the house. Sighing she followed and practically fell into the sofa, sinking into the lush cushions with a sight. The stress leaving her system.

"Are you still sure you want Anthony to come back? Every time he's around your ecstatic but the day he picks up and leaves without a word you are always devastated. You always get hurt. Is it really worth it?" Luke asked gently, sitting down across from her.

"It's worth every minute," she answered sincerely.

"And these vampires, are they vegetarians?" He asked. At her nod he paused for a moment, thinking his options over before sighing in defeat, the look in the girls eye was enough to make the strongest man cave. "Then I won't tell your mother... For now. But if anything happens, anything at all, then you tell me and I'll deal with it, do you understand?"

"Yeah, thank you Luke," he sighed in reply and went quietly back to his study.