Hello everyone that made it this far! I can't believe I made it either.

I would just like to say thank you to anyone that has review or private messaged me through this, you don't have any idea how many times I came close to quitting. Now that it's over I wish it wasn't but this part of this story is over.

This brings me to the sequel. That's right. Sequel.

I decided to write one while writing the Epilogue, you may have noticed it is a little choppy. I wrote two copies, one with a sequel and one without. I ended up combining the two and I hope it's okay, it is 3am right now. I might rewrite it if it is as bad as I think.

Be aware that while I am going to write a sequel it will take time. I am going into my NCEA year in high school (For anyone that doesn't know it's senior exams) and I have got other stories I want to write. While I say 'll write it, it will be a little while, keep that in mind.

Okay, I am now going to start the final rewrites. I don't know how any of you made it through my first few chapters, they are really awful and now I must sit down and redo them... in the morning. Maybe.

So, check my account or Author Alert me for information as it comes, I am going to start writing on my account page for more updates.