Title: Glass, Hearts, and Hatter

Disclaimer: Everything is owned by the Syfy Channel and Nick Willing. And God owns star fruit.

Summary: Misery knew misery... sort of

Characters: Hatter, Jack, a little of Alice

Notes: set at the end of Alice, part of the 'Mad Watches Collection', being the events of Hatter's decision to follow Alice to her world, mega spoils

Word Count: 123

Just like that she flickered out of Wonderland like a candle flame, swallowed by the Looking Glass.

Alice. Gone.

Jack turned, a sigh heaving from his lungs mournfully. And saw Hatter.

Mists of harbored distaste dissolved at the lostness in the man's eyes. Misery knew misery; Alice's departure had wounded him as well.

"Time heals all, my friend," Jack tried encouragingly, patting his shoulder.

Hatter blinked, slowly, as though being pulled from great thought and then turned dark questioning eyes to his companion.

Jack nodded helpfully towards the glass.

Much to Jack Heart's surprise, Hatter began to laugh.

"No need for more time; she's got enough of a head start already eh?" Hatter tipped his hat respectfully and stepped resolutely through the glass.

A/N: I simply thought it would be nice to have a resolved!Hatter go after Alice. I hope it worked well this way.