I took the liberty of adding something to Gali's fighting style, once again, since this is Reinvented.

Welcome to Ga-Koro

They arrived in front of Ga-Koro hours after they departed. The entrance to Ga-Koro was a long bridge made of large leaves floating on the water. The four of them just stood in front of the bridge, staring at the village up ahead.

"Here we are," Gali said, "Ga-Koro is just up ahead."

"That's Ga-Koro?" Jaller asked, surprised by how different it was from Ta-Koro.

"You didn't know? The entire village is made of leaves from the ocean," Takua explained. He had been all over the island, so he knew the layout pretty well. Jaller on the other hand had only been to a few places on the island, and Ga-Koro wasn't one of them.

They started walking on the bridge, but stopped when they realized Tahu wasn't with them. They all turned around and saw her still on the beach, staring at the bridge hesitantly.

"What's wrong?" Takua asked, catching Tahu off guard.

"N, nothing! It's just... that bridge doesn't look sturdy!" she said crossing her arms and looking away.

"What's the matter, afraid of a little water?" Jaller taunted, annoying Tahu even more, who was still really sour about earlier.

"Shut up! What do you know?" Tahu shot at Jaller, "I am the Toa of fire! What if I fall off the bridge?" as she spoke, Gali started jumping up and down, demonstrating how sturdy the bridge was. All three of them looked at him in confusion.

"The bridge is able to hold an entire carriage," Gali explained, "so four people shouldn't be a problem at all," he then stopped and used his magic to pull a small amount of water out into an orb floating over his hands, "Besides, water is a necessity to life. All creatures need it to live: human, rahi, even Toa like you and me. Such a necessary element won't harm you." He sent the water orb over to Tahu, who flinched in fear a little.

"It's okay," Gali said with a sweet smile, "You can touch it. It won't hurt you."

Tahu touched the orb slowly, and was surprised to see that Gali was right. It didn't hurt. In fact, it felt really nice. The orb came apart and fell to the ground, and when Tahu looked up she saw Gali in front of her with his hand out, still smiling.

She slowly took his hand, and the two of them began walking to the village together. As they passed Jaller and Takua, Jaller just rolled his eyes.

"The great spirit of fire, afraid of a little water?" Jaller said shaking his head. He then walked after them. Takua stood there for a few seconds, wishing that Tahu and Jaller would just make amends already. They may not like each other, but this was just plain silly.

When the four of them arrived in the village, they were greeted by a crowd of Matoran, all wearing blue garments like Hali and Gali. In the center was a elderly woman with long gray hair that had a blue tint, blue robes similar to Vakama, a blue staff, and a peaceful smile.

"Turaga Nokama," Gali said bowing to the elderly woman, "I assume Hali informed you of our arrival."

"Yes, Toa Gali, and I assume that these are the visitors from Ta-Koro she mentioned, one being Toa Tahu, correct?"

"Yes, Turaga, the woman next to me is indeed my sister, Tahu."

"Hi," Tahu said waving to the Turaga. There was a unified murmer from the crowd as everyone discussed Tahu's arrival.

"Toa Tahu, could you come closer?" Turaga Nokama asked. Tahu nodded and apprached her. The Turaga then put her hands on Tahu's cheeks examining her closely, "So young, yet I sense great passion from you. To think that such a sweet girl is the spirit of fire," That statement made Jaller snort quietly in the background. Tahu heard that and shot him a slight look.

"Turaga Nokama," Hali said going up to the Turaga, "Is it okay if the three of them stay with us for the feast?"

"Of course Hali," she replied, then looking at Tahu, "We're having a feast to celebrate the arrival of the Toa. Surly you'll join us, Toa Tahu," Nokama asked.

Once again, Tahu found herself unable to refuse the Turaga. There was just something about both Vakama and Nokama that made her loose all flame. So she smiled sweetly and nodded.

"Of course, I would love to stay for the feast," as soon as she said that, there was a loud cheer from all the Ga-Matoran, almost shocking Tahu out of her skin.

"Excellent, while we continue preparing the feast, Toa Gali can show all of you around the village," Nokama suggested.

"That's okay," Jaller said seriously, arms crossed looking away, "I'd rather explore the village by myself."

"Perfect," Tahu said also looking away with her arms crossed, "The less time I spend with you the better."

Gali looked at both of them with a worried expression. The Turaga also sensed this and decided to intervene also.

"Um, why don't you go with Takua, Jaller, and Toa Tahu can go with Toa Gali?" Turaga Nokama suggested.

Takua didn't even give Jaller time to protest. He just walked over to his friend, and led him away to give him the tour of the other side of the village. As the crowd dispersed, Gali walked over to Tahu.

"Sheesh, am I going to have to deal with this in every village?" Tahu asked, still not looking at Gali.

"Um, Tahu-"

"So, how about that tour?" Tahu said walking forward, not letting Gali ask the question she knew he was going to ask. Gali shrugged his shoulders, and walked after Tahu, deciding it was best to confront her later, not sooner.

Elsewhere on another part of the island, a woman holding a map had just left Po-Koro. She was a grand woman, almost seven feet feet tall, and looked really strong. The clothes she was wearing were all brown, consisting of baggy brown pants, a brown top that just barely covered her bust line, which was just as large as the rest of her, and she was wearing golden armored boots, surprisingly with a two inch high heel. Her right leg had a golden leg brace similar to the one that Tahu and Gali wore. She had really long brown hair, orange eyes, and a surprisingly pretty face that wasn't chubby in the slightest.

She stopped and examined the map, worried that she was lost. She looked up and sighed in agony, confirming what she feared.

"This isn't good..." she said to herself, "I don't remember where Turaga Onewa told me to go..." She sat down Indian Style in the middle of the desert, and crossed her arms thinking. The Turaga lead her to Po-Koro... gave her a map... and told her to go... where again? Geez it was hard keeping up with all of this information. It was bad that she seemed to have a really bad memory. Maybe that was why she had amnesia. Okay, that made sense, because she was really beginning to wonder what her favorite food was. That was a very bad thing to forget after all, and she didn't want to end up eating something bad for her and thinking that it was her favorite food. But if that were the case then wouldn't she know whether or not it was her favorite food the second she bit into it? But what did it taste like? What if she ended up eating something rotten, or even worse, poisonous? This was a very bad situation. She was in the middle of the desert, unable to remember her favorite food, and she still hadn't made it to Ga-Koro...

"That's it!" she said springing up to her feet, "The Turaga told me to go to Ga-Koro, so I could... what again?" she said now sitting back down thinking to herself again, this time trying to remember what she was supposed to do once she got to Ga-Koro.

Back on Ga-Koro, the Ga-Matoran were all in the dining hall getting ready for the feast. Turaga Nokama was walking around making sure everything was going smoothly, when Gali walked in.

"You wanted to see me, Turaga Nokama?" Gali asked.

"Yes Toa Gali. We need a few more leaves to make the fire, and I was wondering if you and Toa Tahu could go get some for us."

"Of course Turaga Nokama. I'd be glad to go, and I'm sure Tahu won't mind either."

"Thank you, Toa Gali," Nokama said. Gali bowed and walked out of the dining hall to get Tahu.

Once they got together, Tahu and Gali walked to the beach together. The leaves were really large, so Gali appreciated the extra help. Tahu looked like she was getting tired and set her sword down (using it to cut the leaves).

"Should we rest for a little while?" Gali asked.

"It's fine, I can keep going," Tahu protested, but Gali put his hand on her shoulder.

"Even the Toa of fire can't go full blast all the time. Let's rest for a few minutes."

Tahu hated being treated like she was fragile, but she decided to listen to her brother. The two of them sat down next to each other, Tahu holding her knees to her chest.

"Doesn't it bother you?" she asked, catching Gali's attention.

"Does what bother me?" Gali asked.

"The cheers, the formalities, the constant questions, the whole Toa bit. Doesn't it get on your nerves?"

"Not really. I like knowing that my presence gives them hope. There isn't enough going around anymore."

"And what about your memory. Do you have amnesia too?" That question actually caught Gali's attention, and he was looking down seriously as well.

"Yes, I have amnesia. I don't remember anything beyond waking up. I mean, I can do the basics. I can read, write, I know my name, and I know how to use my Kanohi, it's just-"

"Things pertaining to the past, right?" Tahu finished. Gali looked at Tahu and nodded.

"That's right. Is that why you're so upset?"

"Part of it," Tahu sighed, "Those other two I came with, they don't understand how I feel. No one understands how I feel. The one with blue hair is constantly asking me questions that I want to answer, but can't! Blondie and I don't do anything but argue! Everytime I go into another village I'm treated like some sacred hero, and I don't even remember how I got on this island in the first place!" she was holding back tears of anger and sadness, but Gali could tell she was having a hard time. He put his arms around Tahu.

"Then it's a good thing you and I found each other. Whenever you can't talk to anyone else, just come to me, alright?"

Tahu nodded, feeling a little better. It was great having Gali to talk to now, someone who understood what she was going through, and wouldn't yell at her.

"Come on," Gali said getting up, "Let's get these leaves back to the Turaga so the feast can begin."

Tahu got up, now smiling again, and helped Gali back to Ga-Koro. Unknown to them, a certain blond haired Matoran was listening to them.

"If she felt that way, then why didn't she ever tell anyone?" Jaller asked, slightly annoyed at her for being so introverted, but even more annoyed at himself for not noticing.

When Tahu and Gali got back, the Ga-Matoran began cooking the fish for the feast. Tahu had to admit, it smelled really good, and it felt like it had been a while since she had a really good meal. At some point during the cooking period the fire was getting weaker so Tahu had to use her fire magic in order to recharge it. It was great that she was able to help out. The Ga-Matoran said that thanks to Tahu's help the feast was going to be finished twice as fast.

Tahu was sitting outside looking at the sunset, thinking about the talk she and Gali had.

"Someone to talk to..." she said to herself.

"You and Toa Gali seem to be getting along well," Turaga Nokama said from behind Tahu as she walked over to the Toa of Fire.

"He's easy to get along with," Tahu said with a smile, "Unlike the two I came with."

"Ah, Toa Gali mentioned that you and your escorts seemed to be at odds," Turaga Nokama said, now sitting next to Tahu, "In my youth, I was in a similar situation, having to work with someone I didn't necessarily see eye to eye with."

"How did that work out?" Tahu asked as if implying how hopeless the situation was.

"Well, this person and I had to make a few comprimises, and it wasn't easy, but that person and I ended up getting really close. In fact, he's one of my closest friends now." Tahu gave a small laugh in disbelief, "Nothing can happen without communication however. I think if there's something that you feel needs to be addressed then you should address it."

Tahu thought about that for a second, and then nodded once she came up with an idea. Truth was she wanted it to work out with her, Jaller, and Takua. She looked at the Turaga with a smile, "Thanks Turaga Nokama."

Turaga Nokama nodded, and then got up walking back to the dining hall. Tahu was about to walk in as well, but she noticed something in the water. The second she realized what it was, it was almost too late.

"Look out!" Tahu shouted running over to Turaga Nokama. She activated her kanohi creating a shield defending herself and the Turaga from a beam of green electricity shot at by the giant sea serpent that came out of the water.

"Mata-Nui..." Turaga Nokama said, "The Makuta has infected the queen of this lake!"

"What the hell?" Tahu said looking at the Turaga in shock. Did Makuta have that kind of power? She then looked back up and saw the serpent preparing for another attack, "Get back in the dining hall, and get Gali!" the Turaga nodded and ran as fast as she could back into the dining hall. Tahu pulled out her sword and used it to defend against the next attack. She then threw fire at the beast doing some damage but not a lot. Gali ran up to her just in time.

"Makuta?" he asked pulling out his hook blades.

"Apparently so, and judging that it didn't go after the Turaga, that means it's after us," Tahu stated.

"Then we should get away from the village as to not cause too much damage," Gali suggested. Tahu liked the idea and the two of them ran out of the village onto the beach, the sea serpent following them.

On the beach, Tahu and Gali were able to fight a lot harder. Tahu jumed up to the serpent and tried to slash at it, but the serpent used it's tail knocking her away. Gali attached a green rope to the end of his blades and threw one at the serpent. He tried to pull it down, but the serpent instead threw him around a bit until he fell to the side, forced to release the beast.

"This thing is tougher than the monster from earlier!" Tahu stated.

"It's probably the queen!" Gali said as the two of them got up.

Farther away, the woman from Po-Koro was making her way to Ga-Koro when she saw the fight in the distance. She frowned a bit, and then activated the brace on her leg running up to the fight at high speeds.

At this point all Tahu and Gali could do was run and dodge out of the way of the serpents attacks, which showed no signs of letting up anytime soon. Tahu was able to use her shields to defend herself anf Gali from some of the attacks, but not all of them, as it was useless against physical attacks this large (something she learned the hard way).

Right when it looked like all hope was lost though, a rock (yes, a rock) hit the serpent hard and knocked it back into the water. Tahu and Gali looked at where the rock came from and saw the woman from Po-Koro standing there next to another rock, and she did not look happy.

Looking at her gave both Tahu and Gali that strange feeling again. Was this woman...

The serpent came out again and looked really angry. This time the woman kicked the rock next to her in the air, and then did a back flip kick kicking the rock into the serpent, making it dizzy. Gali used that as his chance to take his hook blades and pull the serpent onto the beach, which worked this time around. Tahu then rushed up to the serpent and stabbed her sword into the Makuta symbol, setting the serpent free. The sea serpent slowly floated back into the water as Gali and the Po-Koko woman walked up to Tahu.

"That was close," Tahu said.

"Tell me about it," Gali stated, "Thanks for the help, by the way..." his voice trailed off once he noticed how the woman was staring at him and Tahu. Her eyes were wide and she was deathly silent.

"Are you okay?" Tahu asked her.

"You two..." the woman said, her voice surprisingly sweet for someone her size "Are you two... Toa?" when Tahu and Gali slowly nodded, the woman's shocked expression slowly turned into a smile that got bigger and bigger, until she looked clearly elated. She then grabbed both of them in a hearty hug, "Brother! Sister! I found you!" she shouted happily. Tahu and Gali looked at each other, clearly taken aback by how jolly she was.

The three of them walked back to the village, instantly getting loud cheers from everyone. The Turaga walked up to them.

"Toa Gali, Toa Tahu, you two aren't hurt are you?" she asked.

"No Turaga, we're fine," Gali said, "This woman here saved us," he said pointing to the woman who saved them. The Turaga gave a bit of a gasp as she looked at the woman, almost as if she knew her.

"Miss," Turaga Nokama began, "You wouldn't by chance be from Po-Koro, would you?"

The woman nodded quickly, "Yep, I'm Pohatu, Toa of Stone," she said, getting shocked expressions from everyone. Here was Toa Tahu and Toa Gali in the same environment, and now Toa Pohatu was here? Jaller was shaking his head in amazement while Takua was writing on a scroll.

"I can't believe it," Jaller said, "Two Toa in one night?"

"This is incredible!" Takua said, "I've never written so much in my life! I think's I'm going to need more scrolls soon!"