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The title Meet the Ancients is a play on the words "meet the parents". The reason for the title will be apparent later.

5/14/2010: I have reformatted this to be in shorter chapters. If you are and old reader and have read much of this already, the new material starts with Chapter 18.

Meet the Ancients: Chapter 1

I remember seeing Her enter my club, well I see everyone who enters – I just do not bother to remember all of them. She was remarkable for three reasons: 1) She came in alone, 2) She was wearing a pair of khaki pants and an emerald green boat neck top; not black or leather like all the other single women who came into Fangtasia always wore, and 3) was an indefinable quality that I could not place.

For whatever reason I could not help but watch Her. I found myself lost in thought, not listening to Sookie – who I had insisted come in and tell me of my Makers final moments. Bill, as usual, had a look on his face that would have indicated he was constipated if he were still human. Then again, I am working on taking a human away from him that he regards as "his". I will win in this – I have the age and shrewdness to do so. It is just so much fun to torment him that I have been taking much longer than I need. Dragging the hunt out this way is almost as much fun as hunting humans – an activity I no longer allow myself to do.

I watched Her approach the bar and order a drink. White wine – not the usual choice in these parts, but it suited her.

I gazed around the room. Just the usual mix of vampires, fangbangers, tourists and wantabes - with a few jocks and frat boys thrown in for fun. They always were here for the same reason – to prove to their buddies that they were brave enough to fuck a vampire. Pam usually obliged one or two, providing they were willing to give her what she needed.

I looked back at Her. She had seated Herself at a small table in an area filled mostly with vampires and seemed to be taking in the activities around Her. There was an air of calm confidence about Her that indicated She had no problems being around our kind. I found Her interesting and decided that She would make a fine partner for me tonight.

I gazed at Her and called Her to me. She looked into my eyes and I thought that I had Her – but She broke my gaze and went back to surveying the room. I tried again and this time She did not even look at me.

Now I was intrigued. It was the very rare human that could withstand me. The only one that I had found recently was presently sitting next to me. That gave me an idea. I interrupted her saying, "Sookie, the girl sitting at the table by herself over there. What can you tell me about her?"

Sookie glanced over at Her and I saw an expression pass over my prey's face that I could not quite identify. I heard Sookie say "This is not what she expected. Her mind is fairly quiet. She seems to be enjoying the silence. . . I can't hear anymore, her mind is blocked. . . Oh – she's a telepath. She just told me to quit being rude." While Sookie was talking I observed Her getting up and walking over in my direction. Curious I thought, I wonder what She is going to do now. This ones behavior is the opposite of what I expect of humans.

When She reached the dais She put one hand on her hip and asked, "You attempted to glamour me, just what do you want?"

She is entirely too confident in Herself. "I wished too allow you the privilege of talking to me – anyone else in the room would . . . kill to be accorded such an honor."

She gave a little snort at this and I continued on, "Billy, do be a gentleman and allow the lady to take your seat." I smirked at him.

Ever the Southern gentleman he arose, gave a slight bow and held out his hand to help Her to the seat he had just vacated. As She settled Herself into the chair, Bill proceeded to walk behind Sookie and rested his hand on her shoulder. Such a silly possessive gesture.

I let my gaze rest on Her as I tried to figure Her out. She looked me in the eye and said, "So just who are you that it is such a privilege to talk to you?"

I was a bit taken aback by this display. I admire Her spirit though. It is always a treat to come across a human who is not frightened or awed by me. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Erik Northman . . . the owner of this establishment . . . and the Sherriff of this area. My . . . friends here are Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse. And you are . . . ?"

She looked amused but answered "I would be Magan Nordhast."

I wanted to find out more about her. She might be someone I would be interested in keeping around for a little while as a pet. "I have not seen you in my club before, are you from around here?"

"No I live up North and am down here to purchase some Friesian breeding stock. I need to expand my bloodlines and the horses in the South aren't closely related to the animals I already have." She continued, "I also plan to visit an old friend of mine who moved down here."

I noticed that her glass was empty and asked, "Let me offer you a drink, anything you like." as I summoned a waitress over.

"I would like a Le Cuvier Viognier or McLaren Valley Futzbolt Shiraz. However as they would be unavailable and this wasn't so good I'll take a mojito – top shelf dark rum."

I commented, "Those are fairly specific requests."

"I'm old enough to know what I like, what I want, and how I want it."

"Such words for one so young . . . with so little experience in the world."

She said mysteriously, "You would be surprised at some of the experiences I have had in my life."

I could think of a few experiences I would like to initiate her in. She is going to be a challenge, she is already a mystery. This one is going to need different handling than the ones I normally take to my bed.

Pam walked over to warn me that some of the supplies of beer and True Blood were getting low – we were having a very busy weekend.

She commented, "Är detta ditt val för natten?"

I answered, "Jag tror det, kan jag även hålla henne ett tag."

She rolled her eyes, "Vad är så speciellt med denna?"

I answered, "Hon är en utmaning och jag hittar henne intrigant. Plus att hon är en Telepath."


Is this your choice for the night?

I believe so, I may even keep her around for a while.

What is so special about this one?

She is a challenge and I find her intriguing. Plus she is a telepath.

Pam snorted and was about to leave. "Stay", I commanded.

Maybe she could help me find the best was to convince Magan to bend to my will.

So, what brought you into Fangtasia?"If I know her reason for coming here I should be able to figure out the best way to convince her to be my meal and bedmate tonight.

"I had a bad day looking at horses on a farm in Texas. The people at it were complete asses. I hate Texas – the only people who live there are the ones who love it and will never leave, and the ones who hate it and are counting the minutes before they can get out. I noticed Fangtasia was here a few days ago. So since I needed a drink, and I know that I don't need to shield my mind against vampires, I figured it would be less stressful than going to a regular bar."

I thought back to my recent trip to Dallas. "I understand, it seems the Texas vampires are much the same."

It was then that I noticed she was wearing the rune Eihwaz on a cord around her neck. I remarked," Interesting choice for a pendant", wondering what she would say.

Her hand went up to touch it. "If I had known how aggravating that farm was going to be I would have put on Nauthiz or Jera."

She sat back then in the chair, stretched out and crossed her legs in front of her and folded her hands on her lap. She exuded an air of complete assurance and ease. As if she was perfectly at home with vampires; yet I did not smell the scent of any on her.

"You seem more . . . comfortable around us than most humans would be."

"Let's just say the Great Revelation wasn't such a revelation for me."

"And yet, you are not one of us?"

"No. But I do have an old friend who called me the night after the broadcast to warn me that 'there be vampires among us'. We had a great laugh together and caught up. That's when I learned he is now living down here in Shreveport."

"This old friend is a vampire?"


"He is in my territory?"

"I guess so."

"But . . . you are parted?"

"For 11 years now."

"And how long were you with him?"

"16 years"

"You must have been very, very young when you met."

"Not really"

"Pam how old does her ID say she is?

"Magan Nordhast; she is 26 years old", replied Pam.

That is impossible.

"You are telling me that you parted 11 years ago from a 16 year relationship with a vampire?"

With a mysterious half smile she answered, "If I put my true age on my ID people would assume it was a fake."

"Then you have had a lot of blood . . . and must have had some recently"

"Nope – not since before we parted."

If she has not had blood recently then it she must have had very old blood. As far as I know I am the oldest vampire in the state and mine could never have done what appears to have happened to her.

"Just . . . how . . . old is this vampire? And what is his name?"

"He is an Ancient – I know he is well over 4000 years old, but I don't know how much over. And you should know as well as I that Ancients don't like their names bantered about."

"An Ancient? I have heard rumors that they existed . . . Is it true that they can withstand sunlight?"

"They can for short periods of time, maybe ½ hour depending on how strong the sun is. If it is extremely foggy it is possible for there to be no limit. They do go into the sun occasionally as is helps them pass as human easier, the sun darkens their skin a little. More important to them is that they do not feel the need to sleep when the sun rises; they only feel the need to feed once every week or so. They are also capable of . . . handling silver."

"I wish to meet with him. You will take me to him."

"I'll let him know when I see him later this week."


She quietly stated, "No"

No one refuses me in my area.

"Sookie, can you see where he is or what his name is?"

She better get something, this is getting to be dangerous. How do I get this human to answer my questions?

"I don't know." Sookie said "I can't tell. She's blocking me, telling me that she has had a lot more practice and experience than I have. I can only seem to hear what she allows me to."

I looked back at Magan and focused a menacing look on her. "I could kill you."

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