Disclaimer- I am not Stephenie Meyer or Charles Dickens.

I'm a little behind on proof-reading my other fanfic, so I'm going to post something else in time for Christmas. Hope you all enjoy.

My dorm room was still cold after all the complaints I had submitted to the front desk. The maintenance staff never truly ever got it fixed to my liking and I was simply told to submit a new request. It was frustrating that this was how RAs were treated out here on Perry State University Campus in Spokane. At least I was taking my best friend here at Perry, Angela, and myself to Seattle tonight to catch up with Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett. It would be good to see them again. Our Winter break was starting, I couldn't wait for Christmas.

I went down to the elevator bank. There was no wait for once. On the first floor, Angela sat cross-legged on the front desk while her boyfriend and our fellow RA, Ben Cheney, was printing something up on Maxine, our dorm secretary's printer, since the computer labs were closed. Angela is almost six feet tall and wears her glasses all the time, but she finally listened to Rose and Alice and put some highlights in light brown hair, and she looks really good. Ben is kind of Asian-looking, I think he's part Korean, but nobody can tell. He's about two inches shorter than Ang, but nobody can tell when they're together because Ang always slumps. Ben's not an RA, just a Desk Assistant who gets paid to sit a the front desk and watch the drunks come in between midnight at eight am and call the RAs when there's an emergency. Most of the RAs had checked out by now. Our Hall Director and Assistant Hall Director were the only ones staying over the break.

"Hey Bella!" Ben called.

"Hey!" Angela called. "Here," she tossed me the other walkie talkie. "Ready to do our final room inspection?"

"Yes, I am ready to go," I said. I pressed the 'talk' button a few times to hear the static. "Frosh Dorm to Frosh Base, testing," I said into it.

"Frosh Base is a go," Ben replied.

"Thank you Frosh Base," I said. We inspected the hallways, the stairwells, and then started on our respective floors. There was nothing to report in the bathrooms except them being nasty. We went onto check each of the rooms.

During the mid-semester check, I had discovered lots of freshmen with candles, pets asides from lizards, fish, and frogs, and lots of halogen lamps and illegal loft beds not in accordance with university standards. It seemed the girls had learned their lessons this time- I only had to make one exception- a girl had left her betta fish to starve over the four week holiday. It was swimming around in a giant beer stein with glass boulders on the bottom.

"I can't let her do that!" Angela cried. "I'll take it back to Forks with me, and I'll bring it back next semester!"

"We're stealing a fish?"

"We'll write a note on her white board."

We went down to the front desk, dismissing Ben for the break. "Have a good time in Coeur D'Alene," Ang said. They went to the lounge. I saw them just for a moment, making out on the security cameras, but I turned away to give them privacy. I myself had had a few bad months, as of late.

I knocked on Mal's, our Hall Director's, door. He answered, still looking hungover from the holiday party on the Strip, as students liked to call it, where all the bars were and we had done our pub crawl. We had closed the dorm to the students, but not the staff, two days ago. "We're going," I said, handing him the walkie. "We dismissed Ben, so the dorm is officially all yours and Kendra's."

"Frosh Dorm is closed for the break," Mal said into the walkie.

"Bye, Frosh! See ya next year!" the HD from MLK Dorm said through the static.

"See ya!" JFK Dorm said.

The other dorms gave us the good-byes. "Have a safe trip, Bella," Mal said.

"I will," I said. "Thanks."

In the lobby, Ang was waiting, her lips all swollen, but she was pretending nothing happened. "Meet you in the lobby in ten minutes."

"Ten minutes," she agreed.

After we loaded out suitcases into Angela's car, we packed up and went westward bound to Seattle, our new buddy, who we nicknamed "Theta the Beta" swam around the McAlister's cup happily.

We stopped at a Denny's for a quick dinner and I did most of the driving for the four hours until we got to Jasper and Rosalie Hale's condo near downtown. We had to buzz the front gate to be let in.

"Hey, come on in," Rose said, opening the gate. The gates opened for us and Ang was able to drive right into the parking garage.

She helped me get my suit case and duffle bag out. Hey, I was going to be leaving for two and a half weeks! We took Theta upstairs with us. Rose and Jasper lived on the 8th floor of the building. Their parents bought them the condo their freshman year so they didn't have to face the horrors of the dorms like we did at Perry. Rosalie, Alice Cullen, Angela and I were best friends junior and senior year at Forks High in Forks, Washington. We had to split up because of what we wanted to do in life, but it kind of worked out for the best- we were keeping touch. Our other friend, Alice, was majoring in fashion design at NYU. Rose met us at the elevator looking annoyed. Even annoyed, she looked like a Sports Illustrated Supermodel she was so pretty. She was almost as tall as Angela and had long naturally blonde locks and steel-blue eyes.

"What's happened?" I asked.

"They couldn't leave the XBOX alone," Rose grumbled. "Come on."

"I gotta go," Angela said. "I'm gonna try and see if I can make it to Forks before midnight."

"Are you sure?" Rose asked. "Let me make you a cup of coffee, Ang!"

"That'll take too long," Angela said.

"How about a coke for the road?"

"Alright. Let me say hi to the guys."

"If you can get their attention," I muttered.

In their condo, Emmett and Jasper were get shot at during Call Duty 2: Modern Warfare. "Hey guys!" Rose shouted. "Angela's here!"

"Hey Ang," they boy replied, eyes not leaving the screen. Emmett had been on a football scholarship at the University of Las Vegas his freshman year until his ACL was torn and then, he lost it when surgery couldn't fix it. He transferred out and came to a University here in Seattle so he could be closer to his long-time girlfriend, Rosalie.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Angela replied, being her good-natured self.

"Here- I don't have much in the fridge right now," Rose said, opening it up. "I've got Coke, Diet Coke, and a Dr. Pepper. Oh! Here's a Mountain Dew!"

"Dr. Pepper, please, that'll keep me awake longer," Angela said. "Thanks! I wish I wasn't having to run like this but…"

"I know," Rose said. We took turns hugging Angela before sending her on her merry way. "Have a safe trip. If you need somebody to talk to you to keep you awake, call us."

"I will," Angela said. "You guys be safe, alright?"

"We will, no talking to gypsies, right?" I joked.

"Yeah," she said. "I'm afraid that fish is freezing down there. I'm gonna go."

"Okay. Good night!" I said.

As Angela left, Rosalie brought out the cookies she had been saving for me- peanut butter, chocolate chip and toffee bit cookies and poured a glass of milk for me. We went into her room. She sat down on the bed and began sorting through the last-minute laundry.

"So, you want to talk about it?" she asked.

"What's there to talk about?" I asked sitting down at her computer. The airhead hadn't changed her passwords since Thanksgiving when I last saw her. I logged into Facebook and logged in under my email. "James was a lying, greedy, two-timing pig. Hey, these are really good cookies."

"Don't change the subject. You wouldn't answer any phone calls after it ended, and now, you're not talking to anybody about it," Rosalie said.

"Maybe because this is one boyfriend I don't want to discuss," I said. Under status, I clicked the cursor and it said, Bella is… What was I right now? so over it, I wrote and tabbed to the 'Post' button, pressing return. Ben was missing my Angie, already X-/, Angela had updated from the road that she was on her way to Forks, I had been tagged in a few pictures from the pub crawl that had been uploaded by my fellow RAs. I looked high in a few of them. Charlie only got an email address to check up on me, he didn't put up with this myspace and facebook crap, so he'd never see his daughter chugging a beer out of a three-foot long glass in a bar called O'Sullivans online. Hopefully. As for James… I wanted to defriend James, but I hadn't figured out how to do it, yet. I hadn't blocked him, either, out of some masochistic scourge in my soul to secretly know how he was doing. His status said, James believes All things Must Die. I was a lit major, I knew that was Alfred Lord Tennyson. I wanted to believe it had to mean his relationship with me. I wasn't going to be the one to make the phone call and ask him if it meant me or not. Nope, not me.

"Bella, are you listening to me?" Rosalie asked. She was painting her nails. "I don't think you should go back to him, but I know you're thinking about it."

"No, I'm not thinking about it!" I cried.

"You've done it before," Rose said. "Just promise me, you won't. Let this whole relationship just end. It's run its course."

"I can't Rose," I said softly.