A year ago, I lost my career. I didn't call it a job; to me it was a career. I worked in the investigation department in the Ministry of Magic for three years when the incident took place. Something happened that I was responsible for, something that caused so much guilt that I could no longer be of service to the department, ending my career as an Auror. Harry tried to comfort me, saying that dark wizards do get away. Yet, if it hadn't been for me falling under the spell, a husband and father would still be alive.

I was now nervous about my new job, but I was surprised that I had gotten it. The Salem Institute, however, seemed impressed that a Hogwarts graduate would even apply to their little network of side schools. I didn't know much about the Americas, but after I got my job acceptance I studied about them a great deal. It was the perfect chance for me to get away from England, even if it was only temporarily. My family was shocked when I told them my plans. They insisted that before I went to teach in another country for a year, it would be good idea to know about their lifestyle; the one that didn't at all reflect the Muggle world. Even the official languages were different from the Muggle world.

Even though this adventure was made out of guilt, and despite it being an on the spot decision, I knew some things about the witches and wizards across the planet. I knew about the large gap between the magical world and the Muggle world: so large the magical world didn't even recognize the governments of the Muggle world. Even the Muggle-born witches and wizards ignored their existence

This was because the history of the magical world was completely different from the history of the Muggle world, and they had rarely entangled with each other. Aunt Hermione had told me why the magical world stayed strictly sealed from the Muggle world. She knew a lot about these situations since she used to work with International Wizard Coalitions. She had her fair share with the witches and wizards from parts of the Americas and knew it was easy to tell the difference between a Muggle-born witch or wizard and a witch or wizard born of magical parents.

She explained that the magical world knew Earth was round long before the Muggles 'discovered' these continents and islands. This was why the map of the magical world was different from the map of the Muggle world. The magical world has and always will recognize the Native territories and governments set up before European Muggles. She showed me a world map of the Muggle world; it was very different from the globe at Hogwarts. The magical world had a lot more countries with different names.

The Muggles had names like Canada, United States, Mexico and so on. The magical world had countries like Aztec Empire, Navajo, Cherokee, Iroquois, Inuit and much, much more. She told me that geography should have been at Hogwarts to help the Muggle-borns like her.

Harry told me he encountered some American witches at the Quidditch World Cup once. He didn't talk to them, but they surprised him by speaking in strange languages. They were sitting under the flag of the Muggle nation; he remembered one with bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin wearing the native clothes translating for everyone. This was because those magical nations still used their languages and the new Muggle-borns coming in were normally translators for those who were raised in the magical nations.

I then remembered meeting Casimiro, Bill's friend from Brazil, who was staying at my girlfriend, Victoire's house for a holiday. He explained to me that according to the Muggle world and his Muggle parents, he was from Brazil, but to the magical world, he was from the land of Sito, a place in the Amazon Rainforest. I learned from him that at one certain time people from his magical nation were open to the people from the Muggle nation. He said that in the language of his magical world they didn't even have a word for Muggle; it was just the 'lot who have magic' and 'lot who do not have magic'. They thought of the ability to perform magic was a simple trait that children sometimes inherited, no different from hair or eye color. They didn't think of themselves as superior to those who couldn't preform magic until the European Muggles showed up, they started to invade the Muggles of their nation and settle on their land. They then realized why the witches and wizards never discussed issues with those who couldn't preform magic. The tribes of South America then realized there was a difference, and a division was created. The magical people vowed to keep the Muggles of their nation safe, and the magical government still claimed it as their territory. When a Muggle child was born on that land, the child was part of the tribe. That was why to his Muggle parents, he was lost in the jungle, and to the magical world, he was a shaman protecting the Muggles who are still a part of that tribe.

This shocked me; that was when my grandmother, who was reluctant on me going, gave me a book on the world history of Muggle-borns. Unlike Europe, where we debated on whether or not Muggle-borns should be allowed to disturb the so-called 'pureblood' population, in North America, there was no doubt about it. A witch or wizard born in the Muggle world should be in the wizarding world in North America. Their wizarding world was still hidden and they didn't think Muggle parents should raise a magical child. This didn't become a problem until European Muggles started moving across the Atlantic, and made Muggle-born witches and wizards.

Their magical law stated that the inhabitants of their land must abide by their law, although the European Muggles had no idea of this if they weren't magical. So the witches and wizards went on with the custom of taking magical children away from their Muggle parents, and had them adopted by magical parents. I asked Casimiro about this, and he explained that they didn't have magical schools as lessons were passed on from parent to child, or in South America's case passed from each individual student. So when a witch or wizard was discovered in the Muggle world, like himself, it was the only way for a witch or wizard to learn how to control their powers. Yet, for some reason when European and African Muggles started coming to the Americas and reproducing witches and wizards, it was particularly important they were taken and adopted by the Native witches and wizards. This was one of few times the magical nations interfered with the Muggle Americans because European Muggles started blaming the native Muggles for the disappearances.

Around the time of my incident, Ron and Hermione had an exchange student, my friend Angela Weber from the Quileute Nation. She explained to me that at that time the European Muggles would hang accused witches and wizards, it didn't matter the age. This is why it became absolutely forbidden for Muggles to have even a hint of knowledge to the existence of our world. They still live in fear of what happened in different parts of the world. That is why Salem Institute came into being because of this fear.

Hermione, who was listening in on that conversation gave me a marked part in Hogwarts, A History. It surprisingly had the history of Salem Institute along with many other schools that started out as charters of Hogwarts. The kidnappings were originally considered Spain's, France's, and Portugal's problem until some of these kidnapped witches and wizards were also registered as future Hogwarts students, whose parents happened to move before turning eleven.

So the Ministry of Magic and the Headmaster of Hogwarts made a deal with the chiefs of the magical world. Instead of kidnapping them, they suggested it would be better to send them to Hogwarts. The magical chiefs disagreed with this and they informed them the children might not make it to their eleventh birthday, particularly those of Puritan parents or muggle slaves. They tried it anyway, and the natives just sent them to Hogwarts.

North America was not the only population of new students coming in, as they had children from Australia, New Zealand and parts of Africa and Asia too. The school became flooded with students, many unprepared with no means of getting books, robes, or wands. Hogwarts was open year-round filled with children of Puritans or Muggle slaves simply because they had no place to go in the summer months. The natives, who were the rightful guardians of these students, also became less than pleased with the pure-blooded attitude held towards their children. That was when Hogwarts decided to start other schools; in North America it was the Salem Institute. Its base was in Salem, Massachusetts, where Muggle-born witches and wizards were in the most danger.

It wasn't long until the school became a safe haven for the entire continent, and soon other magical nations started their own schools to educate the children of their tribe so that the tribe members that were new at learning magic could commute to and from their homes. The base of the school cooperated with Hogwarts following the school teachings and curriculum Hogwarts was even in charge of the staff until the Muggles started their own nations. Then a new Muggle-born generation thought these schools should be separated from Hogwarts and the British witches and wizards had no right in saying how their world should work.

It was thanks to Hogwarts, however, that the United States and Canada does not have a high number of missing children. So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I was offered position as the Salem Institute - Quileute School as DADA teacher. I had a total number of seventy students and I would be staying at the house of Martha Young, the headmaster of the small magic school, where I was landing. It was my chance to travel, and be away from England until this scandal blows over, which will never for me.

"Glad you chose to travel by Porky," Martha said as she saw me land in her backyard. "I wouldn't want you to be messing with Muggle affairs, they make you carry these things called passports." She came out with a wavy brown hair girl who seemed overly happy to see me. It was my friend, Angela Weber, I met her in London when she was an exchange student at the Weasley's. My grandmother volunteered me as her tour guide/guard, which made us become close friends. She also heard about the accident that happened while I was on duty as Auror. She was my recommendation from the institute.

"Teddy!" She came running up to me and gave me a hug. "So glad you could make it!"

"Here for a year," I said as I searched for my bags. Angela went to grab them.

"Oh, I'll help you," she said, taking the suitcase with my books. "Are these the books they use at Hogwarts? Wow, you have to let me read these! Look Martha, Hogwarts books."

"I see; I went there once." Martha sighed as she flicked back her raven hair. She didn't look old enough to be a headmistress. She had long, silky black hair, smooth tan skin, and deep brown eyes.

"Really, when?" I asked.

"When McGonagall was the headmistress," Martha answered. "She had some old outdated magic books. She contacted Massachusetts and they sent me to get them, nicest woman."

"Come on, I'll show you to your room." Angela picked up my suitcases.

"Thanks, Angie, tell me, when do I get to see Ben again?" I asked as Martha continued to sort through my books.

"He should be coming by later, anxious for a rematch at chess," Angela answered. "How's everyone over there?"

"All is well. Hermione wants to know if you plan on coming back to England anytime soon. Her parents said they missed your questions," I informed her as she let out a little laugh, remembering how shocked she was to find out Hermione's parents openly knew she was a witch.

Angela led me to a small room that had a tiny window facing east. There was a dream catcher hanging on the seal in front of a small desk next to the window. A small dresser facing west along with a small bed that had quilts with Native American designs caught my attention next, followed by light brown walls with moving pictures of wolves on them. That caught my eye when I first came in the room; they were the biggest wolves I had ever seen.

"Quileute wolves." Angela smiled. "They mean good luck. I'll let you unpack. I have friends coming over later. Tomorrow, we are all going to show you around the school down by the beach."

"Thank you Angela," I responded to her as she left. I then looked down, gazing at the window. I noticed a young woman in the woods. She had copper skin, with short, glistening black hair and spectacular beauty. She had to be Native American, I thought as I watched her walk through the woods with beauty and grace. She didn't seem to notice the house, so she had to be a Muggle. She walked through the woods, then made a tiny leap and disappeared into the forest. I knew I would never see her again, and for some reason it bothered me deeply. I sat for a moment, reminding myself I wasn't running away, as I remembered that night.


"Teddy, some of my friends are here," Angela said as I finished unpacking my clothes.

"Coming," I said as I walked out onto the hardwood floor. I squeezed through the narrow white painted walls filled with pictures of the pervious headmasters of the school. I followed Angela down a small wooden staircase that went to the living room. The living room was furnished with old antique furniture, and sitting upon the old sofa were three boys, reading my books. One of them, with dark brown eyes, black hair, and a muscular build came up and kissed Angela on the cheek.

"Teddy Lupin, nice to see you here," He said offering my hand, while his other arm was wrapped around Angela.

"Nice to be here, Ben Cheney," I took his hand.

"Nice to see you again," Ben said. "Angela is very excited that you agreed to come and teach here."

"Yes, what made you come?" another man asked. His friend, who was clearly of Asian descent, elbowed him, while Angela gave him a beady-eyed look.

"I'm Eric Yorkie, your co-worker, instructor in Transfiguration," said the Asian man, Eric, as he shook my hand. "This is my magical brother Mike Newton," he added, gesturing to his friend.

"Magical brother?" I questioned. "Are you Muggle-bor..I mean, of new magic?" I was anxious to see how these customs worked out.

"Yes, my real parents are Muggles, and I was given to the Yorkie family," Mike explained.

"He is recognized as my brother in the magical world, my parents recognize him as their son," added Eric

"You must be Teddy Lupin," He said offering my hand, while his other arm was wrapped around Angela.

"Anyway, welcome to America." I noticed Mike looking away and rolling his eyes. I couldn't help but wonder if he disapproved of my position. Martha came in with another girl that had long black hair in a braid wearing traditional native clothing. "Ailachq, hsta qlita, hsta lab." Angela, Ben, Mike, and Eric went to the kitchen instantly. The woman just stared at me and said "Hkar?"

"Yes, I am from England, I'm new here, I don't need anything to eat or drink." I answered, from reading about the customs I assumed it was one of those things. She then stared forward causing the lights to blink. "I was sent from the Chief house to greet you and make sure you are given proper hospitality," the witch explained. "I am also to give you the message that the Gaunts are coming tomorrow."

"My employers?" I questioned.

"They are the largest contributors to the Defense Against the Dark Arts in Washington State and British Columbia."

Martha came in, followed by Angela, and curtsied to the messenger, followed by a greeting. "Hach tochoktiya, ayasochid." The two then went off into a conversation as I went to the kitchen.

"Who is that?" I asked instantly.

"That's a worker for the Chief, she walked in at the wrong time, since you are our guest, we are required to give you food and water," Angela answered. "Ailachq means 'what are you doing?', hsta qlita means 'get you food', and hsta lab is 'get you water'."

"What about hkar?" I asked. "I didn't read that in my dictionary."

"Foreigner," Ben explained. "Any more?"

"Hach tochoktiya?"

"Good afternoon," Ben said. "Ayasochid is the way to say 'how are you?' to a woman. Ayasocha is 'how are you?' to a man."

"Shouldn't you have learned this before you came here?" Mike asked, taking out a cigarette.

"The official language of the Olympic Peninsula is hard to come by," Angela backed me up. "Most of your students know English, but I left a book up on the shelf for you to study."

"Angela, is dinner ready for our guest!" Martha called.

"I'll be back." And with that, Angela left.

The next day we went to the school; it was a rather strange school. It was tucked away in the cliffs off of this hole-in-the wall on Rialto Beach. This led to another beach hidden from Muggles that had a large cliff with enormous glass windows carved into the gigantic tide walls, along with rock bridges that expanded out to large sentinel islands with hundred foot totem poles on each one representing the departments. Hogwarts was a lot larger than this, but this school surely did pass my expectations.

I noticed one man in particular: a young man in his early thirties in modern Muggle attire of an armoire suit and tie, with coiled hair. Everyone stopped when he passed by. I noticed some of the white witches and wizards curtsied or bowed to him in the traditional way European Muggles showed respect to royalty, while the Quileutes just stopped and remained still in his presence. Behind him was a group of elderly witches and wizards that were shadowing him. He came to us; I stopped and stood still.

"You must be Professor Lupin," he said. "Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

"Yes," I answered, "Your Majesty."

"Your Chief," he corrected.

"I expect to see progress; will I?" he asked. I didn't know how to answer him.

"He will," a voice said behind me. My eyes shifted to see a large, broad-shouldered man who wasn't much shorter than Hagrid, with a clean shaved face and slicked-back hair, along with a beanpole-like body. It wasn't long before I recognized him as my interviewer.

"Mr. Gaunt, did you hire him?" the Chief asked.

"My mother did," he explained as one of the men beside him said something to him. Then an older gentleman said something to the Chief, as another member of the elders council came to Mr. Gaunt. "Chitakido."

"I know," Mr. Gaunt responded to her. "We Gaunts are tough."

"Your father-in-law has a point," the Chief spoke. "I would have preferred a tribesman, but you do have high quintals. I expect progress from you, Teddy."

He then left.

"You are under a lot of pressure, I can see." Mr. Gaunt smiled slightly. "Come on, I'll show you to your room." I picked up my things and followed him up a staircase carved into the stone and up the hill to the top of a cliff. We walked across an arc bridge, passing a group of witches and wizards who were at least eighteen or nineteen reading papers going over documents.

"They are on field study, you have a few of them," Mr. Gaunt explained. "Some of them are trying to get into universities. Speaking of which, I highly recommend you write to the Comanche. They have the Institute of Aurors, and are the finest researchers in the field of Defense Against the Dark Arts in the area of the Muggle US. After that is the Blackfoot. The Cherokee and Navajo seem to excel in every subject. We, however, take pride in Transfiguration. The librarian will give you a way to write to them in their language. The Aztec Empire and the Amazons also have pretty good programs."

I noticed a group of elders staring at me.

"That's your school board." When I looked puzzled, Mr. Gaunt explained. "You will get money from us, but a lot of your funds will come through them. Be sure to use every penny they give you, or it will disappear into brooms for the Quidditch team."

"I'll keep that in mind," I said as we passed them.

"Kika," an old woman with gray braids came up and said to me in a snobbish manner.

"That's Sokw, she's a bitch, ignore her," Mr. Gaunt said. "She asked you to go away."

He then led me to a carved statue of a wolf sitting on a large rocky island.

"This is your classroom," he explained, as we entered through it's mouth to a room full of books. "This is your own library. We have a large collection of books that the librarians sort through once a week, all related to the subject you teach." We climbed a spiral staircase that circled a tree and went to a smaller room. This room had a round desk in the center, and a moss covered shelf in the front, along with a large window overlooking the ocean. "This is your office," said Mr. Gaunt, going to a large oak room with a stone floor covered by a Quileute blanket.

"This is your room; house-elves come to clean it at seven every evening. I will leave you to get started." He then left.

I went to work putting the room together; I put the layout for my bulletin board up, using the rules of wand safety. I then wrote down a list of things for the house-elves such as cleaning the Quileute blanket and washing the windows out. I went through my office, set up my desk, and put together my own personal collection of books that I was going to use for my lesson plans. I read through my students IEPs, and figured out ways to create accommodations for the students with different learning disabilities. I also read the US OWLS DADA for fifth years and highlighted and wrote down on my copy so I knew what to cover.

I was worn out by the end of the day, so I went flying to ease the stress. It was dark out, and we were in the woods, so I figured Muggles wouldn't notice; even though the territory was unfamiliar, I figured I could handle a short flight alone.



It was a quiet night; I was patrolling the areas in my wolf body, simply because at this time in the evening, I was the only one in wolf mode, so no one could hear my thoughts.

"Leah," a voice appeared inside my head. "Leah, where are you? Mom made lasagna."

"Seth," I thought back. "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you," Seth answered. "Why are you out here so late?'

"Just thinking," I answered.

"About Sam and Emily, right? They are back from their honeymoon," Seth thought.

"Would you shut up for a second?" I demanded as we heard the rustling of leaves through the trees.

"What was that?" We were both stunned by the strange sound, followed by a thunk.

"Do you smell blood?" I asked.

"Someone is injured in the woods," Seth said as we raced through the woods, passing the overlapping trees to find a young man shattered on the ground. We could hear his pulse as we approached him sitting next to what appeared to be a broken broom. He wore strange clothes, and his hair color changed constantly, I couldn't deny that he looked odd. I stared down at him and I felt this heat. It was a glow, I felt myself melt into this human as I stared at him.

Everything around me began to snap, the love and pain I felt for Sam dropped and went into the air, the love for my mother, and the family she created with her new husband clipped, the loss of my father splintered, the loyalty to my people ripped from me, the responsibility towards my pack broke, the love for my brother fell. I felt myself pulling towards this boy, as if steel wires were forming a link between us.

"Leah," Seth called out. "We have to take him somewhere, he's seriously injured."

"A hospital here won't accept him without ID," I said clutching to Seth. I let out a heavy sigh.

"Go warn the Cullens. Tell them I have a patient." I then got up and lifted him to my chest, keeping him warm with my body heat. I walked swiftly through the woods, past the border.

By the time I got there, Seth had already warned them, and Jasper and Alice had left before he could tempt them. I came through the yard and saw Rosalie and Emmett.

"You're supposed to…" Emmett started. He stopped, and coughed at my scent as Carlisle ran out.

"We have a bed set up for him." Carlisle grabbed him from me, and noticed I was reeling from the shock of it all.

"Please help him," I begged as Carlisle took him from me. He sniffed, disgusted. "I'll have a bed for him, we'll see what you have."

"What are you talking about?" I asked as we followed him up the stairs to one of the bed rooms.

"Well." Emmett stopped me from following Carlisle. "He smells slightly more revolting than a shape-shifter and a little bit less than a werewolf."

"Werewolf," I answered.

"My sister imprinted a real werewolf?" Seth asked coming out with a banana. "Cool."

"Imprint?" Esme questioned. "Oh, Leah, we wouldn't care what he is, we just have to make sure the Volturi knows that it is all we are doing with a Child of the Moon."

"He's not as strong as a Child of the Moon, he just smells like one," Carlisle said. "That means an ancestor of his was a Child of the Moon. Could be generations ago, there are no laws against that." Carlisle placed him in a bed. "You brought him to the right place, trust us, Leah."