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The Trouble with Conventions

"We should celebrate."

Beckett turned to look over at Richard Castle, who was grinning from ear to ear and looking as smug as hell. She frowned.

"I'm going to celebrate by going home and taking a bath."

"But we solved the biggest crime of the century."

"It was a simple stab and grab."

"But we solved it."

"And now I'm going to celebrate with a nice bath."

"Hey!" They both turned and saw Ryan and Esposito walking over, looking just as smug as Castle. "Where are we going to celebrate?"

Castle's smile grew even more at the annoyed look on Beckett's face. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Fine. Gregory's in half an hour."


The place wasn't classy, but they liked that. First of it because they didn't have to dress up unless they wanted to, but even better because people weren't always coming up to Castle because they recognized him from one of the many social events he'd attended in the last several years. Sure there was an occasional book lover or autograph seeker, but they were usually pretty quick to get what they wanted and go, and Castle was gracious about it, but never let the conversation go beyond a few niceties, which was a way of encouraging them to get what they wanted and go.

It was also a place where other cops hung out. A few of them greeted Beckett as she walked in the door and she knew that word had spread fast when some of the greetings included congratulations about the quick arrest that her team had made. She couldn't help but smile, because they really had solved the case quickly, and that always made her feel good. Even better, there was no doubt that they had the right guy, and they'd made sure that there wouldn't be any way for him to weasel out on a technicality.

She hesitated only for a moment before seeing that the others had beaten her and were saving a table. Walking over she sat across from Castle, who had already ordered a round of drinks for them.

"So another case solved," Ryan said with a smile.

"And just in time to make the convention," added Esposito.

Castle looked over at them, not noticing that Beckett had just scowled at them and made a slashing motion across her throat that plainly meant she hadn't wanted to discuss this.

"What convention?"

"The one in Buffalo," replied Ryan.

Esposito grinned, ignoring the death look he was getting from Beckett.

"She didn't tell you?"

"It's a law enforcement convention," Ryan told him, also ignoring the fact that she was shooting daggers at both of them, now. "Cops all over the Northeast will be there."

His eyes widened like a child on Christmas morning.

"You mean they really have those things?" Castle asked. "I thought it was just something they made up for Police Academy 4."

"Five," Esposito corrected.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I've seen it a million times."

"Wow…" he looked over at Beckett, who tried to hide her annoyance. "When is it?"

"I don't-"

"Tuesday," Ryan said, interrupting. "Three days of nothing but cops as far as you can see."

If it was possible, Castle looked even more excited.

"Can I come?"

Beckett scowled.




Aww, come on. Please?"


"Why not?" There was actual desperation in his voice, and he had some serious sad puppy eyes going on just then.

She ignored them.

"Do you know how much crap I get from the cops around here for having you shadowing me?"

He hesitated.

"A little…?"

"A lot. And that's from the ones who know me. Can you even imagine what I would have to put up with if I arrived with you on my tail?"

"It'll be fun," he told her. "You can tell them I'm your protégé."

"You're not."

"What do they know?"

"They're detectives," Esposito reminded him. "They'd probably figure it out."

Ryan snorted.

He grew quiet for a minute, and then his eyes lit up as he tried another tactic. She steeled herself without allowing it to show.

"I'll even fly you there."


"I'll fly you there. To Buffalo."

"I have a plane ticket. And a room. You don't have either."

"I can get a room, and I don't need a ticket. Neither do you. I can fly you there."

"You're a pilot?" Esposito asked.

"You have a plane?"

"No, I can rent one when I need one, though." He never took his eyes from Beckett, trying to figure out if he even had a chance. "It'll be fun. Really."

She scowled again.