Starry's Corner: I'll make this quick. Short and sweet. Today I've gotten several messages and emails from concerned fans. All of them wanting information about Sheshe and what happened to her. This is what I know guys, nothing! I was just as shocked as you, but I am doing all that I can to find out what happened to her. I am her beta for Tarnished and we are writing fanfictions for each other, so we were in contact. I do know, for a fact, that she was busy with school. So, I'm assuming that school's gotten to be too much. I'll keep everyone updated though.

Full Summary: With his imprint finally accepted by the one he imprinted on, Jacob Black is looking forward to getting to know his once rival and progressing their still fragile relationship. But when an old enemy comes out of the woodwork and focuses on a new target, Jacob begins to realize there's still more to learn about the phenomenon known as Imprinting.

There was a certain wildness behind the dark coal black of her eyes, but one would expect that after loosing someone you loved so dearly. She stood high up in an old pine tree, positioned just downwind of the two she watched so intently. Confusion painted her thoughts and her expression.

She couldn't understand why, but she was curious to know. She needed to know. The dark side of her wanted to know who resided in his heart. It was her revenge. She needed to know and she would. It was the only thing she had left. Almost like the last bit of him she had. Her revenge and her bitterness over loosing him was her last connection to her mate. She wouldn't loose that as well.

Her hair hung around her face in matted clumps. Leaves and twigs stuck in the red mess of hair. The uncared state showing off her nomadic state as she watched. As she waited for some clue. Some inkling that would lead her to understand what had changed in her absence. She hadn't been gone for long. Barely two months. When she had left...they had been so in love. She was sure they were mates. Edward Cullen would gladly die for his human girl.

But now...

She wasn't so sure. His scent was completely missing from the girl's house and hers was absent from the Cullens whom she loved so much. Her intoxicating scent no longer clung to the vampire she stalked. A new scent mingled with his own, but she found it hard to believe. Hard to accept. It was one thing to take a mate in a human...but, a shape shifter? It was unheard of.

But here he was. Straddling a shape shifter, pinning his arms above his head and whispering so softly in his ear. She couldn't even hear him, but she didn't need to hear. Actions spoke louder than words after all. A new person now rested in Edward's heart. It wouldn't destroy him to kill the human girl as it once would've. Hurt him, perhaps, but not the absolute destruction she sought.

Her lips curled into a smile. Devious and evil as she watched their lips press together. Her fingers dug into the bark and she knew. She had her answer. Silently she formulated a new plan. She'd have her revenge. She revel in it. Watching the wolf die and watching the vampire's world crumble right before his eyes. She'd take such pleasure in it.

Suddenly she was snapped from her thoughts, hearing the softest snapping twig. Her black eyes narrowed and she surveyed the area around her. Then she smelt it. Her nose cringed in disgust. "I hate dogs!" She growled before jumping from the tree, a howl echoing throughout the woods, disturbing the couple in the clearing as she disappeared into the dark surrounding woods.