Rule Thirty-Two: Some of the most intimate moments in life are never louder than a whisper, so you must learn to be quiet and listen with all your heart. Otherwise you might miss out on something important and truly life changing.

Edward had long since abandoned his book upon realizing that his lover's dreams were much more interesting and wholly distracting him from what he was currently reading, even if some of the dreams were about chasing rabbits or other small animals through the woods. If anything, the dreams would provide delicious blackmail material whenever Jacob got on his nerves and needed to be knocked down a few pegs.

The young shifter's head was cushioned on his curled arm, his other hand tucked beneath the pillow he was laying on. He had a sheet wrapped around his waist, though it was only for modesty's sake—Edward's modesty. They returned to Jacob's house once they had finished on the beach, making love a second time before Jacob finally gave over to sleep without cleaning himself up, much less putting clothes on.

Not that the vampire minded at all; the bedroom door was locked and there was little chance of Billy letting himself in to accidently catch the boys in an otherwise precarious position. So Edward had allowed himself to relax and simply enjoy the peace brought on by being in his love's presence. But, soon, the dawning sun started to break through the curtains and the elder vampire glanced at Jacob's alarm clock to see the time.

It was still early, much too early to wake Jacob up, though Edward was not sure when the younger teen wanted to go over to Seth's house to check on the other shifter. He did know, however, that Jacob would appreciate an extra few hours of sleep. So, with a smile, Edward settled himself back against the bed and his sleeping lover before draping an arm over Jacob's middle, allowing the wolf to sleep on as he simply lulled himself by listening to the steady staccato of Jacob's heart beating.


It was a few hours before Edward deemed it time for Jacob to wake up, and the vampire did so by covering the sleeping shifter's neck with light, fluttering butterfly kisses. His lips curling into a playful grin as Jacob murmured in his sleep, shifting slightly in the bed, but not waking completely. Edward did not let that deter him, his kisses growing more intense until they were nipping bites and sucking, opened mouth kisses that left glowing, red skin behind.

"Edward?" Jacob mumbled incoherently, not even bothering to open his eyes as his fingers threaded through the vampire's copper toned hair. He arched his neck in encouragement as he sucked his lower lip into his mouth while Edward's mouth blazed a trail down the column of Jacob's throat. "What time is it?"

Edward didn't care to answer the younger teen's question, instead continuing his attention on the shifter's neck as his hands tugged and pulled the sheet from Jacob's body to get at the bare skin beneath. He could feel Jacob's arousal; the vampire could smell the headiness of his wolf's need and Edward's own body was quick to react to it. Everything tightened, his body trembled and he wanted to have that quick morning-after fuck, but they were short on time.

Reluctantly, Edward pulled away from the shifter, giving Jacob an apologetic smile before nodding towards the clock. "No time," he said by way of explanation of his stopping as he slid out of the bed to avoid further temptation—regardless of the lack of time, Jacob still looked oh so fuckable after he woke up.

A sigh left Jacob and he sank back into the bed as Edward fought to keep the amused grin from his face at the disgruntled thoughts going through his young lover's mind. "Oh, come on, don't think like that," Edward scolded playfully, finally losing the battle against his urge to grin. "We'll have time later."

"Yeah, after my patrol." Jacob snorted softly as he pushed himself up in bed, leaning against his pillows as he pulled his knees to his chest. The sheets pulled and shifted around Jacob, draping around his waist to hide his arousal even as more skin was exposed to Edward's over interested eyes.

The vampire's eyes lingered on the shifter's bare hip and Edward itched to pull the sheet from Jacob's hard body, but Edward knew that wasn't a good idea. It was already hard to resist the pull of his own arousal. "The anticipation will make it better," Edward pointed out, though his voice was noticeably strained as he forced a smile and turned away, willing his body to calm down so he could face his lover without the urge to jump him.

"Sure, sure."

Edward chuckled at Jacob's automatic response and heaved a sigh before immediately regretting the action. His lover's scent was still heavy in the air, as was the lingering scent of their love making from the night before. The vampire shook his head to clear his thoughts. "Why don't you go shower?" He suggested before turning back to Jacob. "I'll cook you breakfast while you do so."

Jacob smacked his lips and grinned thoughtfully. "Breakfast, huh?" He scooted to the edge of the bed before swinging his legs over the side and standing, the sheet fell to reveal Jacob's semi-erect cock and Edward couldn't help but stare.

"Breakfast," Edward confirmed with a nod, his eyes lingering on the young man's length, watching as it grew under his scrutiny. He grinned at Jacob's passing thought, unable to deny his lover's assumption of him liking what he saw. It was more than a little obvious that he did.

He watched in amusement as Jacob's grin evolved into a smirk and then Edward had to force himself to look away. He knew what Jacob was trying to do, he knew what Jacob was going to do. "If you want breakfast, you'll go shower," Edward stated sweetly, playfully, as he returned his lover's smirk.

"Of course," Jacob replied easily, almost too easily, as he stepped closer to Edward before resting his hands on Edward's hips. "I'll shower." Jacob's grin suddenly had a devious edge to it, one that Edward didn't exactly trust. "But I'm getting off while I do."

Golden eyes closed and Edward choked back a groan at his wolf's words. He knew Jacob would do something like that, he had expected it, but knowing did not prepare him for it. "Of course," Edward replied wryly as he stepped out of the younger man's grasp. "And you'll probably be projecting all the dirty thoughts that cross your mind while I try to cook, won't you?"

"Would I do a thing like that?" Jacob asked as he grinned innocently, but Edward could plainly see the wicked edge to his lover's smile and Edward nodded. The young shifter would, in fact, do a thing like that. It wouldn't even be the first time!

Jacob chuckled and Edward simply shook his head at the younger teenager before starting towards the door. "I'll be in the kitchen, join me when you're finished," Edward said, barely able to keep the grin from his lips as Jacob's chuckles followed him out of the room.

Edward knew he didn't have the time to make anything more elaborate than bacon and eggs, but he also knew—as he pulled the necessary food from the fridge—that Jacob wouldn't mind either way because food was food. Cooking it, however, would prove a challenge.

His lover had wasted no time in setting out to do what he had threatened. Edward's mind was suddenly bombarded by every dirty dream, fantasy, and thought that had ever crossed Jacob's mind about Edward. It was hard to concentrate, nearly impossible to focus on what he was supposed to be doing. Edward would be lucky if he didn't burn Jacob's breakfast while the shifter worked himself to an orgasm in the shower.

The only thing that stopped Edward from barging in on Jacob was the knowledge that revenge would be easy to get. Edward would find a way to get back at Jacob and it would be epic. He smiled a particularly evil smile as he turned the bacon to finish browning. Oh yes, he would have his revenge and relish in its every moment.

Edward had finished the bacon and by the time he cracked the first of the eggs into the frying pan, he heard the shower turn off and the curtain pull across the plastic shower rod. Jacob had finished his shower just in the nick of time since his breakfast would be ready soon. The vampire was just getting ready to flip the eggs when he sensed his younger lover come into the kitchen.

His lips curled into an easy smile when he felt Jacob's arms wrap around his waist, their bodies pressing together as Jacob peered over his shoulder before burying his nose in the crook of his neck, inhaling deeply before pulling away.

"Smells great," Jacob murmured appreciatively in Edward's ear before he nipped playfully at the fleshy lobe. "Good enough to eat, actually," he added before running his tongue along the shell of the elder's ear.

Edward's smile became strained as he resisted the urge to abandon the sizzling eggs to throw his lover across the table and have his wicked way with Jacob. "Enjoy your shower?" He asked, his voice dry and shaking slightly as he turned his head slightly to look at the wolf.

Jacob chuckled softly in response to Edward's question before laying a kiss to the side of his neck. "I would've enjoyed it more if you had joined me," he replied, silently letting Edward know that that had been his intention all along—to tease him just enough until he lost control and came in after Jacob. Pity it didn't work.

"I wouldn't have been able to make your breakfast if I had," Edward reminded the other as he shifted slightly, Jacob's embrace loosening as the vampire easily flipped the eggs without damaging the yolks.

The younger snorted softly at Edward's words. "Too true," Jacob agreed readily, grinning as he stepped aside to give the vampire room to work. "It really does look great, baby," he remarked, leaning over to peer at the food before offering his lover an endearing smile as he settled against the counter next to Edward. "I'm starving!"

Edward chuckled softly at Jacob's proclamation. "Aren't you always?" He asked, his voice light and playfully teasing his young lover. He bit back another chuckle as the shifter rolled his eyes in response. "Pass me that bacon, would you?" Edward laughed, nodding to the plate that was just out of his reach. "I made extra for your father, but I don't know how he likes his eggs, so—"

"He'll appreciate it none the less," Jacob interrupted as he scooted the plate closer to Edward, leaning over to the vampire himself to press a chaste kiss to Edward's cheek. "Especially since I always manage to fry the bacon beyond recognition."

That's when Edward turned to look at Jacob, fully facing him after he had deposited the sunny-side-up egg on his lover's plate, and noticed the towel haphazardly slung around the shifter's hips. He arched an eyebrow, unable to help himself as he drank in the younger's obvious state of undress. Edward didn't say anything, but he didn't need to. Jacob caught his appreciative look and shrugged with an innocent snicker.

"What? I'm hot!"

Jacob had no idea.

Edward cleared his throat and pointedly looked away from his hot lover, shaking his head at the chuckling teenager because he knew that Jacob knew exactly what he was doing. "You're asking for trouble," he muttered, stealing a look at the younger man from the corner of his eye before he turned the stove off and moved the pan of grease, and then he pushed the plate of eggs and bacon over to Jacob. "That's what you are."

"You love it," Jacob replied in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, if not a little bit cheeky as he took his breakfast, pausing to give Edward a grin. "You know you do," he added as he took his plate to the table, Edward's heated gaze following him the entire way.

Jacob had done a piss poor job of drying himself off, probably on purpose with the intention of teasing Edward. It was working. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Jacob's body, on display before him. He watched as water still stubbornly clung to Jacob's skin before it heavily slid down the tanned flesh Edward loved so much. The thin trails the drop left behind outlined the smooth definition of Jacob's muscle.

Edward wanted to run his tongue along those lines. He wanted to press kisses onto that hot skin and suck the heat clear out as he sank himself into Jacob's body. Again and again. His body tightened in desperation and his eyes darkened with lust.


The vampire was brutally snapped from his thoughts, and he gave his smirking wolf a sheepish smile before he joined Jacob at the table. "How is it?" Edward asked after a moment, deciding to ignore the devilish look Jacob gave him.

"I'd rather know what's going on in that mind of yours," Jacob replied huskily as he leaned closer to the vampire, his tone deep and laced with desire as he watched Edward. His dark, brown eyes were intense. So intense that Edward found himself, once again, battling against the urge to throw Jacob across the table and take him right then and there.

He stopped himself, though. Edward squashed the urge and forced himself to look away from his teasing, tempting lover. "You're insatiable!" He accused softly, his lips curving delicately into a grin as he felt Jacob's hand rest heavily on his thigh. Edward turned back to his wolf and eyed him critically. "Stop trying to seduce me, Jacob. We have things to do today," he reminded his young lover.

Though looked rather unconvinced as he leaned closer to Edward, pressing fleeting little kisses along his jaw before playfully nipping at Edward's bottom lip. "What if I want to seduce you?" He asked as he rubbed his cheek against the vampire's, all the while his hand slid higher up Edward's leg until it was pressed delicately, yet teasingly against the bulge in the vampire's pants.

"Jacob," the vampire said, warning in his tone as his fingers wrapped around his lover's wrist before he pulled Jacob's hand from his crotch, giving him a long suffering look. Edward was poised to scold his lover, holding the shifter's hand in both of his, but a soft cough interrupted him before he could. Startled, the pair turned in the direction the cough had come from and sitting in the doorway was Jacob's father.

Jacob swallowed thickly, a flush rising to his cheeks as Billy Black arched an expectant eyebrow, as if waiting for an explanation that never came—at least, it wouldn't come from Jacob. He was already standing, awkwardly holding his towel around his hips as he excused himself to his bedroom to put some clothes on.

Edward didn't even try to hide the fact he was watching Jacob leave as he turned back to Billy, realizing that the elder man had watched him watch Jacob. He swallowed, much in the same fashion as his lover before him, and felt the ghost of a flush rise in his cheeks. Edward knew he wasn't blushing, he didn't retain the ability to do so, but that didn't mean he wasn't just as embarrassed as Jacob.

He cleared his throat and stood before he gave Billy a polite smile. "Hungry?" He asked just before he turned to the stove and twisted the knob to turn the eye on. Edward didn't wait for an answer; instead he pulled the pan back onto the eye before going to the refrigerator to retrieve the eggs. He needed something to do, something to keep him from rambling on in embarrassment after being caught by Jacob's father.

It was a long moment before Billy finally spoke. He had pushed his chair into the kitchen, staying just behind the table as he watched the vampire. Edward could feel his eyes on his person as he moved about the kitchen. He tried, but failed, to catch wisps of the man's thoughts. Somehow, however, Billy kept his mind blank. There was nothing but white noise and then Billy Black said, "I'm happy for you. Both of you."

The eggs nearly crashed to the floor in Edward's shock, but the vampire managed to catch them before looking up at the Quileute elder. "S-sir?" He ventured, obviously not expecting to hear those words from Billy's mouth. He had accepted his son's imprint (he had no choice but to, it was fate that had chosen Edward for Jacob, after all), but he had never accepted Edward.

"Nice catch," Billy said, amusement heavy in his voice before his facial expression sobered. He looked down at the table for a moment, not saying anything, but Edward could hear the man's apology in his mind before it even left his mouth. "I said," he started again. "I'm happy for you both."

Edward stared at him for a long moment, considering what the man couldn't say out loud before he released a soft sigh. "Thank you," he replied honestly, his words heartfelt because he had wanted nothing more than Billy's acceptance since Edward had accepted the imprint and Jacob along with it.

A silence stretched between the two men as Edward finished Billy's breakfast and, for the first time, it wasn't tense and awkward, but warm and accepting. It was such a difference, such a change. It was something Edward could and would get used to.

Edward set Billy's plate down in front of him, giving the man a smile before he turned to go check on Jacob and make sure he wasn't too mortified. His arm was caught as he passed Billy; he looked down at the man and waited as Billy turned to him. "Welcome to the family, Edward."

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