My Brother's Keeper

Castiel woke up, but once again, no matter how hard he tried he could not move. His body radiated agony, so much that it took him a moment to remember where he was. He looked around slowly, coughing.

"Cas?" Dean sat up in his chair, looking down at his friend. "Hey, you alright?"

"No," the angel rasped. "I am far from…alright."

"It's gonna be okay. You'll be okay, right?" He asked, worried. Castiel nodded. Suddenly everything came rushing back, what had happened with Michael, nearly killing himself going back in time, and doing it again coming back to the present. No wonder he was in such pain.

But he had to tell Dean about Michael. Michael was after him and he would do anything to get to him, to get him to say yes. He wouldn't let his friend get hurt, even if he did have to fight all of Heaven to do it.

"D-Dean, I have…t-to tell you…Michael…he-he-"

"I know," Dean said quietly, glancing over his shoulder at his sleeping little brother. He didn't want Sam to know about Michael, not yet. "I know, I talked to him."

"Y-you don't un-understand what he c-can do to y-you," his voice wasn't nearly as forceful as he wanted it to be. "Pl-please, De-Dean, he wi-will do anything to-to g-get you to s-s-say yes. He'll hu-hurt you. Pl-please-"

"Cas, it's okay," Dean assured. There were tears in the angel's eyes. He was terrified. "I'll be okay. He won't do anything to me, alright?" Castiel shook his head hard.

"N-no. He wi-will always g-get what he wa-wants," he said, forcing the words through his pain. It was difficult, almost impossible. "He m-might h-hurt Sam to ge-get to you," he gulped. Dean blanched, anger filling his eyes. "I ca-can't let that ha-happen. Y-you're the cl-closest things to br-brothers I hav-have left. I wo-won't let him hu-hurt you!" Just one tear slipped down the angel's cheek. "I'll fi-fight him myself if I-I have to!"

"Hey," Dean put his hand on Castiel's shoulder, "Cas, you're mine and Sam's brother too. We don't want you to get hurt either. You don't have to fight Michael by yourself. We'll help you."

Castiel mustered any strength that he could and managed to hug his charge, pain ripping through his own body.

"I kn-know you don-don't like th-this gesture, b-but-"

"It's alright, Cas," Dean said quietly. Castiel sobbed very softly, knowing now that he would never be alone. And his brothers hadn't abandoned him, they were here, ready to fight with him.


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