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This is the Plot Bunny I was given~~

Plot Bunny #1: Emmett McCarty - bi - new in town, gets job at Jacob's company washing windows both commercial and residential. Moved because he needed a change after bad break up.
Jacob Black - gay - Emmett's friend (with benefits), gives him a job
Edward Cullen - Emmett's cousin
Jasper Whitlock - friend of Edward's, Alice's boyfriend
Alice Brandon - Jasper's girlfriend and friend of Rose's
Rosalie Hale - residential customer of Jacob's. Royce's girlfriend in the beginning. Likes being watched.
Royce - Rose's boyfriend in the beginning. commercial customer of Jake's. Rose stops by on washing day, end up having sex at his desk.
Rose sees Emmett, who's frozen on the spot at the sight. She winks as she continues to let Royce have his way with her. She's instantly enamored by Emmett even if she doesn't know him. Doesn't find out until later that he also washes her windows
Emmett and Jacob see many sights as they're washing windows. Plain hausfrau stuff, to dogs molesting couch cushions, to kids playing, to sexcapades.
Emmett and Jacob are at the bar one day, talking about what they see, to Edward and co, when Rosalie walks in with Alice. Emmett is flummoxed as he had just been telling them about what he had witnessed in Royce's office. A while later, Rose sets up her room so she's in full view of the windows and puts on a little show for Emmett on the next day he's washing her windows. At this point she's broken up with Royce. Rose does this a few times before finally asking him to come inside and help her out.
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