I probably never will own The Secret Saturdays, but please don't let that stop you from enjoying the prologue to Rebellion's Rise!

Finally, after four, long years of searching, I've finally accomplished it. For a time, even I thought it would never be accomplished, but I shocked even myself.

The reversal mirror was surprisingly easy to find and it would prove much use in my endeavors in the odd, alternate world.

That Vince was almost more trouble than he was worth, I must admit, however, if it wasn't for him and my... how should I say... persuasion techniques I would never be where I am today.

It was rather odd, living in a world full of alternate beings, especially whenever I came upon myself. The orang-bati isn't something to be seen for the faint of heart or the weak and, fortunately, I am neither. Despite the deceiving name and description of this Indonesian cryptid, he turned out to be sickeningly nice, a regular opposite doppelganger, without the ghostliness. But I digress.

With much convincing, the imbecile agreed to my plan, and part one of my master scheme was finally completed. Much to my pleasure, Vince knew all too well the location of the Ruk Stone and all it takes is fear of being sent to a world where everybody has finally learned to fear and despise my identity.

I only needed on more item now, and I had searched the entire time for it. When I began to fear my time was running short, I was extremely fortunate to come across it in Vince's own private stores of antiques and legendary items. He was rather fond of collecting them but I knew I could put them to much better use. This world's Flute of Gilgamesh was going to be very helpful in reaching the end results of my plan.

Even now, I can't quite remember how I finally managed to convince Vince to send me back to my own world, my home sweet home. I accomplished it though, but I wasn't finished just yet.

Upon my arrival, I predictably and immediately went home to my lovely mansion to find it had been kept wonderfully in shape by my ever so faithful assistant Munya. Despite my warm welcoming, there was absolutely no time for rest. I spent another year swamped in attempts to transfer the power from the Ruk Stone to myself.

Finally, on one particularly cold October night, I had done it! Ruk's power was now mine! Through tests, procedures, and my superior knowledge, Ruk's power now rested in my being and I was finally ready to control my well deserved army of cryptids and take revenge on the Saturdays! The world would see, yet again, that Argost truly lives!

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