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The double-funeral service had taken place in the village. Emir's body had never been recovered from the volcano, but the villagers proceeded in the same way they normally would have. Wadi sat in the front row with Zak and her father to her sides. Doyle sat next to Zak, his face blank and staring.

Zak thought that the entire village had showed up, despite the blazing heat. A few of the villagers had waved to him if they saw him, most likely recognized him from when he helped save the village from Eterno four years ago.

Wadi's father stood up from his chair and stood in front of the seated crowd. The dull chatter instantly stopped as the man began to speak, "We are gathered here today to mourn as well as honor the lives of two of this village's finest people."

Most of the words that followed the introduction simply went right in one of Zak's ears and out the other. It's not that he didn't feel anything towards the loss of the two cousins, but that his thoughts about the two were completely blocking everything else out of his mind. Basie and Emir were only a few years older than he was, but their short lives had been ended so abruptly. Even thoughts of Van Rook pulled Zak's mind away from the eulogy that Wadi's father was presenting.

The service seemed to go by quickly to Zak. Although it had been at least half an hour, Zak could've sworn he was there for less than half of that time. Wadi, Ain, Coman, and Alima had all spoken in front of the villagers, reminiscing on the good memories had with Basie and Emir. People in the crowd were able to contribute their own memories towards the end of the service. Before it ended, Drew walked to the front of the crowd and gave a speech on Basie and Emir's remarkable valor over the past few days up until the very bitter end.

Hardly any of the words spoken registered in Zak's mind; mostly all of them went in one ear and out the other. Only when people around him began standing up from the chairs did realize the service was over and the villagers were heading to their burial grounds. Zak automatically followed them, but ended up towards the back of the procession.

Everyone proceeded in a roughly organized line. The pallbearers were at the beginning, navigating through the village until they came to barren grounds. Further ahead, there were headstones laid out in rows. Some ways back, there was an already-dug grave for the single coffin. A headstone was already in place by the grave with another next to it.

The villagers' despair was getting too much for Zak to handle. Instead of staying in line behind Wadi, he stepped out headed back towards the village houses. As he approached the first one to his right, he heard a hurried, rushed voice coming from the opposite side of the hut. Once he recognized it as his mother's, he silently jogged to the closer side of the hut and strained his ears to listen in to what she was saying.

"– tell you yesterday, but I didn't get the chance," Drew began.

It was Doc's voice that answered, "What's up, honey?"

"Those wounds that were on Basie's chest... Doyle said they were from cryptid claws. I don't think he's right."

"You don't?" Doc asked, surprised.

"No, I don't remember there being a cryptid with claws that sharp and long that could have caused wounds like the ones Basie had. I think someone human killed her, Doc, someone that was acting on his or her own will," Drew explained.

"I didn't see anything that went on atop the volcano, so I don't know what cryptids were up there with you."

Their conversation was followed by a period of silence. Before Zak could react, his mother and father moved around the hut and stopped in their tracks when they saw Zak on the other side.

"Baby boy," Drew said softly. "How much of that did you hear?"

Zak didn't respond. He was still dazed from what his mom had just said.

Doc looked worried. He wasn't sure how Zak felt about Emir or Basie, but a tragedy like this must be hard to deal with, even if he only knew the two for a few days.

Finally, Zak spoke up, "Mom, you think someone killed Basie?"

Drew sighed and looked away. "I'm not certain, but it's a very high possibility."

"Do you have any idea about who would..." Zak let the sentence trail off.

"That's just it. I really don't know who would do such a thing to someone like Basie."

The possibility that someone Zak was close to over the past few days was a murderer wasn't a comforting thought. In fact, it really bothered him. "Are you going to tell anyone else?" he asked.

"I was only planning on telling Doyle. It would absolutely devastate Alima and Coman if they knew, and I think Ain as well. I'll leave it up to you whether or not you want to tell Wadi," Drew answered, well aware of the two pairs of eyes focused right on her.

Zak remembered how distressed Wadi had been over the deaths of her fellow villagers. He didn't think she could bear it if he told her that someone that was with them had been capable of murder. "No," he said, "I won't tell her. Not yet, anyways."

Doc nodded. "That's exactly what I was hoping you'd say."

The sound of footsteps sounded over the conversation. The villagers were returning from the burial grounds.

"We're going to say goodbye to Wadi and her father before we leave," Doc said, watching the procession as it drew closer to the village.

"If we get the chance, we'll say goodbye to Alima, Coman, and Ain, too," Drew added.

Zak thought for a moment. "Could you guys say goodbye to those three for me? I have to do something before we leave."

"Honey, you know you should –"

Doc cut Drew off, "Yes, Zak. We can do that."

"Thanks," Zak said with a small smile. It seemed like it had been days since he had smiled.

No one said another word as they watched the villagers stride past. Some were talking, trying to wash away grief with communication, but most looked miserable as they walked by. Drew, Doc, and Zak fell in place behind the crowd. They were headed for the village's meetinghouse for a meal.

Once inside, Zak searched around the meetinghouse until he found Wadi. He couldn't talk to her there; there were too many people around. Instead, he asked her if she would step outside for a word with him and she obliged.

Back outside, Zak didn't know what to say. Would telling her how he felt about her make things awkward between them? It shouldn't since she seemed to feel the same way... But then again, he wouldn't be staying at the village. He had to go back with his family and continue working with them and the Secret Scientists. Even if Wadi did want to be more than friends, Zak had absolutely no idea how it would work out.

Wadi raised an eyebrow. It had been several minutes since she left the meetinghouse and Zak hadn't said one word to her. "Zak?" She finally called out.

"Oh, sorry," Zak said, his thoughts returning to reality. "How are you holding up?"

Sighing, Wadi responded, "I will be alright."

Zak wished he could say he would be there for Wadi, but he couldn't. Living on an airship thousands of miles away didn't exactly constitute being there for her.

"I'll try and convince my mom to let me visit as much as possible, okay?" Zak said as he rubbed the back of his head. Wadi looked at him, a hint of disbelief in her eyes. Zak added, "Consider that my promise to you."

"I will hold you to your promise, Zak Saturday," Wadi said.

For the first time, Zak was the first one to make the move. He lifted his hands and cupped Wadi's face. She took a step closer to him and he did the same so that their bodies were touching. Closing his eyes, Zak brought his lips to Wadi's. His brain shut down as she placed one hand on the back of his head and the other on his back and returned the kiss.

Zak was perfectly content to stay that way forever, but something had caught his attention. He reluctantly broke the kiss and stepped back, looking around for the source of the noise.

There, peeking around the side of the meetinghouse while shaking uncontrollably with laughter, was Fisk.


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