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It was selfish, he knew that, but he always had been the selfish one. He knew there would be pain and blood but he was so glad that it would his. He didn't know if he could bear it if he had slit Jake's throat.

"You can stop her. You know the story. It's you." Wilhelm gasped, he couldn't hold on much longer. The knife in his hand was all too quickly making its way to his brother's throat. "It's you."

He was afraid, but he would be terrified if he had to see his little brother's blood on his hands. He couldn't hurt him, at least not permanently. Jake had always been the brave one. He was the one who wasn't afraid of anything, the one who would do whatever was right no matter what. Wil knew Jake could handle this. So, as usual, he did the selfish thing.

He let go of Jacob's wrist.

The knife plunged into his chest and as he had suspected there was pain. A great deal of hot, throbbing oh-dear-god-he-can't-breathe pain. As the thick blade plowed its way through bone he could hear a slight crunching sound, could feel his heart beat against the cold metal. One. There was a hard impact, he could feel blood at the back of his throat but he couldn't care less.

Two. Wil could hear Jake screaming. Had he hurt Jake? Did his blade somehow inadvertently cut into his little brother? He didn't know. He couldn't see.

Three. He couldn't see past the sharp hammering in his chest. He was paralyzed by it. It consumed him. There was nothing except whiteness and then there were hands, lightly caressing his face and Jake…

Four. Jake was saying his name. Wil tried to answer but all he could manage was a grunt and moan. Then more lightening as the knife nudged its way a little deeper into his heart.

Five. A strange yanking feeling, as if something vital was pulled away from him and the knife was gone. He might have screamed, but he wasn't sure.

Then it stopped. His heart had stopped. He would die.

He knew he would die.

He blinked and he was floating away. But his eyes caught onto the eyes of the Queen – his Queen. Such gorgeous, hypnotizing eyes. The pain was gone and in its place there was warmth and safety. It felt amazing. He knew everything was going to be alright as long as he could keep looking into her beautiful eyes.

He reached out to her. To her warmth and beauty and promise. And he let her take him.


"-perhaps another kiss?" somebody said in a heavy accent. Cavaldi.

Wil was groggy. Nothing was making sense at the moment. When he opened his eyes slightly and he saw his brother leaning in. Far too close for comfort. Wait. Kiss?

"Not you." Wil groaned out. Everything was going so fast, all he knew was that his brother was about to kiss him – on the lips! – and he had to stop that. He just needed a moment and once he got everything together he would be ok.

Jake backed off, looking greatly relieved. Wil closed his eyes and almost sighed as the ringing in his head died down but then to his surprise he heard Jake call over Angelika.


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