~Her Mask~

It's an early Sunday morning on the Island. Luckily for the Campers, it's of those challenge free days, where they get a rare bit of down-time to just relax and be left to their own devices.

A few of the Killer Bass members were sitting upon the porch steps outside their cabin, chatting about the latest elimination and how brutal the challenge was.

"I bet Tyler is gonna need therapy from that long boat ride with all those chickens." Duncan said with a laugh, twirling his pocket knife in his fingers.

DJ slid a bit farther away from his knife wielding friend and smiled. "I feel bad for the dude. Chris just loves messing with us."

Geoff let out a mumble of agreement from his spot across from the other two Bass males. His cow bow hat draped over his eyes, and his back leaning against the rickety wooden railing.

"Yo, Geoff, how did you manage to defeat that hail cloud that was pelting you yesterday, anyways?" DJ asked.

Geoff slid his hat up back into place and shrugged. "I stole the remote from Chris."

Duncan chuckled. "How did you manage that?"

The party-boy was about to respond, but was interrupted by Chef, who gave a loud holler about lunch being ready. So the Campers all made their way to the dining hall- most being shoved carelessly out of the way by Owen, who was determined to be first in line for the rarely edible food the cook served up- while the others took their seats at their respective tables.

"So Court, how you feeling about the whole challenge yesterday?" Bridgette asked from the end of the table, staring across from her at the brunette in question.

She simply shrugged. "I'm disappointed that we didn't win. But it's nothing to worry over."

"Uh, hello, we could of won if you hadn't backed out. Gosh!" Harold quipped.

Courtney crossed her arms across her chest stubbornly, while glaring at the ginger haired nerd. "I could have died!"

Duncan rolled his eyes and snorted, causing the former CIT to turn her glare on Duncan.


"You're such a Drama Queen."

"Excuse me?"

"Just admit it; you were too afraid to do it." The delinquent leaned forward to rest his cheek against the palm of his hand and stare at the girl. He was going to get her to admit she was afraid. He was gonna show her she didn't have to put up a damn act all the time. He was gonna get her to show some emotion other than the anger that painted her features on a regular basis. He did love challenges, after all. And this was definitely going to be a challenge.

"I was not afraid." The mowhawk wearing teenager had to hold back a smirk. She was only making this more fun for him.

"It's like, okay to be afraid, you know." Sadie spoke up.

"I am not afraid!" Courtney insisted stubbornly.

A plan formed in Duncan's head at that moment. A devious, brilliant, and cunning plan.

He couldn't execute it at that moment unfortunately, though. He was gonna need a little more time to prepare. But come night fall, he'd have successfully chipped away one layer from her mask. Or so he hoped.

Duncan moved stealthily outside, ducking behind trees and bushes in a very ninja-like way to make sure no one spotted him. He didn't want anyone to question him as to why he was currently making his way over to the large tub of green jelly, that was still situated on the grass from the day before.

Moving swiftly -with eyes still darting about nervously- he scooped up a bowl full of the green, snotty looking stuff, and made his way quickly back to his vacant cabin. He covered the bowl in plastic rap- both of which he had skillfully managed to swipe from the kitchen by the way- so the jiggly stuff wouldn't leak out, and peered out the cabin window.

Lady luck was with him. He could see Courtney still sitting in the dining area, picking at the food in front of her while seeming deep in thought. Now was his time to strike.

With a wide grin, the male teenager exited his cabin and went back into the dining hall.

"Hey, Princess!"

Courtney groaned at Duncan's loud arrival and gave him a sharp look.

"What do you want?"

"I'm hurt, Princess. You're not happy to see me?" He feigned looking hurt, while holding one hand behind his back.

"No. I'm not. And stop calling me tha- what's that?" Her eyes widened as Duncan set down his bowl onto the table.

"What? Oh this? Just some Jelly... want some?" He asked innocently, beginning to peel off the plastic rap.

"No. Get that gross stuff away from me." She scooted farther away from him and the bowl but Duncan scooted closer. Soon, she was perched on the end of the bench with Duncan close enough that their arms were brushing against each other.

"Duncan. I'm warning you- ah!" She tumbled onto the floor, having scooted right off the edge of the wooden seat.

Duncan chuckled and jumped on top of her, pinning her to the floor- without totally crushing her, mind you- and holding both of her hands above her head with one of his own. The other hand held the bowl of Jelly over top of her.

"Don't. You. Dare." She snarled, though he was beginning to see the emotionless facade starting to crack.

She squirmed and struggled underneath him, but he didn't budge. If only she could just get her knee up, she could hit him in the groin.

"Admit you're afraid."

"I admit that you're even more twisted then I first assumed!" Duncan chuckled and shook the bowl lightly, and watched as Courtney's eyes widened as the Jelly shook with it.

"You wouldn't."

"Ah, but I would, Sweetheart." Duncan flashed her a smirk.

"Why are you doing all this?" Courtney hated this. She felt like Kim Possible; being captured by her arch foe, then questioning him as to why he was trying to take over the world.

Worst of all, she felt helpless and trapped. And that aggravated her to no end.

"So I can start to break down every wall that you've ever built up around yourself." And without another word, Duncan flipped the bowl over and let the content spill out onto Courtney's face.

He jumped off her quickly as she began to trash and shriek in terror. Sure, Duncan felt a tad guilty. But he had manged to crack that emotionless mask of hers; no matter how small the crack. He took pleasure in that, though he vowed that only he was ever allowed to cause that look of anxiety and dismay on that was on her face, which was currently coated in green Jell-o that she was trying to rub off.

He had managed to bring down the facade, if only for a while. Duncan had successfully made her feel fear.

AN: Did that feel extremely out of character or what? :P It isn't as good this time. I wrote this story out once already but it didn't save when I clicked the button. T_T So I had to start all over. And I'm planning on doing other emotions, but for some reason fear came to me first. Review!