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Chapter 5: This Sucks

When I woke up my head was punding. I thought I had a wicked hangover, but I looked around and remembered everything that had happened. I had been kidnapped by the Joker; fucking great.

The room I was in had no furnishings aside from a small pillow, but it did have a window, but it was deadbolted shut. I noticed that I wasn't tied up, bound, or restrained in any way. Strange, but I don't think the Joker is that big of a dumbass not to tie me up when I could escape.

I stood up, careful not to put any weight on my left leg, and balanced myself against the wall. I only had to take a few hops before I reached the door. I tried not to get my hopes up as I reached for the handle.

When I gripped the doorknob and tried to turn it, it stayed stationary. "Oh! Now I see! The door is locked and so is the window, so there's now way for me to escape and therefore no reason for me to be tied up. I banged my fist on the door, "Son of a bitch!"

I huffed then turned around and hopped toward the window. My forehead rested against the cool glass as I gazed at the glowing city before me. I always loved the way it lit up at night and looked so alive and also peaceful.

A feeling of lonliness and hopelessness settled over me as I silently cursed my captor. How could I feel so far away from Gotham when I was still in it? Beats the shit out of me.

"Oh goody, you're up!" I whipped around at the sound of the Joker's voice. The color of his hair and his makeup looked extremely bright, fresh, and new so I assumed he had just reapplied it. Funny, I thought the bastard never bothered with showers or any kind of personal hygene whatsoever. He had a sick grin plastered on his face, "You know, I was beginning to get lonely." He attempted to pout but settled for laughing instead.

"What do you want?" My words were cool and quipped. I didn't intend to waste any unnecessary breath on this man.

"I brought you dinner princess!" He indicated to the tray in his hands. He placed it on the floor, "Eat up! You're going to need plenty of energy for, uh, later." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively then left the room cackling.

I nearly threw up thinking about what he might have planned for me. I knew one thing for certain though; I wasn't going to let anyone touch me. I would die before that happened.

I soon grew bored with staring longingly out the window and returned to my original spot on the carpet. I took one look at the food in front of me and slid it across the floor. I wasn't going to risk being poisoned and I wasn't hungry anyway.

The pillow sitting beside me started to look extremely comfortable and alluring, so I decided that laying down for a while couldn't hurt me.

As I laid there I couldn't help but think that I was going to be stuck in this god forsaken room forever. Altought I knew that wasn't true because I knew that Bruce would surely look for me. Right?

I hope he's not too worried about me. I could just see him pacing back in forth in his office just waiting for night to fall. Yes, then he would pounce into action and his Batman suit would slide onto his perfectly toned body.

Whoa! Where did that come from? Bruce is just my boss and friend and nothing more! No matter how perfectly chiseled his abs and pecs are.

I felt a little disappointed at the thought that Bruce would never see me as anything more than a friend. God! What is with me today? I've never though about him this way before!

I didn't understand why I was feeling this way all of a sudden; why I was feeling so… attached to Bruce.

"Ugh, this sucks!" I sighed and clenched my eyes shut; trying desperately to block out all of my thoughts.

It took what seemed like hours for me to fall asleep, but I was finally able to silence my thoughts long enough to drift to sleep.

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