A.N. Soooo! Remember how I said, next time my ex-friend knocks on my door it will be slammed in her face?

Well. It took her quicker than I thought. Ive had the whole "tears and apologies" thing and quite frankly, it affected me none. So I did exactly what I said I would do. Then she came again, so ive decided to be civil for the sakes of our mutual friends. But as for being friends… she can forget it. She means nothing to me anymore. But on a lighter note… I have a new love interest in my life!

Im not going to say too much about it, because I don't want to jinx the relationship, but lets just say things are going very well XD and im very happy.

My ex-best-friends recent activities though inspired me to write this chapter. The next lyric I was going to use was "I cant be as sorry as you think I should." And recent happenings kinda fit in with that, don't you think?

ANYWAY!!!! Lolz, your getting sick of me prattling on, I can tell. So here it is, the next chapter!



"… Maxine. If you don't get your hands off me right now, I swear to god… I will break your legs."

Maxine laughed. "Bully." She stuck her tongue out at the man standing in front of her.

Mickey felt it unfair that even with his bandaged hand where his finger had been sewn back on, he was still submitted to torture at the hands of someone who was supposedly his friend. His legs ached already from standing all day on this stool, and there was the humiliation that he was wearing a skirt in front of not only Maxine, but Ian and knob. Oh, sorry, James. And now the bitch was sticking pins in his legs!

"I thought you liked big pricks in you?"

Shit. He hadn't realised he had said that out loud. He glared down at Maxine, who had a filthy smirk on her face as she kneeled in front of him. Ian was almost wetting himself on the couch, meanwhile knob was too busy investigating his phone to even notice where he was.

Mickey hoped to god he was cheating on Ian. At least then, he would have a reason for staying away from him. It was at this point he realised he still hadn't responded to Maxine.

"Just carry on sewing, bitch. And I don't want any more holes in my legs!"


Ian threw his fork down in despair. He had finished his meal quickly on purpose, so as to avoid more confrontation… or keep it to a minimum at least. Inviting James over really was a bad idea. Mickey had been jibing all evening… and James wasn't much better.

"So kn-James, what is it you do?"

"I told you already, im a management consultant. Unfortunately, we cant all be qualified enough to sell drugs to kids and beat up poor, innocent people."

"Your ear's in a bit of a state, isn't it?"

"I was attacked by a dog when I was a child. The state of my ear is nothing compared to the state of your face."

"Any kids? Or is nothing really important to you?"

"I have a daughter, yes. At least I got the chance to father a child, see… people actually want to sleep with me."

"Flashy suit. Like showing off, do you?"

"Its not showing off, its taking pride in my appearance. Love your t-shirt by the way, that gravy stain really brings out your eyes."

"You've put a bit of weight on recently. It must be nice to just not care what size you are."

"Better than being a twig like you."

"You look so gay when you drink tea like that."

"You have a pink car. And you must have spent at least an hour trying to comb your hair into submission."

"As opposed to you who just dipped your head into a vat of chip fat?"

"Don't get your handbag in a twist."

"At least I have the class to own a handbag!"


"Nothing. Can you smell pickled onions?"


"Huh. Must just be you then."


"Proposed to Ian yet? Ive heard you have quite a habit of doing that…"

"Ive made mistakes. Im sure you've made more than most yourself."

That was when Ian had slammed his fork down. He had had quite enough of this rubbish. Maxine was oblivious to all… she had obviously got the right idea when after just one comment she had stuck her headphones in and shut out the world.

"Come on James, im sure you have places to be. Work meetings and stuff."

James took the hint and stood up to leave. Mickey did a slight air punch while Maxine took out her headphones. Ian walked James to the door, and stepped outside with him for a moment.

"What was all that shit about? Are you incapable of holding a conversation without slating someone?"

"Hey, Mickey started on me! What was I supposed to do, take it?"

"That's just Mickey! And he's a mate, he's supposed to be disapproving… you're my boyfriend; you're supposed to take the higher moral ground and not rise to it. You've just completely fucked my evening."

"Well… im sorry. See you tomorrow."

Ian walked back inside, not feeling the least bit guilty at the puppy eyes James had given him. They just didn't work for some reason. Now to deal with Mickey… who had disappeared from the kitchen. Maxine was still sat in her seat, feet propped up n the table, chewing gum with her headphones back in.

Ian whipped the magazine she was reading out of her hands and knocked her headphones out. Maxine clutched her chest in shock and sighed with relief.


"Where's Maguire?"

"Oh, he's hiding under the breakfast bar but he told me not to tell you."

"Max! That is the last time I trust you…"

Mickey emerged from under the breakfast bar, sweeping dust from his knees as he stood. He at least had the decency to look guilty, unlike James.

"What the fuck? Why do you have to ruin things? I thought we agreed that you were going to be civil from now on?"

"I know you think ive treated James badly, and maybe I have, but its nothing he doesn't deserve. Hes a cruel person, Ian. Hes a knob! I know you want me to be sorry, and I am… I just cant be as sorry as you think I should."

Mickey brushed past Ian and left the kitchen. Seconds later, the sound of his bedroom door slamming reverberated throughout the entire bungalow.

"Well… someone is on their period this week."

Ian sighed.

"Shut it, Max."

A.N. Well, that wasn't too bad, was it? I know that first scene had no relevance at ALL, but it just popped into my head and it made me laugh too much to have not written it. Im still giggling at the image of Mickey in a skirt. Let me know what you think! xoxo