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Leading Me to Comfort ~ Chapter 1

The thing Edward loved the most about being a small town doctor was the fact he knew his patients.

He knew all about them, their families and their histories. But the worst thing about this small town situation was he was never off duty. This small community seemed to feel that he was available for people to discuss their health problems everywhere he went, including in the library, at the local store, the gym, and even the local diner.

It was partly his fault.

Edward really cared about people.

Tanya on the other hand, had hated it here.

She hated everything about this small town.

There was no shopping mall or beauty salons.

She hated his job.

She hated the long hours he worked.

She hated when he was on-call over night.

She missed out the glamour & socialising of being a consultant's wife in a large hospital.

The long hours alone had given her an excuse to find her own company, filling their bed with his previous good friend, James. Coming home early to surprise Tanya one afternoon, discovering her & James in their bed together had been the end of their already failing relationship, and the end of the friendship between him and James.

Even though if he was honest with himself, he knew their love, if it had ever really been that, had almost run its course he was still disgusted by their betrayal.

Edward sighed as he walked into the diner, hoping for some peace without this feeling of being so alone was one thing he craved, but he was doubtful of ever finding it.

The diner gave him the closest to a family meal time that he had missed so much since leaving his own hometown. Sharing time, food & conversation with loved ones was home to Edward, but by stark comparison, his house was so empty now, just a building, not a home, that didn't feel like he belonged in it.

Walking through the doors he inhaled all the comforting aromas that suddenly engulfed him.

Home cooking...stews, pies & coffee, making him feel warm and safe inside. The food here was one of the few comforts he had found in this town.

It reminded him of his mothers home cooking, he really needed to get home to see them all soon.

Promising himself he would make time this month… But hadn't he told himself that last month?

The diner was already full this evening, and he could see Mrs Stanley at the first table with her family. He really didn't want to discuss her constipation with her again this evening.

His heart sinking, he smiled back at her, their eyes meeting; it was too late to turn back or pretend she wasn't there.

But before she could say a word to him, a small hand slipped into his, taking gentle grip and someone to his side whispered "Follow me."

With no choice but to comply, he walked to the rear of the diner, looking at his saviours back.

A young woman, with the most luscious brown curly hair, all gathered up in a messy bun, held in place by chopsticks, stray curls bouncing as she walked to her destination.

She never looked back at him, instead her hips swayed as she continued striding along with purpose and he all but stumbled behind her.

Edward would have followed this creature anywhere.

He was not ready for the heart stopping moment when she turned and he finally looked into her eyes.

As he melted into the pools of chocolate that lead into her very soul, he couldn't help himself fall under her bewitchment. Her gentle smile made him feel like he was being hypnotised, he couldn't break this spell he was under...he wouldn't even try to fight it.

She turned slightly and directed him into a booth right at the back of the diner. He would be able to see all that was going on without anyone bothering him. To the left was a huge window that gave him a wonderful view of the evening sun setting over the lake. This was a haven, safe and comforting, just what he had been searching for, how had he never seen it before?

She whispered to him again, asking was this ok?

He could only nod, not able to make himself say anything that would make sense at all. Edward was not normally short on words but he didn't seem to have the ability to say anything to this Angel before him.

She seemed pleased with him accepting the booth and this simple fact delighted him.

Edward sat down without taking his eyes from her, "Thank you, Bella."

The tag on her uniform gave him her name...so fitting, Bella ~ Italian for beautiful.

But at the same time not enough, she was simply breathtaking.

"You are welcome, Edward."

So she knew his name too. But then everyone knew who he was here.

Bella handed him a menu and asked if he wanted anything to drink?


She waited for patiently his order; he seemed unable to even make this simple decision. What on earth was happening to him? His brain had turned into jelly.

"Would you like a coke as usual Edward?"

"Yes... a coke please."

Has she seen him in here before?

They can't have spoken, he would have remembered her, she was…unforgettable.

"The specials tonight are pumpkin soup, Beef casserole and for dessert apple pie. I will be back with your drink in a moment."

Suddenly she was gone! Where was she? Come back!

First she made him dumbstruck, and then she simply vanished. Edward had been coming to this diner for months and never ever once laid eyes on this beautiful young woman. She couldn't return quickly enough to him.

Then, there she was, standing before him with her eyes looking right into his very being.

The look of pure concentration on her face as she balanced his drink on a small tray was so cute.

"Here you go...Enjoy."

His shaking hand met her much smaller one briefly as she placed the ice cold drink in front of Edward.

The spark between made them both gasp.

"Now are you ready to order or will I leave you for a few moments to decide?"

"No! Don't go, I don't know what I want to order, but please don't go yet…"

She just looked back at him; her smile matched the twinkle in her eyes. Soft wisps of hair falling round her face, like a mahogany frame. He was held fast in her trance.

Come on Edward, he thought to himself, concentrate, think, say something that doesn't make you sound like a bumbling fool.

"Surprise me. I will eat whatever you bring me."

What kind of answer was that you idiot!

He annoyed himself with his response, but it had been the first thing he thought of!

She hasn't run away scared off by his answer, but lent in towards him and asked him, "How hungry are you Edward?"

"Very hungry Bella, very…"

Hungry for you! He thought again to himself.

What was going on? He was not a hormone crazed teenager, he was a man. A man who would take this woman home with him if he could, take her to meet his parents, take her to be his wife, to his bed…forever!

Where the hell did all that come from?

And with that she was gone again…where had she gone now?

He had never felt like this before, for no one.


Not even when things were good with Tanya.

He didn't want to give her a second thought just now.

This was about him and his Bella.

When did she become his Bella?

One thing he did know for absolute sure, was he needed to make her his Bella.

He hadn't even looked at the menu but trusted her with her choice; hell, he would trust her with anything right now.

And then she was back, with a bowl of warming soup.

"I hope you like this, I made it today."

He couldn't look away as he went to lift the spoon to his mouth, but she put her hand out and stopped him tasting it.

"Wait, it's too hot to eat straight away, blow on it!"

Bella held the spoon still in his hand and moved it towards to her mouth, formed her pink rosebud lips into a small O shape, inhaled and then slowly blew across the soup cooling it as you would to a child's meal.

He sat there with his mouth open.

Unable to move, how could she make that so sexy?

She was killing him.

"Try that now."

He had to; he nodded and tasted the rich, smooth soup.

He moaned with satisfaction as he savoured it.

The pumpkin, garlic and spices warmed him all the way to his core.

"Good, enjoy the rest and I will be back with something else in a bit Edward."

But before he could beg her to stay she was gone again.

He had no idea how to deal with this; he was staring at the soup before him, like she had given him a bowl of pure gold.

He savoured every spoonful, without taking too long; simply wanting her to return back to him quickly.

He didn't realise just how hungry he had been till he started eating. He had missed lunch due to Mrs Webber wanting to discuss his on call shifts for the following week. He hadn't minded being on call, he had little else to fill his time. But now, now he would try to spend some time off with Bella.

How that was going to happen when he couldn't even answer her about his choice from the menu was a whole other issue. The soup was finished, and Edward waited for Bella to appear again.

"Did you enjoy that, Edward?"

"Yes thank you I did, it was delicious."

"Good, now here you go something to keep you nice and satisfied, Beef casserole."

"Thank you Bella, it smells amazing, did you cook this too?"

He needed to keep her here a bit longer, find a way to ask her to spend time with him.

"Yes, I love cooking, it makes me happy."

"What else makes you happy Bella?"

Smooth Edward! You can do this, you can, keep telling yourself you can do this. He needed to keep talking to himself to give him the confidence to go on.

"Walks round the lake, quiet times with friends, reading, cooking for people, I am easily pleased really Edward."

I better go and let you eat up before it goes cold. Enjoy."

Now Edward, speak up now before she walks away from you again man!

"Wait! Would you like to take a walk with me round the lake Bella? I have never walked round it before?"

"I would love to Edward." Bella giggled as she walked away. Her giggle made him chuckle as well.

It was so good to feel so carefree, so hopeful for something good.

Sighing he looked at her offering before him, taking some on his fork, he blew gently on it, thinking of her the whole time as he placed it in his mouth.

This was the best casserole Edward had tasted, even better than his Mom's if that was possible.

The fact Bella had made it herself was as pleasing as the taste. He savoured the meal, feeling a bit happier knowing he had made conversation with Bella, and she hadn't dismissed him as a complete fool.

Placing his cutlery down on the plate after his last mouth full Edward felt more content than he had done in a very long time.

Leaning back into the booth he rested his head against the leather behind him and closed his eyes. He hadn't been sleeping or eating properly for too long and started mumbling about how it was time to start taking better care of himself.


He hadn't even realised Bella was back, how long had she been there? He opened his eyes and looked towards her. For a moment he dreamed that they could have been at home, together, how he would love that, their home...and both of them being together.

"Yes Bella?"

Slowly her hand moved down towards him and pushed his bronze hair away from his weary eyes.

She had shown him more tenderness in one evening than he had felt in a long time, it made his heart melt.

"Would you like anything else?"

"Bella…what time do you finish this evening?"

She was blushing, and biting down on her lower lip.

"I finished half an hour ago, but I wanted to make sure you had peace to eat tonight. You always seem to have the world upon your shoulders, you never eat enough. So, yes you do need to slow down and start looking after yourself better."

With that Edward stood up, taking her into his arms, wrapping her in a loving embrace. Leaning towards her face, he placed a gentle kiss on her soft yielding lips. Her lips move with his as she let out a gentle moan that he captured into his mouth.

He didn't want to stop, but he had to.

Had he had over stepped the mark?

He didn't know if this was too much for Bella.

"Wow…" Bella gasped, but didn't step away from him.

She stayed there, in his arms, inches away from his face, blushing and shallow breathing escaping her.

Her eyes were still closed.

His lips just inches away from hers as he mumbled

"Thank you."

She opened her eyes are focused on him.

"You are very welcome, I glad you enjoyed your meal Edward."

"Oh you have no idea Bella, but thank you for so much more than that! Would you care to take that walk with me round the lake now please?"

His heart stopped and he held his breath while she looked at him. Once more she took his hand in hers, with no idea where tonight's bravery had come from. He gave her a gentle squeeze, never wanting to let her go.

She had wanted to touch him, speak to him, and make him feel comforted for so many weeks now.

But she had hidden back in the kitchen, sending her love for him in the flood she sent out to him.

He looked so lonely, always making time for everyone except himself.

The answer was easy. Yes!

She would walk with him anywhere, forever.