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Previously on Leading me to comfort...~ EPOV.

"Are you sure he won't take her back? If she turned up here now, could you compete with her for his affections?" Alice laughed as she tried to put doubt into Bella's belief in our relationship.

I couldn't stand back now. I stepped forward and placed my hands on Bella's shaking shoulders, taking a large inhalation of breath before I spoke.

Leading me to Comfort ~ Chapter 24.

Edward had gone with Rose to check the children were both settled. I absolutely adored how involved he was with his family, especially Alex & Emmie. It warmed my heart to think of Edward being a Daddy to the children we would raise together. I had tried to understand why Tanya had done her best to keep Edward apart from them all, but it just didn't make any sense to me. The family had all been so welcoming to me.

Our parents had gone out again together for the evening, making fast work of becoming firm friends in their own rights. Emmett was showing Jasper something or other on his laptop in another room.

Alice was frantically scribbling even more notes in her book of plans for the house. I really couldn't understand why she thought this beautiful home needed so many big changes, especially considering they were not planning to stay here very long at all.

Honestly, I was enjoying getting to know Rose and Jasper better. Even Emmett; he made me laugh, although he was driving Edward nuts! But I think that was a lifelong situation between the two brothers.

Alice...I liked Alice, but I was struggling a little bit to find much in common with her, and her constant snippy behaviour was not helping at all.

I got up to put some more logs on the fire, closed the drapes and lit a couple of large candles that Esme had bought for us, making the room feel so warm & inviting.

Alice watched me move and started to speak as she carried on making notes to herself.

"We will have to make some time to sort out your wardrobe, Bella."


"I tell you, Bella, you need to smarten up. Edward expects and deserves more from his partner."

"What do you mean, Alice?" I was quickly becoming more than a little pissed. I didn't want yet another argument with her, but I was not going to be her Barbie doll, either.

"You need to start dressing more like a woman and less like a teenager. You need to wear more make-up, make more effort in styling your hair, and when did you last go to the beauticians?"

How dare she? I didn't really know much about what men liked, but so far Edward seemed to like me just as I was.

"Edward has not complained about any of those things to me."

I started to worry that maybe Alice knew something I didn't.

"He is too much of a gentleman to complain, Bella!" Alice scoffed. "You could do with shaping your eyebrows a little more, and don't get me started on your lady garden!"

"My...what?" I squeaked, my face blushing bright red.

Alice sighed and just carried on explaining everything she thought I was doing wrong.

"When you were getting dressed other day and I came into ask you about decorating the rooms, I noticed that you're not as neat as you can be down there."

I stood there, my mouth wide open at her behaviour as she gestured towards my crotch with distaste.

I had almost jumped out of my skin when she had just wandered into the en-suite bathroom without even knocking, giving me just enough time to pull up my underwear and pull my tee shirt on, trying to protect my modesty.

"You were looking at my underwear and checking out my pubic hair!" My voice was high pitched, but I was becoming angrier rather than more embarrassed.

But it seems she was not finished telling me just how inferior I was either.

"You can only hold a man's interest so long if you don't make sure you look after things."

I couldn't believe she was telling Edward to make all these changes to his home, but now, she was attacking me as well.

"But it is ok for you to bully people into doing what you want, like the list of demands you have for Edward's house?"

"That's right. This is Edward's house, not yours, and he will soon get bored of you and ask you to leave. If someone like Tanya couldn't keep him interested..."

How dare she? She knew how I felt about Tanya being more Edward's kind of woman than I was.

"Keep him interested? She was thrown out! He threw her out!"

I was livid, I stepped closer to her, standing up, using the few inches advantage in height I had her to show that I was not some little girl she could boss around.

"Are you sure he won't take her back? If she turned up here now, could you compete with her for his affections?" Alice just laughed and was not bothered by my pathetic angry stance at all.

I was speechless, she knew she had me. I felt my body shrink back down, my shoulders dropped, leaving me feeling no taller than six inches.

It was true; Edward could ask me to leave at any time.

Now, I had no other home to go to, there was no way would I move back in with Dad, what with him entertaining Sue there.

But none of that mattered, nothing mattered without Edward.

Edward loved me.

He told me all the time, with his words and his actions.

I closed my eyes, debating if I should run and hide, or stand here and face up to Alice. She knew him better than I did. She was his sister, if I ran tattle-tailing on him, would he believe me? Would he suddenly open his eyes and see what the mouse I really was?

Just like so many times before, I knew Edward was behind me before I felt his touch or heard his words; it was time to see what he would make about all of this. Ready or not.

His warm hands rested softly on my shoulders, I heard him take a long, slow, cleansing breath.

Was he was going to ask me to stay or leave?

"Bella, you know you're wrong about something."

I could feel the tears behind my eyelids. Edward used his hands to slowly turn me so I was now facing him.

"Baby, open your eyes. Look at me please," he whispered as his fingers moved down my cheeks towards my chin, and gently coaxed my face up towards him.

My eyes opened and a tear escaped from both sides, slowly trickling down my cheeks. I looked up as Edward's beautiful emerald eyes locked onto my fearful gaze. Warm hands moved up, cupping my cheeks; his thumbs simultaneously wiped away my tears so tenderly it made me shudder.

"You're wrong about this being my house, this is our home. It has been our home from the moment you agreed to move in here with me."

I could not stop the tears from falling freely now, Edward whispered as he pulled me into his tender embrace. "I love you, Bella. I love you just as you are, no changes, no so called improvements, nothing anyone could do to you, would make me love you any more than I do right now."

Suddenly, I began shaking uncontrollably, Edward simply held me closer to his strong body, comforting me, securing me with his touch and words. Noise surrounded me, but it was almost like a radio that was not quite tuned in properly to the station. Edward lifted me up and carried me to the sofa nearby. I held on tight, scared to let go, petrified of what was going to happen when I opened my eyes and Edward spoke with Alice.

"It's okay, my little one; it is going to be all alright, baby." Edward soothed my hair with his long, strong fingers until his velvet voice suddenly filled with anger. His nose stopped rubbing against my cheek, and he turned to face the family who gathered in the room.

"Alice, I'm so furious with you right now. I have nothing to say that you will want to hear."
"Edward," Alice sighed.

"DO not speak to me!" Edward took a deep breath before speaking again in the same tone.

"Get out of here, Alice, go to your room, and take your bloody lists with you, just get…!"

Edward threw Alice's notebook that had been resting on the arm of the sofa over towards his unusually quiet sister.

"Edward," Jasper's usually calm voice was showing strain. "Can we sort this out man?"

"NO. Not tonight. I need to calm down before I talk to her again."

"But Edward—" Alice tried to interrupt again.

Edward lifted his head, his eyes black with anger, a look that if directed at me would have scared the living daylights out of me.

Trying to soothe his rage, I hesitantly began stroking his chest with my fingers. Edward lifted up my finger tips up, kissed them softly, and brought his lips to my palm before placing my hand back down on his chest; his warm hand holding mine in place over his heart. I relaxed slightly feeling his fingers tap his message of love to me.

I had never seen my gentle man angry like this before.

"Edward?" I whispered cautiously.

He looked down at me, his face melting into a softer, more loving expression.

"Do you think we should try and resolve this tonight?" I suggested.

He shook his head gently, relaxing me slightly as his hand came up to move a stray lock of hair behind my ear.

"Not tonight, baby. The only person who I need to reassure and focus on right now is you."

I held his hand on my cheek that he was now cupping as his thumb caressed my skin.

"Everything — you're everything to me, Bella. No one can make me look elsewhere, no one makes me feel like you do, and no one ever has."

I believed him.

"I know you're telling me the truth, Edward."

"But?" he asked gently.

"I must admit, I worry that she will return for you one day, when she wakens up and realises what she has lost."

"What she has lost is any right to come back; she will find nothing here for her. Her betraying me would be nothing like the devastation I would suffer without you in my life. If you wanted to walk away I would be heartbroken."

I knew Edward's siblings and spouses were still in the room, but I couldn't care.

"Do you think I should be more…"

I couldn't quite think of one word that I wanted right now.

"Don't you want me to be more...girlie or pretty or even sophisticated?"

He shook his head. "No. In my eyes, you're the prettiest girl I know. I don't want you to try to be anything other than who you already are to me."

Closing my eyes as I snuggled down into his embrace I could feel both our breathing slowing down and calming.

Rose was giving Alice a real telling off, Jasper sat there shaking his head at his wife's childish behaviour, and even Emmett added the odd word in, between changing channels on the TV.

"Alice, you behaving like Alex when he doesn't get his own way, just grow up!" He growled at his youngest sibling.

I knew this needed to be addressed, if it went on any longer, it would only cause ill feeling.

"Edward, love?"


"Can we sort this all out, please?" I looked at his frowning face.

"Tomorrow," he whispered.

I shook my head, "Tonight. Please? My Gran once told me, never to go to bed angry."

"Well, sweetheart, I'm not angry at you, and you're the only person I want to go to bed with!" He smirked then laughed as I scowled at him.


"For you, baby, alright."

"Not for me. For you. For Alice." I shook my head at him, but smiled at his grin.

"Oh, now you want to do something for Alice!"

We turned to see Edward's younger sister standing with her hands on her hips, her foot tapping briskly in annoyance.

"Alice!" Rose chastised the frustrated woman sized brat before us.

Edward took a breath and opened his mouth to respond, but I could see he was starting to get angry again.

I spoke calmly to the flustered sibling standing in front of us.

"Why are you so angry with me, Alice?"

Alice muttered and mumbled, but no one understood what she said.

"Sorry?" I apologised.

"I said," she started harshly, "I thought you and I would be friends, but you spend all your time with everyone else."


"Tanya kept us away from Edward. You keep him to yourself, in your room, your study."

That was not what I expected.

She had missed Edward. No one realised how much Alice had missed her caring, gentle, quiet brother.

"I didn't like Tanya. I like you but you either spend all your time with him, or Rose, or Jasper, the kids, cooking with Mom, even Emmett!"
"Hey!" Emmett almost sounded offended with this, but then grinned, his dimples showing on his face.

I stood up and offered Alice my hand; she hesitated for a moment before stepping slowly forward towards me.

"Alice." I sighed, "I love your brother, and we need to spend time together. As for everyone else, Rose and I have had longer to get to know each other, she was there when I was scared, vulnerable, and in need of her support. The same with Jasper, he protected me when James appeared at school for me, but I also have my classes in common with both of them."

Alice gave my hand a soft squeeze and nodded.

"I would like to spend more time with you. I know you have been busy with all your work in planning your new business."

"We could go shopping or to the spa," Alice muttered.

I sighed, knowing this was the very time I had to be completely honest with her.

"I hate shopping, Alice. I'm just not a girlie-girl."

Alice looked at me, lost in the thoughts going through her mind. "I just wanted to be included," she admitted.

"Then we will try harder, but I won't pretend to be something I'm not."

She tried to smile, but still looked unhappy.

"You need to take me as I am, Alice."

"You're lovely as you are, Bella, I'm sorry. I just was so excited about getting my brother back, and everyone was saying how great you were. I wanted a friend. I'm a bit unsettled."

I nodded, understanding how lost she was with the move, and starting a new venture with her career.

Edward stood up and wrapped his arms around us both. "I love you both; I want you to get on, but, Alice." He spoke calmly, but firmly to his sister, who had started crying as she gripped on to both Edward and I. "You need to stop this crazy behaviour!"

Alice snorted and giggled when Edward kissed her cheek loudly.

I shook my head. This family was completely crazy. But they were more than I had ever hoped for.

Alice and I spent some time making hot drinks for everyone; she told me how she missed everyone while she was away at school and had all these ideas about how great it would be for them all to be together again, but had found the reality was nothing like she had hoped for.

Rose and Edward had a close bond that she didn't seem to feel included in. So when I came along, she had hoped to find that bond with me. She was jealous, and feeling left out. Her behaviour had quickly spiralled out of control and she didn't see a way of backing down without losing face in the whole situation.

I tried to reassure her while still making sure she knew where I stood about shopping, girlie stuff and her invading my personal space. We spoke about everything. Alice calmed down with all the plans she had made for Edward's house.

"It's your home, too. I'm sorry that forgot that, Bella," she explained. "I didn't want to lose him again, like we did with Tanya." "I'm not Tanya."

"I know that now, Bella, honestly I do."

Taking the drinks through to the other room, we snuggled up with our loved ones and watched a film until the parents returned home to join us. I was getting used to seeing Dad with Sue; it was lovely how sweet he was with her, even though he still looked a wee bit bashful at times.

Esme asked if everything was okay as she leaned in to give both Edward and I a soft hello kiss on the cheek. I smiled, nodding and cuddled back into Edward's embrace. Life felt lighter, but I knew in my heart it probably was not going to last for long.

Suddenly, I was exhausted, but didn't want to move from Edward's lap. "Are you ready to go to bed, honey?"

I was aware of Edward's velvet voice, whispering in my ear, speaking softly enough not to waken me properly. I shook my head. "I want to stay with you."

"I'm ready to go if you are, beautiful."

"Stay and talk with your family if you want to, I'm happy here." Yawning, I snuggled back in his arms.

Edward kissed my hair, and I fell deeper into an easy sleep.


I was so angry at bloody Alice. If Bella hadn't calmed me down, and encouraged me to listen to my sister, things would have got totally out of hand, I was all for throwing her out.

After we talked, I did feel slightly sorry for her, but she had gone about this all the wrong way. There was no way I would let anyone treat my Bella like Alice had done. No way.

Alice was not going to get her own way, Bella stood up to her, and thankfully the little brat had backed down. Jasper and I had a good talk with Alice; we sorted out what they would like done to the two rooms that would be theirs while they stayed here, and what I was prepared to let them do. We settled on painting and some furniture they had in storage for their living room. Alice could make all the changes to her own home when they got their own place.

Bed was calling; I was almost tempted to snuggle up with my sleeping beauty right here on the sofa, but Charlie was watching as I stroked the outside of Bella's thigh, I didn't want to risk getting caught doing anything else with Bella, even though this was our house.

It was high time we claimed our home back for ourselves!

"Goodnight all," I muttered to the room as I moved Bella into a better position before lifting her as I stood up.

"Emmett, will you lock up after Charlie and Sue head home please?" I nodded while making eye contact with my future father in law. He grimaced but nodded back at me. Charlie moved to stand before me, leaned in and kissed Bella's hair and wished both of us a good night.

Carefully, I lowered Bella onto our bed before heading into the bathroom to get ready for sleeping. When I returned, I couldn't help but smile at Bella, all snuggled up on my side of the bed, hugging my pillow. Gently, I removed just her socks and trousers, I knew she would get too hot in her sweatshirt, but I didn't want to waken her up. I switched off the lights after locking to door, and got into bed on Bella's side. It wasn't that long ago that I didn't even have a side of the bed. I was happy on either side, as long as Bella was by my side. I positioned myself as close to her as I could, sneaking my fingers under her little short type panties, my hand settled on her hipbone, I kissed her head softly, as I closed my eyes.

Bella sighed and pushed back into my embrace. Her hand rested on top of my arm for a second before making its way under her panties to entwine with my fingers.

"Edward," she mumbled.

"Shush. It's okay, darling. I'm here."

Her little fingers tugged on mine until my hand moved across her pelvis towards her tiny patch of curls. Gently, I touched the top of her mound, my reactions to her body instantaneous. Her bum wiggled against my naked hardening groin and I groaned as she moaned my name once more.

"Oh, Bella, honey, please be awake!" I pleaded to her.

"Yes, touch me." She turned her head back, her eyes open, heavy with desire.

"I was dreaming about you," she confessed, her lips finding mine as she moved her lower arm up and started pulling at her sweatshirt. "Take this off. Too warm, too many clothes in the way."

Between us, we removed her sweat shirt, I was still behind Bella, and started to move her body so she would be facing me, but she shook her head and bit down on her lip.

"What's got you all coy, baby?" I wondered out loud.

"I liked what we did...when I had my period, with you behind me," she confessed shyly.

"Oh, okay." I grinned.

"No condoms this time, just you and me," she whispered.

I nodded. "Just you and me sweetheart."

My fingers started to wander under her panties again; I was so turned on by the feel of the silky material brushing against my hand as my fingers explored all her secrets. I slipped between her labia and started to move the wetness I found all around her.

"You must have been having some dream, baby." I grinned; delighted with the effect her thoughts had had of us being together.

"I always dream of you." She panted, my fingers moved inside her as my thumb twisted to find her clit. It wasn't the easiest position to be in, but I wanted her to come before we joined together. My lips found her neck and earlobe, she pushed against me again, I didn't want to come in my boxers but I couldn't stop the delicious friction she was bringing me either.

Groaning I watched her fingers slip inside the cup of her bra, the noises she made as she found her sensitive breast and began to squeeze and tease her nipple.

"Oh, Bella, I can't wait to have you naked and my mouth attached to your luscious tits."

I sped up my fingers and moved my other arm under her snaking round to pull both bra cups down so her breasts spilled out and into view. I toyed with one nipple and breast while Bella attended to the other one. Her upper leg moved up and over my thigh, opening herself further up to me, giving me deep access to her, plunging inside as deep as I could, I cried out to her, desperate for her to come so I could move my weeping penis inside her warmth.

"Baby... Baby...Touch yourself, come for me," I pleaded.

She did as I begged of her, her breathing now pants and whimpers of desire, her head thrown back under mine, her whole body shaking and pushing against me as she teetered on the edge of her climax. Between us, we brought her to the edge, my teeth grazing on her neck and shoulder, the desire to bite her, claim her, and mark her as mine was screaming in my head.

She called out my name as her whole body shuddered, gasped once more and started panting for air as she came down from her high. I soothed her gently before withdrawing my hand until my palm coming to rest on her pelvis.

We lay together for a few moments until I felt Bella try to grapple with her twisted bra. "Let me get that, sweetie."

I kissed her softly as I removed the restricting undergarment from her body.

Once she was freed from her bra, I pushed her silk panties from her body, kissing any skin I could reach as I moved down her. With nothing between us now, I moved back against Bella, as close as I could. Her thigh lifted up and rested on top of mine, she was opening herself up to me, my dick was seeking its way inside her, and homing in on where it would reside at all times if it could. Inching side her, moving my hips, she pushed back, groaning with delight at the invasion we both savoured. Hands moved attaching onto breasts and hips, it was deep, slow and tender.


I was not going to last this way, and I wanted Bella to come again. I wanted to feel her grip me as I came.

I reached down to her slick clitoris, swollen and sensitive to my touch. My finger circled her, smearing her arousal around her before I started tapping her gently.

She started to clench down and grip on me, I moved faster and deeper inside her. Whispering how much I loved her, how I wanted to make her come every day for the rest of our lives.

Her whole body started to stiffen and she held her breath before whispering out my name again.

I kept moving, slower but steady. I wanted to make this last a bit longer, I wasn't done here tonight.

Suddenly, this was not how to finish our love making.

"I know you want to do this with me behind you tonight," I whispered. "But I really need to see your face, to kiss you, sweetheart, please?" I turned her face towards me as I made my request.

She nodded, and between kisses, we both groaned as I withdrew my aching cock from inside her.

"Will you lie on top of me?" she requested. "Cover me with your body?"

I grinned at the most beautiful creature smiling back at me, her blush contradicting the sexual requests she had made. Silently, slowly, we moved so she was lying down on the bed, as I settled above her. Nothing was said, we held each other's gaze. I held her in my arms, as I lowered myself onto her. I pushed inside again, her legs moving apart and around me, gripping me, pulling me further into her warmth.

We both stopped still.

This moment, our connection, it was like time had stopped. Nothing and no one else mattered to either of us.

Bella's hand moved down to rest over my heart, I nodded, understanding as tears filled her eyes.

"Baby, don't cry pretty girl," I whispered.

"Happy tears," she stuttered as the tears feel down her face to the side of her head and into her hair.

"Just feel us, baby. You and me." I moved my pelvis up and Bella moved with me. Our union was consuming us.

"Want you..." Bella panted.

"You have me."

"Forever?" she asked me.


It took no time at all, till I could feel her clenching around me.

Grunting, trying to keep hitting the sweet spot that made her gasp. I know Bella was close, but it wasn't close enough, I was not sure I could hold on much longer.

"Please, baby, need you to let go. Need you to..."

My name left her lips silently as I pushed harder and emptied all I had inside her.

This moment was perfect.

It was ours.