One week.

A full seven days.

I sat there inside that moving bus, having been glued to my seat for the past three hours. My left hand was cradling my chin as I looked out the window of my transport. From time to time I'd find myself staring at some weird looking people and land marks but they were very few and far in between so I would usually end up sighing in boredom. This place, this town… So this was where I was going to spend my precious one week vacation?

I sighed again for the 137th time. Damn, I must be really bored out of my skull to be counting the number of sighs that I had made. Normally, I wouldn't have even put a second thought into going to a town that I had absolutely no clue about, but because of the sudden hospitalization of my Aunt and after being asked by her to look after her house while she was confined I really didn't have much of a choice. After all, that Aunt of mine had been very kind to me through the years; I didn't want to look like some ungrateful bastard. My mother would provide me no comfort neither since she would constantly tell me how I should visit the place of her birth at least once. So looking at it in a different perspective this was like killing two birds with one stone.

At first I thought that this wouldn't be so bad. With all the weird things that has happened to me in this past year I thought that a nice change of pace would do me a ton of good. I needed I break from the SOS brigade, from the constant out-of-this-world-sci-fi like happenings that were bombarding what should have been a peaceful and "normal" (and I do emphasize the word NORMAL) high school life, and most importantly I needed a break from Haruhi Suzumiya.

I sighed again (sigh #138 and counting).

To think that all of my troubles were caused by an eccentric, hyperactive school girl who is either: (a) a crack in the space-time continuum, (b) the first product of biological evolution capable of generating new information and surpassing previous limitations to be spontaneously born in the universe, or (c) God. Yup, that old guy you see in the movies with the long white hair and beard combo might actually turn out to be your not-so-average high school girl only that her cuteness is eclipsed by her tendency to cause trouble to everyone around her, especially me… wait, did I just say to myself that Haruhi was cute?

*Sigh* (whoops, there goes #139)

But thinking back now, I probably should've just thought of some lame excuse. Sure, that messed up life wasn't exactly great (being chased by giant space bugs made out of data, dealing with humongous god-like beings and having to make sure that Haruhi didn't get too bored or else she'd end the world on all of us isn't something that you'd find enjoyment in) but at least it wasn't as boring as going to a place where I knew absolutely no one. I might just end up spending the whole week in my aunt's house playing video games and watching T.V. It's not like I had any intention of making any friends here. This is just a one time thing after all and I wasn't planning on coming back here so what was the point.

*Sigh* (Sigh #140. I wonder what the world record for the most sighs made by a bored high school student male in 24 hours is?)

I wish Asahina-senpai was here. Looking at her face that absolutely radiates of Moe would most likely be enough to give me my fix for the next four hours. On the other hand, I have this very weird feeling in the pit of my stomach that our conversation would be marred with numerous phrases of "that's classified information" and simply staring at her would be rude. Koizumi of course is out of the question since that guy has the tendency to annoy me for one reason or another. As for Nagato… well… I'd probably be in the same situation as I am now. How about Haruhi-… wait, what the hell am I thinking!? If she were here than what was the point of me agreeing to this trip in the first place!

Before I knew it, the bus finally comes to a stop. I grab my bag that was stowed above me and as soon as most of the passengers in front had left I then make my way out of the bus. As I step out and both my feet finally feel the hard texture of concrete for the first time in hours I start to look around.

This place, this town called Hikarizaka… I wonder what's going to happen to me now?

'If you want to get to the hospital then take the main road and turn left, you should be able to spot it in no time if you keep walking that road.'

"Thank you very much."

I said, thanking the old man in front of me who was kind enough to point me to the right direction, at least the people here seem hospitable.

Following the old man's advice I head to the main road and turn left at the first intersection that I see. While walking I decide to look around so that I could kill some time. This city was pretty much like my hometown. It wasn't as flashy as Tokyo or any of the major cities in Japan but like my hometown it had all your basic necessities like supermarkets, malls, clothing stores, etc. The only difference between the two was the fact that every person that I saw as I walked by were absolute strangers. Of course it wasn't like I knew every person that lived in my hometown but I have seen or walked past most of them at least once before so there was a sense of familiarity there. I wonder if this was how Urashima Taro felt?

After fifteen more minutes worth of walking I finally get a glimpse of my destination.

Well that didn't take long. (sarcasm)

I head for the reception area and ask for my Aunt's room. They told me that she had been expecting me and that she was in room 305 at the 3rd floor. As I headed towards room 305 I noticed the number of cute nurses walking around. Do all hospitals usually have this many cute nurses on their staff or was this place purposely stock piling to make sure that they had a steady influx of self-injured male patients?

As I finally reach room 305 I slowly open the door, but even before I could show myself to this room's occupant I was already greeted by that familiar voice which I had last heard on the other end of my house's telephone just a few days ago.

'Kyon! It's been awhile..!'

"It's good to see you too Auntie. Are you feeling better now?"

'A little weak but I'm loads better compared to when I was brought here. The Doctor wants to keep me here for further observation for a couple more days and just to be on the safe side as well.'

"I know that Auntie. That's why you asked me to come here and take care of your house, remember?"

'Oh, that's right. Silly me.'

"So why exactly were you hospitalized here in the first place, Auntie?"

'I'm not really sure. The last thing I remember was taking a bite from a friend's bread and then when I finally came to I was lying on this bed here.'

Bread? Is a bread even capable of something like that?

"What did the Doctor say?"

'He told me that I ingested some kind of unknown toxic substance and that they were trying to find out what it was.'

Toxic substance? What kind of bread did my Auntie end up eating?

'Anyway, did you have trouble trying to find this place?'

"Not really. This town doesn't look to be that big so hopefully I won't have any trouble getting around."

I suddenly hear a feint knock on the door.

'Excuse me, Isogai-san. I'm coming in.'

As I turn to look back at whomever it was that entered the room, I felt my jaw drop abruptly.

'Isogai-san, it's time to take your medicine.'

My God! I am forever grateful to you that I didn't back out of this trip!!!

'Ah, Ryou-chan. Is it that time already? I usually forget since I don't really like the taste of my medicine.'

'I'm really sorry Isogai-san, but please bear with it for a little while longer.'

'I guess it can't be helped, after all Ryou-chan is too cute that I couldn't possibly say no.'

Cute was right. No, actually it was an understatement. The nurse taking care of my Auntie was gorgeous as sin! With her short purple hair and delicate looking body that was hidden behind her white cover-all apron, she was more than a match against Asahina-senpai's adult self.

'Excuse me, Sir. Who are you?'

"Oh, me? Well, I'm…"

'He's Kyon, he's my niece's son. I asked him to take care of my house while I'm confined here at the hospital. Kyon, this is Fujibayashi Ryou. She's the one who has been taking care of me here in the hospital.'

'It's a pleasure to meet you Kyon-san.'

"Me too."

'Well then, if you would excuse me but I really need to give Isogai-san her medicine.'

"Ah, sure."

I would end up spending the next few minutes staring at Fujibayashi-san as she attended to my Auntie's needs. I wonder if I could spend the entire week here? If not then maybe falling down a couple of steps wouldn't be so bad if it meant being tended to by the Cute Nurses Brigade.

'Please make sure that you drink lots of fluids, Isogai-san. And please make sure that you don't strain yourself since rest is the key to a quick recovery.'

Wow, she's super caring too! Is there anything that she can't do!

'I'll make sure to remember that Ryou-chan.'

'Well then, I'll come again later in the afternoon Isogai-san. Please excuse me.'

My eyes end up following Fujibayashi-san as she left the room and as I did I kept trying to think of ways for me to stall for enough time until her next visit.

'Kyon sure is all grown up; staring at pretty girls.'

"What..! No Auntie, I wasn't really…"

Crap, did I stare too long at Fujibayashi-san.

'Ryou-chan sure is a good girl, don't you think so? You two would've made a great couple if it weren't for the age gap.'

"Age gap?"

'She may not look like it but Ryou-chan is actually one of the senior nurses here. She's probably in her mid-thirties now.'

"Are you serious Auntie?"

She didn't really need to reply since the calm look on her face was more than enough of an answer. Fujibayashi-san must have some awesome genes for her to look like someone who was at least ten years younger than her actual age.

'Kyon, do you know the address of the house?'

"Yes, Auntie. You told me on the phone, remember?"

'Oh silly me, I forgot again. Well, I'll leave the rest to you Kyon.'

I exit the hospital, the keys to my Aunt's house stowed safely inside my backpack. I glance at my watch, it was still rather early and I was pretty sure that I wouldn't have anything to do in my Aunt's house with the exception of the occasional chores and house cleaning. It would probably be a waste if I ended up simply spending my vacation lying on the couch while watching T.V. I hope that they have arcades here or some place where I could kill a bit of time… Wait, what the hell..! Is that a wild boar?!

I rub my eyes a bit just to make sure that the heat of the sun wasn't getting to my head, still that image remained.

What is up with this place? Could that boar have escaped from some nearby zoo? But more importantly, why wasn't anyone paying it any attention? Was the sight of wild animals frolicking around freely the norm in this town?

If Haruhi were here then she'd probably start rambling about some nonsensical plot concerning Aliens/ Time Travellers/ Sliders/ Espers/ (insert random entity here) and how it was our duty as members of the SOS brigade to investigate this matter. Luckily, she isn't here so I don't need to do any of that.

…Ok, maybe a small peek but that's it.

I begin to track down the wild boar that I had seen not too long ago. For some reason, this hospital had a rather large area of forest greenery which made it feel like I was in some far away province instead of a city. It didn't take long before I started to regret my decision. Why did I do this again? Well, it looks like I lost track of that boar anyway so I might as well head back… But wait, how exactly do I that? There didn't seem to be any semblance of an exit around. Maybe if I keep walking in one direction then I could get out of here. It's not like this place was that big to begin with.

I started to walk forward. One good thing that came from having this many trees was the fact that they provided excellent shade so even at the peak of the day's heat I was barely sweating at all. It made me want to lie down and relax for a few minutes but right now I'd rather try and find the exit. Hmm… looks like there's a bit of open space there, maybe I'm getting close.

As I head towards the said open space I get a glimpse of something that was rather odd. There seemed to be someone lying underneath the tree that stood at the center of the open space. I think I'll ask if he or she knew the way out of this place. As I near my target, the silhouette becomes more and more vivid.

The person that lay underneath the tree… was most definitely a girl.

Good day to you my would-be readers. Let me introduce (or if you already know me, then it's re-introduce) myself. I am v03, fanfic writer, die hard Laker Fan, and SOON TO BE REGISTERED NURSE (BOOM-SHAKALAKA-HEADSHOT). That's right people, I passed my board. Damn when the results where given out I seriously thought that I was gonna die. And when I saw my name on that list of passers I really almost died!!! Anyway, to celebrate my passing and coming Nurse-hood I give to you another fanfic (to those of you who are wondering if I'm going to continue Dreams of an Angel, you need not to worry for I will continue it within the next three months so by my estimate the sequel should be out sometime in June). Also, this is my first foray in writing this type of fanfic so go easy on me okay. RnR please and just so you know (if it's not already fairly obvious) this is a HnYxClannad fic.

Author's Note:

Urashima Taro – a fisherman of Japanese Legendwho rescues a turtle and is rewarded for this with a visit to the Palace of the Dragon God (or Ryūgū-jō) under the sea. He stays there for three days and, upon his return to his village, finds himself 60 years in the future.