This story was originally titled "A Very Rare Connection" but I wrote that when I was really young and it wasreallybad so if you liked that one, sorry not sorry at all in the slightest for revising it. It's pretty much the same situation and the same character but everything else is completely different.

The Front Page

By: Milify-Star

Watching his crew dancing and having a good time, John Dillinger should have felt good, or at least powerful, but he didn't. He felt bored. Billie wasn't there to entertain him anymore and these girls, Anna's girls, weren't much for conversation. He almost chuckled, the day he wanted a girl for conversation too. He sat in the back with Tom, a new kid they had around for the numbers. After sitting for a while he felt like being alone.

"Tom." John leaned over to him.

"Yeah Johnny?" He looked over at John through his bottle cap glasses. John didn't know how Tom got caught up in their business, but he did.

"I'll meet y'all back at the hotel." Tom nodded and John started walking. It was empty, not that he should've been surprised. It was nearly half past one in the morning and cold. His hands slid into his pockets as he cleared his head. Somehow he made it to the boardwalk so he took a bench that overlooked the river. The days were getting longer and he was getting antsy. They needed to start figuring out what they were going to do when the money ran out. His head turned towards a nearby woman. She was smoking in her waitress uniform. She was pretty, he thought. Her wavy hair wasn't pinned up like most women's, probably because her shift was over, so it hung down to its shoulder length. His eyes made their way down to her legs the pantyhose and heels only added to the allure. He didn't realize how intently he was staring until she looked over her shoulder at him with a raised eyebrow. Brown eyes, she had mischievous brown eyes. He gave her a smirk and she turned away, giving her cigarette one last puff before tossing it away and walking towards him.

"Can I sit here?" She asked as if he would say no.

"Sure." He moved over some. John looked over at the woman, as she got comfortable.

"You look like you have a lot on your mind." She grinned at him.

"I do." He nodded, putting on the charm. "Do you?"

"Not really. Just a little bored. I've been coming here for a while; I work just around the corner. Sometimes it feels like the world's going faster than me so I have to take some time to catch up." She blushed as she rolled her eyes. "I know it sounds stupid, my roommate always tells me I do."

"Forget her, I know exactly how you feel." He put an arm around the back of the bench. She looked at him for a moment before holding out her hand.


"John." He shook it, not losing eye contact.

"John Dillinger: bank robber." She nodded.

"And how did you know that, doll?" He asked calmly as he looked her over curiously.

"I read about you all the time. Your pictures are all over the newspaper. I'm actually beginning to think they're in love with you."

"Well, I think I have to agree with you." John chuckled.

"Luckily for you, I love a man who can make the front page." Lillian grinned playfully. Suddenly he didn't want to be alone at all.

"It's very late doll, I'd hate for you to have to walk home by yourself." He started, making her laugh.

"Is that right?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I am very concerned about your safety." He continued, now chuckling at the line he was giving her.

"Of course you are." She nodded, calling him out.

"How about you come stay with me tonight?" He finally offered.

"Like a true gentleman." She smiled at him still. "I think I'll take you up on that."


John took her to the hotel room. No one was back yet so it was quiet as he turned the lights on. She looked around slid off his coat.

"Clearly you spared every expense." She joked as he got them drinks.

"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination." He told her as he handed her a drink.

"Oscar Wilde." She smiled at his surprise. "Women have minds as well Mr. Dillinger."

"Of course." He nodded. Lillian tapped her glass against his.

"I have to say, when you told me you were concerned about my safety I wasn't sold."

"Oh?" He acted surprised.

"I thought you'd only want one thing." She admitted.

"Never." John shook his head.

"You haven't even tried to kiss me." She moved a little closer to him. "I'm a little disappointed." John furrowed his eyebrows.

"Disappointed? I thought women wanted a gentleman?" He waited to be enlightened.

"That's just something we say to keep our parents happy." They shared a look then began to laugh.

"I will remember that."

"You can't tell a soul, it's supposed to be a secret." She pressed a finger to her red lips.

"So you don't want a gentleman, and you do want me to make a pass at you?" He clarified.

"Let's just say that I hope all this night entails isn't just Oscar Wilde and very good champagne." She finished her glass and sat it down. John followed suit before pulling her flush against him by the waist.

"Well I wouldn't want to leave you dissatisfied." He leaned in and kissed every interesting response she had to that comment away and she neither disappointed nor dissatisfied that night.


He gave her one of his shirts to sleep. It fully exposed her smooth, tan thighs since the shirt only stopped at her mid-thigh and he couldn't help but run his fingertips across them as they lay in bed. She laid on her back with her legs crossed and he lay on his side next to her.

"What's it like?" She asked lazily with her eyes closed.

"What's what like?" He watched his fingers trace patterns on her skin.

"Robbing banks, doing everything you want, having the world in your hands." She explained dramatically, opening one eye to look up at him.

"Well when you say it like that it's great." He leaned down and kissed her neck. The last thing he wanted to talk about was his business.

"Changing the subject?" She chuckled.

"Changing the subject." He confirmed.


The next morning John woke up alone. He sat up and found a note on her pillow.

Dear Mr. Dillinger,

Thank you for the night in your fabulous hotel room,
however, a modern woman leads a very busy life.
Here's my number, give me a call between jobs.


He smiled when he got to the kiss print she left with her red lipstick. There was a knock on his door. He tossed the note aside.

"Yeah?!" The door opened revealing Red leaning against the doorframe in his boxers.

"Hey, who was that girl?"

"What girl?" John asked though he knew exactly what girl.

"The fox that walked out your room this morning? I asked her if she wanted a drink, she told me to eat my heart out." Red told him, ego bruised. John only laughed. He'd be an idiot to not call her.

Of course he'd call her.